Lionesses How Football Came Home: Where to watch the documentary for free online?

Fans of English football had plenty of occasions to rejoice in 2022, but the Lionesses’ display was undoubtedly the most memorable accomplishment. The country hosted the Women’s Euro 2022, and with the home-field support behind them, the Lionesses had a tremendous run of games.

Thrown in Group A with the likes of Norway, Austria, and Northern Ireland, the Lionesses managed to win all three games with an astonishing 14-0 goal difference. England began the campaign uncertainly, as Austria got piped 1-0 at Old Trafford in front of 68,871 people. Beth Mead scored the winning goal in the 16th minute of the game. Since then, the team went on to win the entire thing.

The final game at Wembley Stadium was truly a night to remember, as Lionesses scored a historic 110th-minute winner that brought home the gold. However, there are plenty of other interesting Lionesses moments during the Euro 2022 that you can familiarize yourselves with if you spend only 76 minutes of your days. Yes, we are talking about “Lionesses: How football came home”. If you are wondering where to watch this interesting documentary, you’ve come to the right place.

“Lionesses: How football came home” – A can’t-miss documentary

Euro 2022 Lionesses Documentary
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If this is the first you are hearing about “Lionesses: How football came home” you should know that this 1h 14m documentary follows the interesting path that England’s Women’s national team had to reach the final game at Wembley Stadium during the Women’s Euro 2022.

You’ll see exclusive interviews with some of Lionesses’ stars, coaches, and people in charge. The amalgamation of never-before-seen footage, official highlights from the 2022 Euro, and expert analysis on the subject will help you understand just how England won their first major tournament since the 1966 FIFA World Cup triumph over West Germany.

Where to watch the documentary for free online?

Of course, you could just pay Amazon the £5.99 for “Lionesses: How football came home”, but there are ways you could watch director Poppy de Villeneuve’s documentary for free online. Other paid methods include buying the documentary on iTunes, Sky Store, Google Play Movies, Rakuten TV, or Chili.

However, the key free streaming options at your disposal include:

  • Streaming with Apple TV+
  • YouTube

The first and most convenient way to watch “Lionesses: How football came home” is on YouTube. Simply log into the website, go to the search bar, type in the title of the documentary and you’ll see the 1h 14m Poppy de Villeneuve documentary. You won’t have to pay a dime and you don’t need to register either. The interesting behind-the-scenes movie is available for free and you’ll certainly enjoy it.

Streaming with Apple TV+ is also another way to go. You could stream “Lionesses: How football came home” with Apple TV+ with a free trial. Whichever way you opt to go, know that the documentary is truly a memorable watch for any true fan of English football.

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