Harry Kane Hot Ones Episode – The Spurs Striker Makes History While He Fights Spicy Wings

Widely popular YouTube show Hot Ones hosted Harry Kane in the latest episode, making the Spurs and England forward the first-ever English football player to appear on the famous show.

Harry Kane Hot Ones
Credit: Youtube – First We Feast

Hosted by Sean Evans, Hot Ones is a show in which the guests are interviewed while they eat increasingly spicy wings and we’ve seen many memorable moments in the 20 seasons of the show, from people struggling and giving up to those who go through all the wings as if it’s just a regular Sunday brunch.

So, how did Harry Kane do on Hot Ones and what were him and Evans talking about? Keep reading to find out.

Harry Kane Shows Incredible Resilience on Hot Ones

Although the pasty footballer from England is not the first person you would think about in regards of spicy food and doing well on the show like Hot Ones, Harry Kane was actually impressively composed during his interview on the show. This probably came as a big surprise to many, especially after we’ve seen the English captain hit the milk earlier than most guests.

Of course, Kane did come across a few issues during the interview, especially on the infamous eighth wing with Da Bomb hot sauce on it, but even then, he did better than most. After all, we’ve seen people cry, shout, run around, and pretty much break down after tasting Da Bomb and all Kane did was call it “disgusting”.

Kane’s Favourite Goal and Other Career Memories Discussed on Hot Ones

With Kane’s future with Spurs uncertain at this time, many people expected to hear more about his plans at Hot Ones. In hindsight, that was probably a silly expectation, as was proved during the interview which focused mostly on Kane’s career so far.

One of the topics broached in the interview included Kane’s favourite goal and the Spurs striker named his debut goal for England national team, reminiscing about coming into play instead of Wayne Rooney, one of his idols, and then scoring his first-ever England goal at Tottenham’s home stadium at the time.

Harry Kane – NFL Field Goal Kicker?

Another question that Kane got was about his long-held dream of becoming an NFL kicker at some point in the future and while the England’s captain is still in his prime football years, he said that he still has that desire and that the pressure that comes with that job isn’t much different that the pressure of shooting a penalty.

Spurs fans will probably be glad to hear that one of Kane’s favourite chants is the one he heard when he scored a hat-trick for the club in one of his first games in Europa League, when Tottenham fans sang “He’s one of our own” to him.

For the last question in the show, right after eating the final wing with the Last Dab sauce, aptly named so because the guests add a bit of the sauce on top of the wing, Sean Evans asked Kane to define some football terms, like Fox In a Box, Dead Ball Specialist, and A Howler. If you’re interested in what these terms mean, make sure to watch this special Hot Ones episode.

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