Al-Ettifaq vs Al-Nassr player ratings – first defeat without CR7

A quick goal by Sadio Mane in the 3rd minute did Al-Nassr more harm than good, as the team relaxed. Al-Etttifaq took advantage to turn the score around, and in doing so, Stevens Gérard’s team got their first three points.

Al-Ettifaq player ratings:

Victor 6/10 – only on one occasion was he called upon and the goalkeeper reacted adequately to prevent the opposition’s second goal.

S. Mohammed 6/10 – the opponents took advantage of the right-back’s fragility to repeatedly break down the right flank.

Tisserand 7/10 – managed to clear the ball on several occasions to cut out some dangerous moves.

Henry 6/10 – had a quiet day as the opposition attacked very little in his area.

Khateeb 6/10 – rarely joined the attack and when he did he put in errant crosses.

F. Al-Ghamdi 7/10 – positional work was important in breaking up opposition advances.

Henderson 7/10 – the Scottish players provided a key pass which later led to one of Al-Ettifaq’s goals.

A. Al-Ghamdi 6/10 – because he contributed little and was inaccurate, which is why he only played for 45 minutes.

Hazazi 7/10 – because he contributed an assist and his team needed his ingenuity to turn the game around.

Quaison 7/10 – scored the equalizer, inspiring the club to aim for victory.

Dembele 7/10 for his excellent passing and one successful shot, which resulted in the game-winning goal.


Vitinho 7/10

Yousef 6/10

Mahzari 6/10

H. Al-Ghamdi N/A

Ozdemir N/A

Al-Nassr player ratings:

Al-Aqidi 5/10 – he failed miserably in both his first and second roles, contributing significantly to his team’s loss.

Boushal 7/10 – showed how to defend well by winning 13 of the 16 opportunities he had. However, his offensive was lacking as he attempted eight ineffective crosses.

Al-Fatil of 6/10 – he contributed little to the game, only recovering a few balls.

Mukhtar 6/10 – has minimal impact on the game as the opposition barely advanced toward the goal.

Konan 7/10 – was rigid on the left wing and dangerous when he went forward.

Alkhaibari 6/10 – understood how to distribute the ball, but had few defensive duels.

Al-Alawi 6/10 – only appeared in the first half and appeared to be absent at times. 

Al-Hassan 7/10 – made a crucial pass in the action that resulted in the game’s first goal.

Al-Saluiheem 7/10 – with a wonderful shot that hit the post, he had the equalizer at his feet.

Ghareeb 6/10 – struggled with his dribbles; the only thing he did well was deliver a critical pass.

Mane 8/10 – he was the most dangerous player in Al-Nassr’s assault and scoring the team’s sole goal.


Al-Ghannam 6/10

Al-Najei 6/10

A Mohammed 6/10

Ahmed 6/10

Sahlouli N/A

Player of the match: Moussa Dembele

Al-Ettifaq vs Al-Nassr player ratings
Photo by Icon Sport

Despite not having many chances to score, the French striker stayed patient. He did not miss the unique clear goal opportunity he had until the 53rd minute. His goal meant three crucial points for a strong start to the season.

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