WTA China Open Doubles 2023: Contenders, odds, and predictions

The 2023 WTA China Open doubles event is set to be held at the same time as the singles competition, as tends to be the case on the WTA Tour. On that note, you can monitor the full competition via our daily updates concerning the WTA China Open schedule. As for what this tournament promises in 2023, some of the very best doubles players on the WTA Tour are involved in this 1000-level event. Then again, such large tournaments tend to always attract the best in the business.

WTA China Open Doubles

Furthermore, since there has been a four-year absence concerning this event in Beijing, I expect this tournament to be a thriller. However, will it be one of the top 8 WTA China Open seeds who walks away with the title on October 8th? Or will the winners be one of the unseeded partnerships or even one of the wildcards? 

I’ve shared my thoughts on this, as well as other information surrounding the WTA China Open doubles competition below.

WTA China Open doubles – October 7th updates ahead of finals day

The time has finally arrived for the finals of the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event to be contested. And I must say, I wasn’t expecting the pairs who are involved to be there on Sunday, October 8th. I don’t mean this with any kind of disrespect towards the doubles teams that have made it. In fact, on the contrary, I believe that the finalists have produced fantastic tennis to reach this stage, and they’ve clearly earned it given their results over the previous week. However, I think it’s fair to say that with both of the finalists being unseeded, not many pundits would have put money on these pairings making the final – myself included.

Yet because of that, I think that the WTA China Open doubles final should be a very interesting watch. And for those of you who are planning on watching the final on Sunday, October 8th, I can tell you that the final is set to be held at 16:30 in Beijing. That is 09:30 in the UK, which is a much more ‘sociable’ time for tennis fans who are hoping to witness the final of this event. Furthermore, as an added bonus, you can stay tuned in and watch the women’s singles final immediately after the doubles final, if you so desire.

Anyway, let me bring back the focus for a second. Before we jump into the last installment of my WTA China Open doubles predictions, I must share the results from the semi-finals. This way, you’ll gain an understanding of the kind of tennis these pairs have produced to make it, while also building your own impressions of who might win.

Semi-final results from Saturday, October 7th

Both of the semi-finals were played on the morning of October 7th. And concerning the results of these matches, without wasting any time, let me give you the results right now:

  • Chan/Olmos beat Linette/Stearns – 7-5 6-4
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Gamarra/Stefani – 6-2 6-2

As you can see, neither of these WTA China Open doubles semi-finals was particularly grueling. Both matches were won in straight sets, so fatigue heading into the final shouldn’t be an issue for either pair. As for the pair that I found most impressive, I must admit, Chan/Olmos have impressed me at every turn in this tournament. They’ve reached the final without losing a single set, and this sets up an intriguing battle for tomorrow.

WTA China Open doubles prediction for the final

At the end of the day, only one of the pairs who are competing in the final tomorrow will win the trophy. Naturally, this brings me to my final assessment of the WTA China Open doubles odds for the available markets in relation to this match. Of course, I’ve looked at the available markets and which pairing I feel has the best shot, and I’ve created the following WTA China Open doubles prediction:

  • Chan/Olmos to beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo – TBD odds

I’ve chosen this pair as they have gradually played better and better tennis as the event has progressed. At the same time, I feel it’s important to stress that they’ve overcome the top seeds en route to the finals too. In contrast, while Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo have enjoyed solid wins, arguably, they’ve had an easier route to the final, and I predict that they will come up short against Chan/Olmos.

October 6th updates – WTA China Open doubles 2023

Following the completion of the WTA China Open doubles quarter-finals games in the early hours of Friday, October 6th, we can finally say that the semi-finalists are set in stone. Amazingly, not a single seeded pairing has made it into the semi-finals for 2023, which shows that there have been upsets galore throughout the event. Then again, the names that have made it into the semi-finals aren’t exactly unknown doubles pairings. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

All four doubles pairings have produced great tennis to reach this point, of course. And given that there are no seeded pairs left in the event, as you may have guessed, this means that the semi-finalists have all beaten some of the top seeds to get this far. Therefore, they fully deserve to be in the semi-finals of the 2023 WTA China Open doubles tournament. 

Additionally, if you’ve been monitoring the schedule throughout the tournament, you may have noticed that both of these semi-finals are set to be played on Saturday, October 7th. Once again, I’ve shared my WTA China Open doubles predictions for these games, as you can read in the respective section below. But first, let’s cover a quick recap of the quarter-finals that were played today.

