Feyenoord vs Celtic player ratings: Battle with no equal conditions

Feyenoord vs Celtic player ratings
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  • Feyenoord returned to the Champions League after 35 years away with a crucial home win.
  • The two red cards received by Celtic sapped the game’s excitement in the first half.
  • Despite conceding two goals, Joe Hart finished with a terrific score thanks to the penalty he saved.

Feyenoord player ratings: Delightful return to the Champions League

Wellen-Reuther 7/10 – made simple saves as the opposition’s shots were long-range.

Gertruida 7/10 – excellent defensive player.

Traumer 7/10 – was the defensive foundation and stood tallest in defense.

Hancko 7/10 – for having minimal demands but responding well when needed.

Hartman 7/10 – did a good job in both offense and defense.

Wieffer 7/10 – was in charge of stifling the opposition’s midfield surges.

Timber 6/10 – won very few individual duels and got a yellow card

Paixao 7/10 – was one of the players that did the most damage to their opponents but missed the penalty kick.

Stenge 8/10 – in addition to important passes, he converted a spectacular free kick to open the scoring.

Ivanusec 7/10 – assisted in pushing but suffered an ankle injury in the final minutes.

Minteh 7/10 – generated some wonderful opportunities and made some risky shots


Alireza 7/10 after scoring after only 9 minutes on the field.

Lingr 6/10 – only touched the ball a few times and was ineffective.

Zerrouki 6/10 – was on the pitch for a quarter-hour and was active but not particularly crucial.

Saue N/A – only appeared to replace the injured Ivanusec.

Celtic player ratings: Little reaction after red cards

Hart 7/0 – his penalty save erased his responsibility for the first goal surrendered.

Johnston 7/10 – pushed the opposition to strike from the opposite flank

Legerbielke 5/10 – made things difficult for his team when he fouled inside the box and was sent off.

Scales 7/10 – kept danger out of his region on many occasions.

Taylor 6/10 – did a decent job defensively but lacked attacking depth.

O’Riley 7/10 – was the architect of Celtic’s few hazardous movements.

Mcgregor  6/10 – because his presence in midfield was not felt.

Hatate 7/10 – didn’t have much passing accuracy, but those that did resulted in significant plays.

Maeda 6/10 – lacked his best in offensive times.

Furuhashi 6/10 – confined himself to pressuring but hardly touched the ball.

Palma 6/10 – was the first change option after losing the majority of his solo duels.


Holm 4/10 – following a nasty tackle, the referee had no problem in sending him out with only 10 minutes on the clock.

Hyun-Jub 6/10 – in almost 30 minutes on the field, he only touched the ball 10 times. 

Iwata 6/10 – was confined to short passes due to the larger number of opposing players.

Bernardo 6/10 – replaced O’Riley in the 82nd minute.

Oh N/A – barely touched the ball and made one pass.

Feyenoord vs Celtic match summary and highlights

Although the game ended 2-0, the outcome did not accurately reflect what occurred on the field. We watched two sides try for the win in the first half. In actuality, there were just a few threatening attempts, but the home team gained the lead right before the break. This allowed Feyenoord to seize charge in the opening minutes of the second half, and they were further aided by the dismissal of Lagerblielke, who committed a foul inside the box.

The home team had a chance to win the game, but Paixao blocked the attempt. Just three minutes later, Celtic received another red card, effectively ending any dreams of a comeback. Feyenoord scored their second goal with barely 15 minutes remaining in the game.

Player of the match: Calvin Stenge

Feyenoord vs Celtic player ratings
(Photo by ProShots/Icon Sport)

Throughout the game, Feyenoord’s number 10 was quite inventive. He made passes to his teammates that almost led to a goal. He was in charge of scoring the game’s opening goal, which broke the tie.

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