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It’s fairly common in Europe for various countries to have multiple tiers of football. This is true in places like Spain, England, Germany, Italy, France, and in this case – the Netherlands. In case you didn’t know, the Eerste Divisie is the second division of professional football that is played in the Netherlands. And since it’s a very competitive league, we’ve chosen to pump out a regular stream of Eerste Divisie predictions.

These are updated as frequently as possible for upcoming games on a weekly basis. Since the league consists of 20 total teams too, this means 38 matches are played for each team involved. Subsequently, there are a few hundred Eerste Divisie matches to wager on each season. But that’s not all you need to know about what to expect from this page. There’s more to note, as demonstrated below:

Outright Predictions

Since this is the second tier of professional football in the Netherlands, this creates an interesting prospect. Should teams perform well, they can gain promotion to the top league. But should they perform poorly, there is the risk that they can be relegated to the third tier. Of course, the former is far more desirable than the latter. And because the league works this way, we can produce Eerste Divisie predictions on who will be promoted and who will be relegated.

We aim to update these predictions as the season progresses where possible too.

Multiple Bets on Individual Matches

With a ton of great matches being played over the regular season, this makes up the bulk of our predictions. Prior to each game, we assess the markets to see what the best plays are. And once our research aligns with the respective odds, we publish the tips for you to bet on them. You may find tips based on the match outcome, scorers, corners, cards, and more.

Updated Results and Tables

Isn’t it annoying when you find great tips but you need to go elsewhere to check the table? We get it, which is why the table is also listed on this page. By showing you the table alongside the predictions, you can immediately see whether you agree. If you do, we’ve made it a piece of cake to place the bets too.

Eerste Divisie Betting Tips – Overall Winner Prediction

It’s never easy to predict the outright winner of any professional league. Well, it is if you wait until the last few games. But at that point, any value in the odds will have completely disappeared. So for that reason, we are giving an outright winner prediction already. And that prediction is to go for Heracles to win the Eerste Divisie. They’ve lost just one game all season, at the time of writing.

Not only that, but Heracles has scored 47 goals in just 17 games, which is staggering. With that kind of offensive talent, they are a serious threat to go on and achieve automatic promotion.