Al-Raed vs Al-Ittihad player ratings – strong beginning for Benzema’s team

Al-Raed vs Al-Ittihad player ratings
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The Arab League champion began the season with a stunning victory against a visiting team. Al-Raed was unable to contain Al-ittihad and its newfound strength.

Al-Raed player ratings:

Al Harbi 7/10 – keep a clean sheet in the first half and preventing the goal difference from increasing.

Al-Jayzani 6/10 – although he made 6 clearances, he barely won 1 of the 6 individual duels. the opposing team attacked easily through his area.

Whaeshi 6/10 – although there were some clearances he made some interceptions but he lost more than half of the duels he had.

Al-Fahad 7/10 – was very good defensively made 8 clearances and won all his duels.

Alsubale 6/10 – lost the ball many times and had little accuracy in his passes, his crosses had little accuracy.A

M. Al-Dosari 6/10 – gave a key pass and won half of his duels, however he was often wrong in possession of the ball.

Al Bishi 6/10 – had little offensive impact and was relegated to zone marking, which he did pretty well.

Loum 6/10 for having minimal contact with the ball, failing to win any of his few flights, and being uncreative.

Sunbul 6/10 – lost the ball frequently and jeopardized his team, attempted a couple of ineffective dribbles.

Saayoud 7/10 – One of the players who created the most danger in the opponent’s area, he was unstoppable with his dribbles.

El Barkaoui 6/10 – the winner played alone in the first half, winning the majority of ground and aerial duels but not passing particularly well.


Al-Ghamdi 7/10

R. Al-Dosari N/A

Hazzani N/A

Al Shaflut N/A

Al-Ittihad player ratings:

Grohe 7/10 – the opposition squad only demanded him once, and despite his inaction, he reacted with an excellent stop.

Al-Olayan 7/10 for his defensive play, although he lost a lot of the ball when going forward.

Alshanqesti 7/10 – had little defensive work to perform because the opposition did not attack much, but was completely successful in his passes.

Sharahili 7/10 – despite having a high success rate in his short and long passes, he only won one of his five solo duels.

Masud 8/10 – was nearly impregnable in that area and was also dangerous going forward, contributing an assist.

Kante 8/10 – a very complete performance in which he was in charge of blocking the opposition in midfield, winning the ball back, and also providing important passes.

Fabinho 7/10 – he and Kante established a midfield partnership that shut down the opponents, and he was in charge of initiating the attacking moves.

Coronado 9/10 – played almost flawlessly, made many critical passes, and scored the game-winning goals.

Romarinho 7/10 – his numerous errors were overshadowed by his important passes.


Jota 7/10

Al-Amri N/A

Farhan N/A

Al-Nashri N/A

Camara N/A

Player of the match: Igor Coronado

The number 10 for Al-Ittihad took advantage of the skill of his teammates to create big chances. Coronado got along well with Benzema and Romarinho. He was also constantly in a good position in midfield to receive the ball. The Brazilian player scored two goals.

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