WTA China Open 2023 schedule and order of play – updated daily

The one and only 1000-level WTA event in Asia for 2023 is officially underway, and I’ll be covering the entire WTA China Open schedule right here. This means that I will be covering the full tournament overview, including what matches will be held on specific days. Yet it also means that I will be providing the official WTA China Open order of play with each passing round too. 

WTA China Open Schedule

All of this is designed to give you the most comprehensive breakdown of this exciting 1000-level event. Furthermore, not only will I be sharing the order of play for each day of the tournament, but you can cross-reference the listed matches with our WTA China Open predictions too. This way, you’ll know what games are on the cards while being able to wager on them if desired.

Anyway, there is a fair amount of information to get through concerning the WTA China Open schedule for 2023. So let’s dive into the key details now!

Sunday, October 8th – finals day, WTA China Open schedule

Finals day for the 2023 WTA China Open is finally upon us. Naturally, many tennis fans consider this to be the most exciting time of any tournament. And while the WTA China Open schedule might show the fewest matches of the entire event come finals day, it’s hard to deny that the upcoming matches should be the most entertaining of them all. On that note, there are two scheduled matches for Sunday, October 8th, and these include the women’s singles final as well as the women’s doubles final.

Both should be great matches to watch. Yet I think I speak for all WTA tennis fans when I say that the names that feature in the WTA China Open order of play for tomorrow aren’t the ones we expected to see. I say that because of the four finalists who are about to challenge for their respective titles tomorrow, just one of them was seeded – Iga Swiatek. As for the others, Swiatek’s opponent, Liudmila Samsonova, has managed to reach the final as an unseeded player. And looking at the doubles finalists, both pairings were also unseeded.

Then again – hats off to you if you were able to predict the names that feature on the WTA China Open schedule for Sunday, October 8th! Anyway, putting past predictions and facts aside now, since there is just one day left for the 2023 WTA China Open tournament, let me share my final update concerning the order of play.


Due to the seven-hour time difference, viewers in the UK have needed to wake up rather early to catch the first matches across the various courts. On that note, according to the final WTA China Open order of play, we can finally have a later start when it comes to viewing the games. I say that because play will commence on Diamond at 09:30 UK time on Sunday. This means we can all wake up at a more sociable time and watch both of the finals from 09:30 onwards. 

As for who is playing first, let me give you the final WTA China Open order of play right now:

  • Chan/Olmos vs Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo
  • Liudmila Samsonova vs Iga Swiatek

To clarify, the women’s singles final will immediately follow the women’s doubles final. There are no ‘not before’ stipulations or anything of the kind. So once the doubles final and trophy presentation has finished, the final will be played almost immediately. I expect that this will be around 11:30 or even 12:00 UK time, however, this does depend on the length of the doubles final.

Then again, if you keep these times in mind, you will at least get to tune in for the women’s singles final and hopefully be able to watch the entire match!

Saturday, October 7th – WTA China Open schedule for semi-finals day

With the quarter-finals all done and dusted, the attention now switches to the semi-finals for this fantastic tournament. This means that the WTA China Open schedule for Saturday, October 7th, is set to feature solely semi-final matches. So, this shows that the quantity of matches is now pretty thin, yet the quality of the upcoming matches promises to be the best yet – in theory. This is suggested by the top seeds who have made it into the semi-finals following their wins in the quarters earlier today. 

As a quick refresher, just in case you missed the quarter-final results from Friday, October 6th, let me give you the results right now:

  • Swiatek beat Garcia – 6-7 7-6 6-1
  • Gauff beat Sakkari – 6-2 6-4
  • Samsonova beat Ostapenko – 6-3 6-2
  • Sabalenka vs Rybakina – TBD 

Based on these results, you can already tell that the WTA China Open order of play for Saturday will be quite spectacular. With that said, these aren’t the only matches that will feature in the WTA China Open schedule on October 7th. In addition to two great singles matches that are on the cards, there will also be two women’s doubles matches – both semi-final games. That’s why Saturday, October 7th, can be dubbed as ‘semi-finals day’ for the 2023 WTA China Open. 

So without further ado, let me share the WTA China Open order of play for the penultimate day of this competition right now.


With the range of matches now whittled down to just four, as you would expect, it’s Diamond that will host these prestigious games on Saturday, October 7th. And because every single match that features in the WTA China Open schedule for this court is a semi-final contest, I expect the tennis to be of the highest caliber. Not only that, but because all of the players involved will be desperate to reach the finals of this 1000-level tournament, the drama could be pretty intense too. 

Anyway, we’ve got all of that to look forward to on October 7th. So with this in mind, let me supply you with the WTA China Open order of play for Diamond before things get started:

  • Chan/Olmos vs Linette/Stearns
  • Coco Gauff vs Iga Swiatek
  • TBD vs Liudmila Samsonova
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo vs Gamarra Martins/Stefani

This stacked schedule promises to produce some epic tennis. And with the action set to commence at 05:30 UK time, if you are able to wake up early enough, you can kick back and watch hours and hours of these players doing battle. Of course, when all is said and done, we will know which players will then be competing for a shot at the title on Sunday, October 8th. So make sure you stay tuned for my updates for finals day once these games reach their conclusion on Saturday!