2023 WTA China Open doubles – results from Friday, October 6th

Did you tune in to watch the remaining quarter-final matches this morning? If not, don’t worry, for I can catch you up with what went down right now. And in my opinion, both of the results that have come through from these matches were somewhat unexpected. Speaking of which, let me detail the results from the two matches that were played earlier today:

  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Melichar-Martinez/Perez – 6-4 7-6
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani beat Siegemund/Zvonareva – 6-2 6-3

As you can see, both of these WTA China Open doubles matches were won in straight sets. However, I didn’t believe that Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo would beat Melichar-Martinez/Perez, especially since the latter pairing dispatched the 3rd seeds in the second round. As for the other match, Gamarra Martins/Stefani are having quite an incredible tournament, and the Brazilians are now contenders to win the event.

Saturday, October 7th – WTA China Open doubles predictions

This is now one of the most exciting stages of the tournament. Of course, the WTA China Open doubles odds have chopped and changed with each passing round. Yet now, we really are at the business end of the competition, and all of the remaining pairs are capable of winning the title. However, with the semi-finals set to be held tomorrow, I’ve given my WTA China Open doubles predictions for both:

  • Chan/Olmos to beat Linette/Stearns – 8/15 odds
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani to beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo – TBD odds

Chan/Olmos have been simply ruthless throughout the tournament, and they are yet to drop a set – not even close, actually. As for Gamarra Martins/Stefani, their 6-2 6-3 victory over the 8th seeds displayed that they can take out the big guns, and I see value in backing them for the win.

2023 WTA China Open doubles – October 5th updates

What a remarkable few days it has been in the WTA China Open. Big names have tumbled out of the draw, and unseeded players have stepped up to make a name for themselves. At the same time, fans watching at home and those in the stadiums have been treated to some truly dramatic games. We’ve seen this with very tight matches that have gone the distance in recent days, and as we’ve come to expect, the action from October 5th was no different. 

However, the WTA China Open doubles event is far from finished. In fact, while we now know who one set of semi-finalists are, we have yet to learn who will join them at this stage of the competition. I say that because there are still two remaining quarter-final matches to be played in the bottom half of the draw. And since that is the case, as I’ve been doing throughout the event, you can read through my WTA China Open doubles predictions for the upcoming matches before things begin.

But first, if you’ve not had a chance to read through or catch up on the results that have come through from Thursday, October 5th, let me take a moment to show you what you’ve missed.

WTA China Open doubles results – first quarter-finals completed

Fans who watched the first two quarter-finals in the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event won’t feel let down by what they witnessed today. Both games were excellent in their own way, yet one was far more dramatic and nail-biting than the other. As for the results, check them out right here:

  • Chan/Olmos beat Mihalikova/Xu – 6-1 6-4
  • Linette/Stearns beat Haddad Maia/Kudermetova – 6-1 6-7 10-8

I must admit, I expected that Chan/Olmos would beat Mihalikova/Xu, and this was one of my WTA China Open doubles predictions from yesterday. However, I didn’t think that Linette/Stearns had enough to beat Haddad Maia/Kudermetova. And as you can see, that match went right down to the wire, yet the Polish/American duo just edged it to reach the semi-finals. With that said, if you are keen on watching the semi-finals, these will be held on Saturday, October 7th.

WTA China Open doubles predictions for remaining quarter-finals

With two more quarter-final games approaching on Friday, October 6th, this means that I can put together two more WTA China Open doubles predictions. So without further ado, let me show you who I believe will come through the scheduled games tomorrow:

  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez to beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo – 4/6 odds
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani to beat Siegemund/Zvonareva – 29/20 odds

For both of my predictions, I’ve gone with the pairings that recently took out one of the top four seeds. Melichar-Martinez/Perez took out the 3rd seeds in the previous round, while Gamarra Martins/Stefani produced a huge win to take out the 2nd seeds, Gauff/Pegula.

WTA China Open doubles October 4th updates ahead of quarter-finals

With the last of the four remaining second-round matches being completed today, we can now turn our attention to the quarter-finals of this event. Of course, this means that we are now into the last eight of the WTA China Open doubles tournament. And following the results of the doubles games from today, it’s crazy to think that just one of the eight seeded pairs has made it into the quarter-finals this year. This rarely happens in events as significant as the WTA China Open doubles tournament, which makes the tournament both exciting and unique, in my opinion. 

