From Zero to Hero: The Eddie Howe Effect on Newcastle’s Joelinton

Newcastle United’s Joelinton faced a challenging start to his career at St. James’ Park after his £40 million move from TSG Hoffenheim. Struggling to adapt to his new surroundings, the Brazilian’s potential remained untapped under the management of Steve Bruce.

A significant transformation occurred when Eddie Howe took charge, unleashing the Brazillian’s true abilities

The impressive performances he gave at Hoffenheim can now be seen in Magpies colours. The weight of the hefty price tag that seemed to have burdened his performances earlier is now more as he is beginning to come out of that shadow.

Joelinton’s Remarkable Rise

Enter Eddie Howe, the man who has breathed a new life into Joelinton’s career. Since Howe’s arrival, there has been a notable shift in the Brazilian’s fortunes. With Howe’s tactical guidance and belief in his abilities, the Alianca native has flourished on the field.

The newfound freedom and confidence bestowed upon him have seen him score crucial goals and dominate the midfield in the opposition’s third. Joelinton has scored 8 goals in the current campaign while also aiding with three assists.

The impact of Joelinton’s resurgence has not gone unnoticed, especially by his teammate, Dan Burn. The former Brighton play openly acknowledged the significant change in Joelinton’s fortunes. From struggling to find his feet to becoming a key player for Newcastle, his transformation has been awe-inspiring, leaving Burn full of admiration.

“If I could choose to be any other player, it would be Joey. I just love him, man, everything about him — and I’ve told him this myself,” Burn told the Athletic.

“Just from where he was, the start he had here, to turn it around and be the player he is. He is absolutely rock-solid. Nobody wants to touch him, you can give him the ball anywhere, he keeps running for days, he can score goals. I couldn’t be happier for him, because to come back the way he has just shows the kind of person he is.”

Newcastle’s Rise Saddens Burn

Joelinton is not the only one to profit from Howe’s presence on the touchlines. The Magpies earned a return to the Champions League after a wait of 20 years under his tutelage. The transient nature of football means that changes are inevitable during the summer transfer window, with some players leaving and new faces joining.

Newcastle’s focus will be on the latter as they need to add to their ranks in the summer, a necessity imposed by their participation in the elite European club competition and facilitated by the backing of their mega-rich owners.

Burn acknowledged this reality as he shared the emotional impact it has on him. It takes time to adjust to the new dynamics and build relationships with incoming players. The strong bond that he shares with his current teammates makes it difficult to bid farewell to those who may depart.

“I always get a bit sad at this time of the season, because although you know the majority of the lads will be here next year, it’s never exactly the same.

“Some people will leave, others will come in and that’s just football, it shifts and changes every summer. It’ll be a different group and it’ll take me a few days to get over it. You spend so much time with each other — I see these lads more than I see my own family.

“I love this team. I love everything about it. We’ve done a lot together away from football and we’ve become like brothers. I’ve never played in a team like this where everyone wants you to do well.

“I know we’ve not won anything, but from where we’ve been and how far we’ve come and what we’ve achieved… yeah, it’s sad.”


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