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Tipstrr Review 2024 – is it Worth Your Time?

If you’ve ever followed any hashtags on social media relating to football or betting then it’s highly likely you’ve seen accounts offering tips on how to make money from the world of sports betting. Well, Tipstrr is a website that does a similar thing. Is it worth checking out? We give you our comprehensive thoughts below.

What is Tipstrr?

Tipstrr, as we’ve just touched on, is a website that provides betting tips through a range of different tipsters. There is a strong focus on football and horse racing markets but other sports feature too and whilst the concept might seem like old hat with the internet awash with money making strategies and betting tips, Tipstrr feels a little bit different. The reason for that is because their tipsters have to put their money where their mouth is with their results tracked over time meaning customers can see what sort of return on investment (ROI) the tipster achieves. If a tipster doesn’t make money, they won’t last long.

What services do Tipstrr offer?

The Tipstrr platform is predominantly built around customers following a tipster. A tipster is a company or person that provides betting tips directly to you and can cover a range of different sports. Now, we realise the first question that springs to mind is ‘is it free?’ but the answer is a little more complex than ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

So, let’s assume that you’re interested in the football market and therefore navigate to the said menu option. What you initially see is a list of ‘Recommended tipsters’. These are tipsters that will ask for a monthly subscription from you – although free tipsters do exist too – but Tipstrr makes this all very transparent.

How to know who to follow

In a quick snapshot Tipstrr shows you what the tipsters all time cash profit is, what their percentage ROI is and their average monthly profit is. You can also see how long a tipster has been active for. After all, someone making £100 profit per month for six months might be more attractive to you than a tipster that has made £500 but only been active for a week. The cost of a subscription is also highlighted in the same place so you know where you stand on all the key information. As mentioned, not all tipsters charge and there is a link within the Tipstrr text at the top of the ‘Football’ page that takes you to ‘free tipsters’. Here you can see all the aforementioned information but without the subscription charges.

If you’re feeling extra hungry for cash, you can also join Tipstrr pro. This works in exactly the same manner but the tipsters you’re given access to are seen as the real ‘milkers’ of the betting world meaning your profits can soar. You should expect to pay more for their services but, in theory, you should win on a more consistent basis.

Finally, the football market we touch on is just an example. If you fancy dipping your toes into the world of another sport then there are plenty featured ranging from your core popular sports through to emerging trends such as E-Sports.

Top Football Tipsters

Right, here we’re highlighting three hot tipsters on the site to give you a taste of what is available. As this is a review, we’ll cover off a range of different price points – including the freebies.

weBET Football World

Okay, weBET Football World are a pro tipster meaning they’ll cost you a tad more with a £15 subscription charge but it could be worth it. Their performance over the last six months has seen them net a 17.65% ROI equivalent to £426.37 per month. Their all-time performance, which has been since late in 2018, does see the monthly takings drop but they’re still taking over £200 a month. The company specialises in the match result market and aims to target bets where the odds are around the 3.40 mark. The fact they are happy to provide tips for football leagues around the globe means they pump out 15 tips per week.


Here we look at one of the standard tipsters, tzo13. They are averaging 10 tips per week with a 50% success rate meaning you can expect to take home a tidy £438.32 each month based on their performance since September. Their takings over that period have seen a seriously impressive ROI of 43.68% with a cash profit of over £1,300. In volume terms, their tips centre around the match result market but they’ve had huge success with half time/full time bets where they’ve managed a 83% ROI from 41 tips. You can get access to tzo13’s tips from a lower price too with the subscription starting at £10.


The final football tipster we’ll look at is WeekInWeek0ut who falls into the ‘free’ category. In no way, shape or form does that mean they’re not worth following. They’ve taken over £820 cash profit in the last six months with a monthly average haul of £137. It gives them a 14% ROI, which is somewhat more juicy than that on offer with the banks! They generally churn out seven tips per week and current trends show they are successful 39% of the time. The performance level does drop a little over a longer time period with 80% of their annual winnings coming in the most recent six months. Even so a haul of £1,040 over a 12 month period isn’t to be sniffed at.

Top Horse Tipsters

As we’ve said a couple of times, Tipstrr isn’t limited to football betting. As proof of that, we’re going to give you a couple of strong tipsters in the Horse Racing niche.

AG Tips

You can subscribe to AG Tips from £20, which might sound toppy in comparison to some of those mentioned previously but an average monthly profit of over £1,000 in the last six months might change your mind. Since June, they’ve won £6,300 with a ROI of 25.28%. Their record stays pretty handsome over the longer view too with a total profit north of £12,000. They like to plump for big odds too with an average of 46.83 and a 30% success rate.

