Geoff Shreeves leaves SkySports: Five of the reporter’s most iconic moments

Geoff Shreeves leaves SkySports: Five of the reporter’s most iconic moments
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After the departures of Martin Tyler and Jeff Sterling earlier in the summer, another SkySports icon has announced that he is leaving the channel. Geoff Shreeves the pitch-side reporter who has become a household name for football fanatics of all ages across the country, has revealed that he has left SkySports after more than 30 years of service.

Shreeves, who started his career as a show-runner back when the Premier League was launched in 1992, was rumoured to have been offered a new deal on less money at the end of last season but after mulling it over he has decided to pursue new challenges elsewhere.

Speaking about this decision to leave, Shreeves said: “My 32 years at Sky have been the most fantastic party I could ever imagine attending. From the first kick of a ball in the live coverage of the Premier League to Manchester City’s title celebrations last season – with plenty in between.”

At the age of 58, Shreeves is unlikely to be away from our television screens for long, with many other outlets surely interested in acquiring him after a fantastic career with Sky. Let’s take a look at five of his most iconic moments to date.

Geoff Shreeves breaks Ivanovic’s heart

One of the most brutal moments in Shreeves’ SkySports career came in 2012 after Chelsea’s historic Champions League semi-final victory over Barcelona. The Blues had overcome all odds to beat the Spanish giants with Branislav Ivanovic having a fine game at the back.

Unfortunately for Ivanovic, he picked up a booking in the match which meant he was ruled out of the final – something he was completely unaware of until Geoff Shreeves told him live on television after the match during an interview. Ivanovic’s shocked face instantly became an internet meme and gave Shreeves the reputation of being one of the most brutal reporters in the game.

Geoff Shreeves’ (mostly) pleasant relationship with Fergie

Shreeves enjoyed a great relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson throughout his career with Sky with Fergie often saying “well done Geoff” at the end of interviews. The respect between the two was there for all to see, but there was one moment when the pair almost came to blows.

After Shreeves asked Ferguson about whether Cristiano Ronaldo had dived to win a penalty against Middlesborough, the ex-United boss reportedly went for Shreeves before others got in between the pair.

Fergie then told Shreeves to “f**k off” but their relationship must have repaired itself as the Scot was seen having a laugh and a joke with Shreeves on the pitch after United’s title celebrations in 2013 – the year he retired.

Geoff Shreeves & bust-ups with Klopp

Geoff Shreeves
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While Shreeves had a good relationship with one managerial legend, his relationship with another has always seemed a little frosty. The most frosty encounter between Jurgen Klopp and Shreeves came after Manchester City beat Liverpool 4-0, just a few days after the Reds had been crowned champions.

Shreeves suggested to Klopp in a jokey manner that perhaps his players were already on the beach after winning the league, but Klopp failed to see the funny side and launched a scathing attack on the reporter and his line of questioning.

Geoff Shreeves having a dig at Crouch

One of the funniest moments of Geoff Shreeves’ career came during the late 2000s when he was covering a Tottenham game at White Hart Lane during the Harry Redknapp era. Shreeves was reading out the pre-match team news when he went off-piste, saying that Peter Crouch wouldn’t be deserving of his place in the team.

While audiences were initially shocked by these comments, it soon became aware that Shreeves was playing the clown as Crouch and his teammates shortly walked past the camera with the reporter offering a “How are you mate?” in the direction of the Spurs striker.

Geoff Shreeves on FIFA

While this one isn’t a “moment” as such, it is why his fame has risen so much with a younger generation of football fans. Shreeves has been a permanent fixture on FIFA games for the past decade, with his voice appearing over the commentary on the game whenever a player is injured.

Martin Tyler’s “thanks Geoff” after each injury update has become ingrained in the heads of EA gamers across the country and has made him an icon in the virtual football world.

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