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Best MLB players in 2021: Our top selection is right here

The MLB season started and we can’t wait to present you with our picks for the best MLB players for 2021. Keep in mind that the season has just begun, but after analyzing previous performances, we ended up creating a list of our predictions for the top MLB players.

No. 1 – Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)

Trout has been in the Angels since 2011 and plays in the outfielder position. He has won multiple awards, including the American League MVP three times. His last season was the worst in the player’s history and it wasn’t even a full season.

Although his batting averages were down, compared to previous seasons, he still managed to hit pretty good numbers, like .281/.390/.603. It was his second season since 2012 when he didn’t finish in the top two in the MVP charts. If this was his worst season since joining the Angels, and he would still get the number one position on our “Best MLB Players for 2021” list.

No. 2 – Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers)

la dodgers player

Mookie Betts made his debut with the Boston Red Sox in 2014 and his position is an outfielder. Last season (2020) was Betts’ first playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and he proved himself a top-tier player. He wasn’t only good when it came to defenses, but also batting, taking bases, etc.

His latest batting average is .301 and he won the AL MVP in 2018. We can honestly say that he is only second best on our list because of Mike Trout and he will keep being one of the best in years to come.

No. 3 – Jacob deGrom (New York Mets)

Jacob deGrom has been a starting pitcher for the NY Mets since he made his debut in 2014. Last season he didn’t manage to win his third National League Cy Young award, because of Shane Bieber and Yu Darvish, but he is still good enough to be in the third position in our “Best MLB Players” list. Of course, we also consider him one of the best pitchers in the MLB.

The Mets have an improved lineup this season and deGrom’s velocity is significantly better, which means that he will be a force on the field this season. He will be considered for the Hall of Fame and he continues to improve season after season.

No. 4 – Juan Soto (Washington Nationals)

Although Juan Soto made his debut in 2018 starring as an outfielder for the Washington Nationals. He has the potential to become the top hitter in the National League and last season he was in the lead in the batting average chart with .351. He was also in the lead with another important statistic – the on-base plus slugging (OPS+) with 212. It isn’t a surprise that he made it this far up in our chart even if he is only 22 years old.

No. 5 – Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves)

Ronald Acuna Jr. is an outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and he made his debut in the same year as Soto. He was almost chosen as NL MVP, but due to some injuries that occurred, he didn’t get it. Due to wrist and hamstring ailments, and the time he missed on the field, Acuna couldn’t improve his batting average and overall season stats, but he is still one of the best MLB players we consider for 2021.

Ronald Acuna Jr best mlb player

No. 6 – Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres)

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a 22-year-old shortstop for the San Diego Padres and he made his debut in 2019. Tatis secured a $340 million deal for the next fourteen years and even if he has played only one season in the MLB, he is considered one of the best talents in the game.

Last season he achieved a .301/.374/.582 slash line, stole twenty-seven bases, and hit thirty-nine home runs, and that was in just 143 games. He deserves to be on our list and we are sure that the 2021 full season will be one of the best for him and his career.

No. 7 – Freddie Freeman (Atlanta Braves)

Freeman made his debut in 2010 for the Atlanta Braves as a first baseman. He won the National League’s MVP award in 2020 because of his career heights and the .341/.462/.640 slash line he achieved. This season would be the last for Freeman in the Atlanta Braves, but we will have to wait and see if they will be able to get him to sign an extension.

No. 8 – Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Brewers)

Yelich is an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers since 2018, but he made his debut in the Miami Marlins in 2013. His stats weren’t the best in the last season, but many people, including our analyzers, believe that he will be able to bounce back in the 2021 season.

No. 9 – Cody Bellinger (Los Angeles Dodgers)

Bellinger is an outfielder for the Dodgers since his debut in 2017 when he won the Rookie of the Year award. Later in 2019, he was crowned National League’s MVP and also won the Golden Glove and Silver Slugger awards.

His performance in the 2020 season wasn’t the best, but even when he had a “down season,” he managed to rank in the best defensive center fielders in the sport. We believe that his next season will be considerably better.

cody bellinger

No. 10 – Anthony Rendon (Los Angeles Angels)

Rendon made his debut as a third baseman for the Washington Nationals in 2013, but he went to the LA Angels in 2020. That being said last season wasn’t the best for Rendon and he has a very low .569 start, but then proved that he can bounce back and by the end of the season he hit the .915 mark. We believe that he has the potential to improve in 2021 and that’s why he is on our “Best MLB Players” list.

Conclusion and Honorable Mentions

Although we could have made a bigger list, we believe that we gave props where they’re due, but we would still like to mention some names, who although didn’t make our list, we believe deserve some praise and will most likely be at or around the center of attention this season.

  • Nolan Arenado
  • Francisco Lindor
  • Gerrit Cole
  • Alex Bregman
  • Shane Bieber
  • Trevor Bauer
  • DJ LeMahieu

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