FC Dallas vs Inter Miami Player Ratings: Don´t MESSi with The Herons

FC Dallas vs Inter Miami Player Ratings
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  • Inter Miami went to the League Cup quarterfinals after another amazing performance by Lionel Messi, who saved his club in the last minutes of the game.
  • FC Dallas took advantage of all their opponent’s defensive weaknesses to score four goals and could have scored even more.
  • Lionel Messi scored for the fourth consecutive match and played a part in setting up his team’s other two goals.

FC Dallas Player Ratings: Marco Farfan Condemned His Team

Paes 5/10 – did not intervene during the game since the few shots he had on the opponent’s side were practically unstoppable.

Farfán 6/10 – had a wonderful game, collaborating on the sideline and stopping his opponent’s attacks on that flank, but his own goal was key in Inter Miami’s comeback.

Ibeagha 7/10 – performed an excellent job of stopping Josef Martinez, but faltered in the last minutes.

Tafari 6/10 – a yellow card in the opening few minutes of the game conditioned him throughout the game and did little to stop rival assaults into his area.

Geovane 5/10 – was never able to stop Jordi Alba’s advances, and two goals came from his flank.

Velasco 8/10 – performed a wonderful job controlling the middle and scored a goal.

Quignon 8/10 – neutralized the opposing midfield for most of the game and scored a goal.

Lletget 6/10 – seldom cooperated on his flank during either the attacking or defensive phases.

Obrian 7/10 – was essential to tip the other team’s defense.

Ferreira 6/10 – the striker was not having a good day and squandered a few opportunities that may have decided the game in his favor.

Kamungo 8/10 –   


The players that entered the game as substitutes generally performed unevenly. Their goal was to extend or at least maintain the lead FC Dallas held with 30 minutes remaining, but they were unable.

Arriola 5/10

Ansah 5/10

Pomykal 4/10

Twumasi 4/10

Ntsabeleng 4/10

Inter Miami Player Ratings: Messi did it again

Callender 4/10 – had very few saves and in three of the four goals he conceded very little to complicate his opponents.

Yedlin 5/10 – his crosses were not the best, and on many occasions, he left the right side of the defense unprotected with his constant offensive projections. In addition, his marking was very soft and allowed the rival to make crosses very comfortably. 

Kryvtsov 5/10 – recovered very few balls, and every time his competitors made a cross, his marking was really poor.

Miller 4/10 – was highly responsible for two of the goals they conceded. He was very uncoordinated and very slow in defensive marking.

Alba 8/10 – the Spanish player delivered a few assists while botching his offensive forecasts.

Arroyo 6/10 – his presence in the midfield was almost unnoticed, however, he always tried to give the ball to Busquets or Messi.

Busquets 7/10 – was flawless in the creation of attacking plays, but he was absent from his team’s defensive zone.

Gomez 4/10 – the athlete remained tense the whole game and occasionally passed the ball to his rival. Inter Miami’s performance improved when he was replaced.

Messi 9/10 – Lionel’s presence was essential for Inter Miami to level the score with just 10 minutes remaining after going two goals down.

Martinez 5/10 – compared to the last game, the Venezuelan player did not make as much of an influence. He contributed as a pivot, although his effectiveness in front of the goal was lacking.

Taylor 5/10 – he did not create as many offensive opportunities this time as he did in the previous game.


Substitutions were correct by Coach Tata Martino, as they transformed the game. Cremashi, without a doubt, was the most outstanding replacement, scoring a goal on his maiden appearance.

Cremashi 7/10

Campana 5/10

Robinson 5/10

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