City take inspiration from Michael Jordan and Jack Nicklaus

Pep Guardiola is set to complete his sixth season with Manchester City. He has four Premier League titles to show for it but remains suspect in the Champions League.

As the Citizens take on the challenge of  Bayern Munich on the continent, the Catalan manager has taken a different approach. Guardiola reminded his players that they will not be gauged on their defeats but their victories.

The former Barcelona star shared the examples of golf great Jack Nicklaus and basketball legend Michael Jordan to make his point. Guardiola pointed out their respective poor results in major competitions, results that do not tarnish their legacy.

Accepting that the results might not go their way, the City manager admitted that winning the Champions League is their priority. They have come close to realizing their objective but failed to overcome the final obstacle.

“We tried to win the Champions League last season, the season before, we tried three seasons ago – every single season,” said Guardiola.

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