Klopp asks fans to not sing the Jurgen chant after late Spurs win

Liverpool took a 3-0 lead against Tottenham and the assembled Anfield crowd got over their jitters. The relaxing atmosphere in this crunch Europa League qualification battle saw the fans singing ‘I’m so Glad (That Jurgen is a Red),’ in the terraces.

It is a catchy chant sung to the tune of Beatles’ ‘I Feel Fine’. However, it does not calm the nerves of the man in question, Jurgen Klopp. Despite accruing an unassailable lead, the Spurs came back in the game and made it 3-3 in injury time. Diego Jota proved to be the Reds’ saviour and Klopp does not want to hear his chant again.

Liverpool Tottenham

Sing it in bars but not at Anfield

The Reds have been subpar in the 2022/23 campaign and it seems their poor results are having an impact on Klopp. The German manager admitted he appreciates the chant but not in the stadium.

Despite the win, the tactician paid attention to superstitions and found cause with the fans’ chant. It was the player’s who lost focus on the pitch and Klopp wants to avoid that, even when the players are not the subject.

The former Mainz and Dortmund manager asked for caution and wants the celebrations to take place after the final whistle is blown, not before it. Klopp pointed at the final scoreline and made his case, claiming that had Jota not came to their rescue, the match and chants would have been remembered for all the wrong reasons.

“I have to say now, I love all of them but my song, don’t sing it!” he said after the game. “If you want to sing it, sing it after the game in the bars, wherever.

“Because it is always like it is closing the game. We are 3-0 up and I hear ‘I’m so glad that Jurgen is a Red’. It is not over!

“It would be really nice if you could leave it for later and now it’s like 4-3, everyone is happy and we had in the final part of the game, the atmosphere was like an explosion that no one will forget that game ever. Let’s keep going.”

Losing 3-0 lead should not happen

Liverpool took the lead through Curtis Jones in the 3rd minute before Luis Diaz doubled their lead two minutes later. The scoreboard read 3-0 at the quarter-hour mark as Mo Salah continues to hound the Spurs.

Tottenham conceded five goals in the first twenty minutes against Newcastle but did manage to claw a goal back against the Magpies. Harry Kane and co. lived up to the task, with the England captain kickstarting the comeback.

Klopp hailed the prolific striker and shared that it was his goal for Tottenham that highlighted Liverpool’s issues and the slide that eventually saw Spurs equalize injury time before losing the plot again.

“The start to the game was absolutely exceptional again, it was some of the best we’ve played this season for sure,” he said. “Being 3-0 up against a pretty defensive set-up of Tottenham and the way we scored the goals and the way we played offensive and defensive was absolutely exceptional.

“Then it is the problem of being 3-0 up that early, we are not the first team who misunderstand that. It shouldn’t happen but it happened anyway.

“Not immediately but the first goal of Tottenham is the first moment when we don’t defend properly and we are not in the counter-pressing situation, that is why we end up with the long ball and it is not offside.”

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