With this in mind, I can now take you through a quick guide on what the results were from Wednesday, October 4th. Additionally, I can provide you with a set of WTA China Open doubles predictions as all eyes are now fixed on the quarter-final matches for this event. This is all covered below, so let’s get things started with the results from October 4th.

Remaining round 2 matches – key results

If ever there was a day for an individual nation of players in an event, it’s hard to deny that for the WTA China Open doubles tournament in 2023, October 4th belonged to the Brazilians. You’ll soon find out why when I share the results from these remaining round two matches below. As for some other interesting details about the matches that were completed on Wednesday, October 4th, three of the four matches required a championship tie-break to decide the match. This means that the fans in Beijing were treated to some very tight and dramatic matches, as were viewers at home.

Anyway, concerning the results from these games, I’ve listed them here:

  • Haddad Maia/Kudermetova beat Kichenok/Niculescu – 6-0 6-3
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani beat Gauff/Pegula – 5-7 6-2 10-5
  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez beat Krejcikova/Siniakova – 7-5 2-6 10-6
  • Xu/Mihalikova beat Jiang/Guo – 6-2 6-2

To highlight how significant these results are, both the 2nd and 3rd seeds have been taken out from the bottom half of the draw. This leaves just the 8th seeds left in the draw from the original 8 seeds, while the top half of the draw has zero seeds left.

WTA China Open doubles predictions for October 5th

Now that the quarter-final games are fixed for the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event, we can investigate the markets and look for the best possible wagers. Of course, I’ve done exactly that to create the WTA China Open doubles predictions that you can see below:

  • Chan/Olmos to beat Mihalikova/Xu – 1/3 odds
  • Haddad Maia/Kudermetova to beat Linette/Stearns – 4/11 odds

Given how convincingly Chan/Olmos took out the top seeds, I see no reason that they cannot beat Mihalikova/Xu to reach the semi-finals. And for Haddad Maia/Kudermetova, this market has better WTA China Open doubles odds compared to the first prediction. As for why I’ve picked them, they were seriously impressive in their 6-0 6-3 win in the previous round.

October 3rd updates for the WTA China Open doubles event 2023

As the end of day 8 for the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event has arrived, we are getting a much better picture concerning who might win the tournament. I say that because half of the second-round matches have now been completed. This means that half of the quarter-finalists are now known, whereas the remaining second-round matches will be played on Wednesday, October 4th. Of course, once we get to the last eight of the event, this picture of who might win starts to become even clearer. On that note, the top half of the draw is now wide open following the exit of both the 1st and 4th seeds. 

As for the bottom half of the WTA China Open doubles draw, two of the top four seeds are still going strong. However, these seeded pairs will play on Wednesday, so this could well be a very different story once the doubles games tomorrow have been concluded. And speaking of tomorrow’s games, I have shared my WTA China Open doubles predictions for the remaining second-round matches below. As always, the WTA China Open doubles odds for my chosen markets have been supplied too.

Yet before you decide to check out those predictions, let’s revisit the results that have come through in Beijing with respect to the matches from Tuesday, October 3rd.

Round 2 results recap

Given the size of the draw in the WTA China Open doubles tournament this year, there are eight matches that get played at the second round stage. And keeping in line with the tournament schedule, four of these matches were completed on Tuesday, October 3rd. These were pretty exciting matches, and the results have determined which teams have now secured a quarter-finals spot in the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event. As for the results from these games, let me share them now:

  • Siegemund/Zvonareva beat Garcia/Mladenovic – 7-6 6-1
  • Olmos/Chan beat Hunter/Mertens – 6-1 6-2
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Yuan/Wang – 6-4 6-3
  • Linette/Stearns beat Routliffe/Dabrowski – 6-2 7-6

Of these results, the most surprising, by far, is that the number 1 seeds lost to Olmos/Chan by a score of 6-1 6-2. However, the fact that the 4th seeds, Routliffe/Dabrowski, were also beaten in straight sets is a big surprise too.

October 4th – WTA China Open doubles predictions

Now for the most exciting part of today’s updates – the predictions regarding the matches that are set for tomorrow. Without further ado, let me share the top predictions now:

  • Mihalikova/Xu to beat Guo/Jiang – 5/6 odds
  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez to beat Krejcikova/Siniakova – 19/10 odds

I’ve picked these two matches because they each show great value. Firstly, Mihalikova/Xu took out the 5th seeds in their opener and they will now face one of the wildcards in this round. Secondly, Melichar-Martinez/Perez are a super experienced and successful pair, and at 19/10 odds, this is well worth going for.

