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Of the many competitive football leagues in Europe, the German Bundesliga leagues are well up there. As you’ll likely know, the Bundesliga is the top league in Germany, which makes this one the second-highest league in the land. A total of three teams can gain promotion to the Bundesliga each season. And the entire league is played out between 18 teams, which means plenty of action.

It also means plenty of Bundesliga 2 predictions are coming your way from our team. As for the scope of these predictions and other information contained here, please read on for full details.

2. Bundesliga Outright Predictions

As the very name of this betting variation suggests, these are tips based on events in the future. But instead of focusing on individual games, these markets focus on the Bundesliga 2 league as a whole. As a result, most of the tips you see for this section relate to who will gain promotion and who will be relegated. After all, this is the 2nd tier of professional football in Germany, with one higher and one lower tier.

So while teams can be promoted, they are also hoping to avoid relegation down to the Bundesliga 3. Of course, you can bet on both of these outcomes after reading our tips for each.

Predictions for every matchday

Each time that competes in the Bundesliga 2 competes against the 17 others in a home and away fixture. This means that every team plays a total of 34 games. And as a result, throughout the Bundesliga 2 season, there are well over 200 matches. We analyze each and every one of these games to create predictions as we see fit. However, we only list markets where the odds show real value.

That’s why you’ll often see markets like BTTS, over/under totals, handicaps, 1×2, individual scorers, and many others from week to week. We always list the odds alongside the tips too. This way, you know what kind of return you can get for your wager.

Latest Bundesliga 2 Results & Standings

It helps to be able to track the progression of the Bundesliga 2 table as the season moves along. But many sites that issue tips don’t include this in their offerings. For us, this makes no sense. And that’s why we’ve got an updated Bundesliga 2 table for you to look at. Not only that, but you can see the recent results for teams that are listed too. This way, you don’t have to look elsewhere for statistics that are important for our tips.

Potential League Champions for 2024

Remember what we said about futures markets a little earlier? Well, this is our most recent futures prediction for Bundesliga 2. We believe that Darmstadt will be the outright champions. And we say this because they have just 1 loss from 17 games, along with 10 total wins. They’ve also conceded the fewest goals of any other team in the league, at the time of writing.