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French Open 2023 Tickets – Where and How to Buy Them

Planning a visit to Roland Garros this year? If so, you’ll need to get your hands on some French Open tickets to guarantee access. And that’s precisely what the focus will be right here. My aim is to show you the various options you have for purchasing Roland Garros tickets ahead of the 2023 event. In fact, you can still grab tickets while the event is in progress, as the French Open seems to be more accessible than other Grand Slam tournaments.

French Open 2023

With that said, it’s obviously better to secure your tickets sooner rather than later. This way you can be sure that you’ve got your seat secured to watch some of the best players in the business do battle on the clay. At the same time, if you are travelling to Roland Garros from another country, which you could well be, getting your tickets in advance allows you to make the necessary travel arrangements.

Anyway, given that the tournament begins on May 22nd, time is of the essence. So let’s start looking at the different Roland Garros tickets you could get.

French Open Tickets – Explanation of Your Options for 2023

Tickets for the 2023 French Open have been on sale since March 15th. So naturally, plenty of tickets have been sold for the event already. But this doesn’t mean that you’ve missed the boat on securing Roland Garros tickets this year – far from it. On the main Roland Garros site, there are still plenty of tickets available. You’ve just got to know which one suits you best, which brings me to the explanation of the different ticket options shown below.

Multi-Day Pass

As the name of this option suggests, a multi-day pass gives you access to several days of tennis in a row. By selecting this option, you’ll see that there are five different categories for multi-day pass tickets. These include the following:

  • Opening week pass – from €35
  • Double night pass – from €70
  • Semi-finals pass – from €285
  • Finals pass – from €315
  • Roland Garros & Rolex Masters pass – from €102

Naturally, the purpose of looking at a multi-day pass is to secure a preferential rate vs buying two tickets separately. And as you can see, the cheapest option starts with the opening week pass, which gives you access to French Open qualifying – all five days of it! From there, the prices are incrementally higher, but you’ve still got plenty of solid options here.

Day Tickets

If you select the ‘day tickets’ section, you’ll be presented with a wealth of options. These are the most flexible of the French Open tickets, and your options are shown below:

  • Opening week – from €10
  • Yannick Noah’s day – from €20
  • Philippe-Chatrier, day session – from €50
  • Philippe-Chatrier, night session – from €45
  • Suzanne-Lenglen – from €60
  • Simonne-Mathieu – from €70
  • Outdoor courts – from €10

The prices do fluctuate quite a bit here, and you’ll probably have noticed that Philippe-Chatrier has a day and night session. That’s because Roland Garros has separated the day/night sessions in recent years, which gives you even more choices. And just to clarify, the ticket prices do change depending on what day you plan on going – as determined by the French Open schedule for 2023.

Premium Offers

If you’ve got the financial means, you may wish to check out the premium offers for this year. There are six of these offers in total, although they are certainly on the pricey side – as the name suggests. As for the breakdown of these premium offers, please see the options below:

  • Premium Opening Week – from €250
  • The Discovery Offer – from €285
  • The Emotion Chatrier Offer – from €370
  • The Emotion Lenglen Offer – from €405
  • The Elegance Offer – from €465
  • The Passion Offer – from €690

Of course, these options are only realistic if you don’t mind paying for the privilege of a premium experience. However, each package is quite different from one another, so you do have a fair bit of flexibility for this category of French Open tickets too. Some of these packages include cocktails, premium lunches/dinners, stadium tours, and more. But it’s entirely your choice as to whether you believe the premium experience is worth the expenditure or not.

Roland Garros Tickets – FAQs

Are French Open tickets available now?

Yes – just check out the Roland Garros ticketing site for further details.

How can I pay for Roland Garros tickets?

You can pay via debit, credit, plus other options too.

Must I create an account to purchase French Open tickets?

Yes, but that can be done in a matter of minutes via the Roland Garros site.

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