2023 WTA China Open doubles tournament – October 2nd updates

All of the remaining round of 32 doubles matches have now been completed in the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event. Of course, this means that the size of the draw has now been halved when compared to the number of teams that started the event. So, with the second-round matches now confirmed, I’d say that this tournament is starting to take shape nicely. But more specifically, as we move deeper into the tournament, my aim is still to share some valuable WTA China Open doubles predictions with you – for those who wish to wager on the individual match outcomes.

At the same time, I feel it is important to keep the updates surrounding the WTA China Open doubles tournament going. This way, before you even look at the predictions and related WTA China Open doubles odds for the next rounds, you’ll gain an idea of how each pair is performing. And on that note, it’s time to discuss what went down on Monday, October 2nd in the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event. 

Round 1 interesting results

Although the first section of first-round matches was completed on Sunday, October 1st, the majority of first-round games were contested on Monday, October 2nd. Therefore, some of the most intriguing results have occurred within the last 12-24 hours in Beijing. As for the results that are perhaps the most shocking, let me share the remaining first-round results that have caught my attention:

  • Chan/Olmos beat Cirstea/Mattek-Sands – 6-3 6-4
  • Haddad Maia/Kudermetova beat Danilina/Panova – 6-4 4-6 10-7
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani beat Chan/Sizikova – 6-2 4-6 10-4
  • Wang/Yuan beat Kichenok/Ostapenko – 6-1 6-3

While none of these results show one of the top seeds being knocked out of the competition, some certainly show an unexpected outcome. For example, the previous winner of this event, Mattek-Sands, and her partner, Cirstea, were beaten comfortably by Chan/Olmos. Additionally, the Chinese wildcards, Wang/Yuan, dispatched Kichenok/Ostapenko like they were complete novices. Then again, that’s what home support can do in tennis!

WTA China Open doubles predictions for October 3rd

With the second-round matches now set in stone, it’s possible to look at the matchups and create a few WTA China Open doubles predictions to go with them. Of course, I’ve spent some time doing exactly that since the second-round matches were confirmed. And after conducting some in-depth research regarding statistics and recent form, I’ve come up with the following tips for the matches scheduled on October 3rd:

  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo to beat Wang/Yuan – TBD Odds
  • Dabrowski/Routliffe to beat Linette/Stearns – 2/5 Odds
  • Siegemund/Zvonareva to beat Garcia/Mladenovic – TBD Odds

For the latter two picks, I have opted to go with the seeded pairs to beat their unseeded opponents. To clarify, Dabrowski/Routliffe are the 4th seeds while Siegemund/Zvonareva are the 8th seeds. As for my prediction for Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo to beat Wang/Yuan, with the Czech/Spanish duo knocking out the 6th seeds in the previous round, I can see them securing a win against the Chinese wildcards.

WTA China Open doubles – October 1st updates

The first few opening games of the 2023 WTA China Open doubles event have been played and completed during the early hours of Sunday, October 1st. And interestingly, some of the top seeds have already tumbled. You can see exactly who these seeds are in the respective updates below, and some of the results will no doubt shock you! However, while the first few matches have been played and finished, the WTA China Open doubles schedule shows us that more first-round games are set for Monday, October 2nd. So if you missed the opening matches of this event throughout the night, don’t worry – there’s much more to come.

Additionally, with several of the top seeds exiting the tournament already, this has had quite an influence over the WTA China Open doubles odds for the outright markets. In fact, on that note, with each round that passes, these odds will shorten for the main contenders. So if you are planning on backing a pairing for the title, I’d suggest doing it sooner rather than later. Or if this doesn’t quite appeal to you, don’t worry, for I’ve got WTA China Open doubles predictions for you to observe with each passing round.

Anyway, if you’re here for a recap from the first full day of doubles action in Beijing, I’ve got you covered below. 