Heli’s Horses

If AG Tips’ £20 subscription is a bit steep then Heli’s Horses will guarantee you a small saving straight away coming in £5 cheaper. Their monthly cash profit based on the last 12 months sits at near on £400, which is a ROI of pushing 29%. They issue regular tips with somewhere in the region of three a day so, based on the law of averages and a 14% win rate, you should see a win every couple of days if you were to back every tip. Their average odds comes in at 11.08.

What about other sports?

So, we keep banging the drum of Tipstrr covering lots of sports so what are they? Well, football and horse racing have been well covered but, basically, if you can think of a sport then the chances are there is a tipster making money from it. We’re taking a look at a random sport that attracts less attention to prove our point. Step forward Ice Hockey tipster NHL Value Tipster.

NHL Value Tipster

As suggested in the name, NHL Value Tipster specialises in Ice Hockey tips and over the past three months they’ve provide an average of 30 tips per week with a staggering 64% win rate. They focus on more modest odds (their average tip is priced at 2.61) but it’s an approach that works with them having made an average monthly profit of nearing £600. With prices starting from £1 for a trial period, what’s not to like?

Can you make money following Tipsters?

Absolutely. Will you? Well, that’s a different question. At the end of the day, you’re placing bets and therefore winning is not guaranteed. We’ve just highlighted a handful of tipsters from a range of sports that boast impressive long term profit and ROI but there is one thing to remember – this is based on data from the past. It has no bearing on how their tips will perform in the future.

That said, a tipster that has been banking consistent profit for an extended period clearly has the ability to find winning bets whether it be based around ‘being in the know’ or having a decent betting strategy they use. By following their advice rather than taking a scatter gun approach to your wagers you’re much more likely to end up in a positive position.

Of course, understanding your bankroll is important too. If a tipster makes profit but only wins 20% of their bets then the bare minimum you have to be able to afford is to take a loss on four stakes on the spin before you can take the win when it comes.

How to find the best Tipsters to follow

Finding tipsters on Tipstrr is very simple. Finding the best ones to follow requires a little bit more digging. The site layout does give you a helping hand by clearly splitting the different sports markets and then showing key information in a concise and consistent manner but there are things to consider beyond the headlines. Some of them are standard things to check for all potential customers whilst others will be unique to each person.

How much do they cost?

Don’t pay over the odds for your tipster. The subscription costs vary but performance levels might be similar. Why pay more? It seems extremely obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget to factor it in to their calculations.

Long term performance

Beyond the core stats of profit and ROI it’s always recommended that you take a look at the tipsters longer term performance. Has their profit been distorted by one big win? Have they had a hot streak of wins in a specific part of a season? If the answer to these questions are ‘yes’ then it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a poor tipster but it does somewhat alter how long you might wait to turn a profit. On the flip side, you might find that a tipster maintains a more steady profit line despite the overall profit being lower. Depending on your circumstances, you might prefer a tipster that wins regularly on lower odds.

When are tips published?

Again, we look at another factor to consider that seems pretty important but, again, people do seem to overlook it. Tipstrr allows you to drill into when each tipster posts their tips. It’s no good subscribing to a tipster that has amazing profits if all their tips are published when you’re mid-commute and unable to place the bet. Even if the tips come way ahead of the event taking place, odds move quickly and something that offered value can quickly swing in the other direction.


The last point we want to touch on around finding a tipster to follow is very much a personal choice but, for us, we want to understand the bets we’re placing. Tipstrr is not matched betting where you’re guaranteed a return so why follow a tipster in MMA because they have good stats when you’ve never watched a fight in your life? If you follow a tipster in a market you know well then you might be able to tweak your stakes based on your own insight to maximise returns and limit losses.

Is Tipstrr reputable?

The quick and honest answer to this question is yes. Tipstrr was founded six years ago and has seen rapid growth over that period with Natural Intelligence purchasing the company in December 2019. The TrustPilot reviews aren’t plentiful but they paint the platform in a good light with 80% of reviews rating Tipstrr as either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’ and whilst there are a few negative reviews there is a feeling of some of those customers having gone in with unrealistic expectations; for example, predicting horse racing winners not coming in all that regularly.

Tipstrr reviews on Trustpilot


Tipstrr is a slick website that means any tipsters you choose to follow have to show they do what they claim they can. That’s a huge tick compared to a lot of betting tips you’ll find on the internet. They’re also completely transparent as to how the site works and how tipsters perform over time giving the customer plenty of data to make an informed decision.

If you want to make money from betting but don’t want to explore strategies like matched betting and arbitrage betting then you could do a lot worse. The only thing we’d stress is that no matter how good a tipster looks, they could easily lose their next 10 bets. It’s betting and your money is at stake so go in with your eyes wide open.