Darts Premier League 2023 Standings

Following the 2023 Premier League Darts season will naturally include many glances over at the current league standings. There is no longer any relegation at the halfway point of the season, because of the changes that were made to the format last season.

It was a big overhaul, and it is now knockout bracket action on each of the sixteen Nights of the regular Premier League season. The knockout intensity then gets driven up a few notches with the arrival of Finals night to decide who will be crowned the season’s champion.

But the league standings are where the bulk of the action is for the campaign. Players will juggle and jostle for position as only a place in the top four at the end of the season books a spot in the semi-finals.

The Points System

The Premier League Darts 2023 standings are based on the points players earn on each of the weeks. But it’s no longer the straight two-points-for-a-win format that it was. The 2022 move to a weekly bracket tournament changed all that.

Players are still pushing to claim points which determines league standings, but how those points are earned is all a bit different now. The winner of the mini-tournament on any given Night receives five points to go towards their league standing.

The runner-up on the Night is awarded three points for at least going close. For those who are eliminated at the semi-final stage, two points get awarded. The players who couldn’t make it past the opening act end the Night with just one point.

These odds from Ladbrokes were correct at the time of writing.

The Premier League Darts Play-offs

Studying the Premier League Darts standings can give some nice clues about form ahead of current fixtures. That can help sway some darts betting predictions and where to send your bets. Tracking the league standings is basically about the race for a top-four finish.

But punters will find that as the season winds on, certain players become a little more aggressive with their form. If for example, a player has to claim at least three points on Night 16 to complete a late run to reach the play-offs, that’s a huge motivation.

Similarly, players who have already booked a place in the semi-finals with a couple of rounds to spare could take their foot off the gas. The league format is fascinating, and you will likely be able to spot players who come into or fall out of form in streaks across the season.

Some players just naturally thrive for whatever reason at certain venues or find an extra gear when playing in their home city.

Regardless of how they get there, for those who do end the Premier League standings in the top four, a place in the semi-finals beckons. The player at the top of the tree will meet the 4th placed finisher in the semi-finals with 2nd meeting 3rd.

Current 2023 Premier League Standings*

Michael van Gerwen – 20pts (W3)
Michael Smith – 12pts (W1)
Nathan Aspinall – 11pts (W0)
Gerwyn Price – 8pts (W1)
Dimitri Van den Bergh – 7pts (W0)
Jonny Clayton – 7 pts (W0)
Chris Dobey – 5pts (W1)
Peter Wright – 2pts (W0)

*brackets indicate Night wins for the season

Table Toppers

The Premier League Darts competition was inaugurated in 2005. Since then there have only been three players who have won the season after finishing top of the table. Granted, two of those, the retired Phil Taylor and current dominant force Michael van Gerwen did it on more than one occasion, including on their respective debut seasons in the competition.

Chris Dobey Premier League Darts

In 2020 debutant Glen Durrant became just the third player to pull it off and he, too, completed the double in what was his debut season in the competition. But just because a player has powered their way to the top of the standings, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be the one crowned champion at the end of the season.

In the 2021 Premier League Darts season, for example, eventual winner Michael van Gerwen was second in the regular season standings, nine points adrift of table topper Jonny Clayton. Getting to the top four is all that matters, what players do in the play-offs is really where it all counts.

Week By Week State Of Play – Top 4

Round 1 –  Dobey, Van Gerwen, Van den Bergh, Aspinall

Chris Dobey was the early leader in the 2023 Premier League standings. He pulled off a shock victory over Michael van Gerwen in the Night’s Final to be the first league leader of the new season.

Round 2 – Dobey, Van Gerwen, Price, Apsinall

Dobey remained on top after week two, despite falling to a defeat in his first match. Van Gerwen stayed second with a semi-final exit as Gerwyn Price jumped into the top four by winning the week’s Final.

Round 3 – Smith, Aspinall, Price, Dobey

A new leader was crowned in round three as Michel Smith’s victory on the Night sent him to the summer. Former leader Chris Dobey meanwhile had slipped down to fourth and Van Gerwen to sixth because of an early quarter-final exit.

Round 4 – Van Gerwen, Smith, Price, Aspinall

Van Gerwen wasn’t to be kept though as he won in Dublin on Night 4. That put him at the top of the pile for the first time this season. Michael Smith was relegated to second place but held firm in the top four with Nathan Aspinall and Gerwyn Price.

Round 5 – Van Gerwen, Smith, Aspinall, Price

Van Gerwen racked up another Night win which saw him extend his lead at the top. It was a big enough lead to ensure the top spot would be held for Week 6 as well, without that round of action even being played. Nathan Aspinall at this point was the only player to have been inside the top four every week of the season.

Round 6 – Van Gerwen, Smith, Aspinall, Price

Everything stayed as it was the previous week in the entire Premier League Darts standings. There was no movement at all, as Michael van Gerwen wrapped up yet another Night victory, his third in a row. The victory in the night’s Final over local lad Michael Smith saw Van Gerwen stretch his advantage at the summit even further over Smith. The big breakthrough of the night was Peter Wright winning his first match of the season, scoring a quarter-final win over Gerwyn Price before losing heavily in the semi’s to MVG.

Round 7 – Van Gerwen, Price, Smith, Aspinall

There was plenty of drama knocking around on Night 7 of the 2023 Darts Premier League. Chris Dobey pulled off two huge upsets, beating Michael Smith in the quarter-finals and then smashing Michael van Gerwen 6-0 in the semi-finals. But he couldn’t go all the way and land the win on the Night as he was defeated in the Final by Gerwyn Price. That was the third Final of the season for Price and his second victory, pushing him up to second in the standings.

Round 8 – To follow…

Round 9 – To follow…

Round 10 – To follow…

Round 11 – To follow…

Round 12 – To follow…

Round 13 – To follow…

Round 14 – To follow…

Round 15 – To follow…

Round 16 – To follow…

Premier League Standings

Keep up to date with the latest Premier League Darts standings here, as updates will follow throughout the season. Remember that for your darts betting, reading any kind of form and statistics is going to help immensely.

There is a lot to be gained by looking at the standings. You can spot some trends in form and as the further season winds on, start to get a projection together of just who might make it into the final four.

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