Key results from round 1

What a day it has been in Beijing! I have to admit, I did not expect such significant upsets in the early stages of the WTA China Open doubles competition. And for the seeds who are yet to compete, I’m sure that the early exit of the other seeds has made them a little nervous. As for the most surprising results that you should be aware of, please see them below:

  • Mihalikova/Xu beat Krawczyk/Schuurs (5) – 6-4 1-6 10-6
  • Kichenok/Niculescu beat Aoyama/Shibahara (7) – 6-3 6-3
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Hsieh/Wang (6) – 6-2 6-7 10-3

For clarity, the first two results shown above were both played in the top half of the draw. As for the third result, this was actually played on Saturday, September 30th, yet this needed to be included since this is the first of my WTA China Open doubles updates! And to stress the impact of these results, we haven’t even made it through the first rounds and three of the top eight seeds have exited the tournament.

WTA China Open doubles odds & predictions

As promised, I will be providing WTA China Open doubles predictions for each day of play. Therefore, since we can look ahead to the scheduled matches for Monday, October 2nd, I’ve come up with the following predictions for you to consider backing:

  • Paolini/Sherif to beat Guo/Jiang – 6/5 odds
  • Cirstea/Mattek-Sands to beat Chan/Olmos – 13/10 odds

For the first prediction, Paolini is playing fantastic tennis, and this will help to give her partner a boost to take out the wildcard pairing of Guo/Jiang. And secondly, Mattek-Sands won this title last time out, and she is playing with an experienced doubles player here.

2023 WTA China Open doubles – key event details

For those who are unfamiliar with the grading of WTA events, I can tell you that the WTA China Open doubles tournament is in the second most prestigious tier. This means there is just one category of tournaments above this one – Grand Slams. So as you might imagine, this is a huge event for the players involved. And that’s exactly why you can find enticing WTA China Open doubles odds for both outright markets and individual matches right now.

Yet before it all begins, let me share some important details about the tournament so you are better prepared for what’s to come.

Event schedule

As per the original tournament schedule, this tournament is scheduled to run from September 30th through to October 8th. This makes it a 10-day tournament – longer than 500-level events, but not quite as long as Grand Slams. And of course, as the WTA China Open doubles event progresses, meaning more and more pairs are knocked out, the schedule will contain fewer and fewer matches. 

Defending champions

Since this tournament hasn’t been held since 2019, the defending champions for this event are not actually involved as a duo for the 2023 edition. Specifically, the defending champions are Sofia Kenin and Bethanie Mattek-Sands. However, Sofia Kenin is concentrating on the singles this year while Bethanie Mattek-Sands is in the draw, only she is playing with Sorana Cirstea.

Prize money

For the 2023 WTA China Open doubles tournament, the prize money is set to include a portion of the overall prize money. Specifically, the WTA China Open prize money for the entire tournament is $8,127,389. Of this prize money, the champions of the women’s doubles events will share a grand prize worth $390,218. 

WTA China Open doubles – draw breakdown and predictions

Since the draw for the women’s doubles competition has recently been made, we can officially look at key details like the seeds, wildcards, who is playing who, and more. So without further ado, let me run you through a few key details relating to the draw for the WTA China Open doubles tournament.

Top seeds

For the 2023 edition, there are eight seeded pairs, as you can see listed below:

  • Hunter/Mertens (1)
  • Gauff/Pegula (2)
  • Krejcikova/Siniakova (3)
  • Dabrowski/Routliffe (4)
  • Krawczyk/Schuurs (5)
  • Su-wei/Xinyu (6)
  • Aoyama/Shibahara (7)
  • Siegemund/Zvonareva (8)


Now that you have a clear picture of the top seeds for the tournament, let me take a moment to disclose the two wildcards too:

  • Guo/Jiang
  • Wang/Yuan

Both of these pairings consist of Chinese players, which is fairly normal concerning the allocation of wildcards in such events.

Draw size and requirements to win

If you take a look at the main draw, you’ll see that the four highest-seeded pairs have received a bye into the second round. However, all other pairs are set to start in the very first round. This shows us that the draw size is 28 – 28 pairs, that is. And subsequently, if starting in the first round, a pair must win five matches in a row to take the title. As for the seeds that are already into round two, the requirement drops to just four matches.

WTA China Open doubles prediction – outright winners

In my opinion, I believe that the duo of Hunter/Mertens will win the tournament. They are the number one seeds for a reason. And when you compare their standing with the other top seeds, many of the other top seeds involve players who are gunning for the singles title. As a result, I believe that those pairings will struggle with fatigue as the WTA China Open doubles tournament progresses. 

Therefore, I feel that a pair that is solely focusing on the doubles event has the best chance of capturing the title.

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