WTA China Open schedule for Friday, October 6th – full lineup

Quarter-finals day has finally arrived for the WTA China Open 2023. If you’ve been tracking the results over the last few days, you’ll no doubt be very excited about the players who have made it this far. Of course, all of these players I am referencing are involved in the WTA China Open schedule for Friday, October 6th. Additionally, the majority of the top seeds have managed to live up to the expectations that many people had prior to the start of this event. By this, I mean that they have shown us what they are capable of in terms of the level of tennis and their overall results.

Anyway, rather than focus on what has already happened, the objective here is to discuss the WTA China Open schedule in terms of what is coming up. This is where the most recent WTA China Open order of play enters the picture. On that note, let me now share the exact schedule ahead of Friday. 


As has been the case for the last couple of days, Diamond is set to host all of the singles matches on Friday. This isn’t all that surprising since this is the main show court. And with the action starting at approximately 05:30 UK time, if you tune in to this court from the early hours of the morning, you are in for a fairly entertaining show. Of course, at this point in the event, the matches are simply played one after the other. And regarding the exact WTA China Open order of play for Diamond, I am excited to reveal the following lineup:

  • Caroline Garcia vs Iga Swiatek
  • Maria Sakkari vs Coco Gauff
  • Jelena Ostapenko vs Liudmila Samsonova
  • Aryna Sabalenka vs Elena Rybakina

All of these four singles matches should be very interesting to watch. However, I believe that there are two matches that outshine the rest. In my opinion, these matches include Maria Sakkari vs Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenka vs Elena Rybakina. Both matches should be great fun to watch and I expect that the level of tennis will be epic. 


Keeping in line with the WTA  China Open schedule for Diamond, Lotus will also get things started at 05:30 UK time. But as you would expect since all of the singles matches are scheduled for Diamond, Lotus is the court of choice for the doubles games on Friday. Specifically, since we already know who the semi-finalists are from the top half of the draw, this means that the two matches on the cards for Friday are the two remaining quarter-final matches from the bottom half. 

And with that cleared up, you can see the WTA China Open order of play for this court right here:

  • Siegemund/Zvonareva vs Gamarra/Martins
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo vs Melichar-Martinez/Perez

Thursday, October 5th – confirmed WTA China Open order of play

We are now approaching the latter stages of the WTA China Open for 2023. Following the completion of the matches that were on the WTA China Open schedule for Wednesday, October 4th, we now know who four of the eight quarter-finalists are in the singles event. And because just four of the eight ’round of 16′ matches were played and completed today, this means there are four more to come tomorrow. All of these matches form part of the WTA China Open order of play for Thursday, October 5th, as you’d expect.

Yet at the same time, let’s not forget that the WTA China Open doubles event is also running alongside the main singles competition. As for the stage that this event is now at, I can confirm that the doubles event is also at the quarter-finals stage. Yet due to the different draw sizes for doubles vs singles, there will be just two doubles quarter-finals on the WTA China Open schedule for October 5th. 

With this in mind, you will no doubt be curious about what’s coming up on Thursday. So let me now shift gears and cover the full WTA China Open schedule for Thursday, October 5th.


The tournament organizers have decided to make Diamond the show court for the 4x singles matches on Thursday. Therefore, this means that Diamond will host a total of four quarter-final matches in the women’s singles event. Of course, this lineup includes several of the highest seeds that have made it this far too, including the likes of Aryna Sabalenka and Coco Gauff, among others. As for the complete WTA China Open order of play for Diamond, let me share the schedule:

  • Anhelina Kalinina vs Caroline Garcia
  • Veronika Kudermetova vs Coco Gauff
  • Maria Sakkari vs Xiu Wang
  • Aryna Sabalenka vs Jasmine Paolini

In terms of the scheduled times, play will commence at 05:30 UK time and continue from this point onwards. And for the first time since the event started, the WTA China Open schedule does not interact with the ATP China Open, as this event officially finished today. This means that the matches will simply run one after the other until they have all been completed.


Regarding the WTA China Open order of play for Lotus, as you may have realized from the details shared earlier, there are just two doubles games due to be held here. These are both quarter-final matches, as previously stressed, and to be honest, they should both be pretty interesting encounters. As for the pairs who are involved, here are the matches set for Lotus on Thursday:

  • Chan/Olmos vs Mihalikova/Xu
  • Linette/Stearns vs Haddad Maia/Kudermetova

For those of you who wish to tune in, I can tell you that the matches won’t begin until 07:30 UK time on Lotus. So you’ve got a slightly later start compared to the singles matches that will be held on Diamond.

WTA China Open schedule – lineup for Wednesday, October 4th

With the second rounds now played and completed for the 2023 WTA China Open, all eyes are now fixed on the third-round matches. This is also the stage known as the ‘round of 16’, just for absolute clarity. And when it comes to the WTA China Open schedule for Wednesday, October 4th, as you’d expect, there are some great matches on the cards. After all, this is the point in the event where some of the higher seeds will now play one another. Furthermore, given the strength of the 2023 WTA China Open, this means that many third-round matches involve top 20 players battling it out for a spot in the quarter-finals.

It’s not just singles play that you will find in the WTA China Open order of play for Wednesday, however. In addition to the enticing blend of singles games, we’ve also got some high-profile doubles matches to look forward to. Yet since the doubles draw is slightly smaller than the singles draw as a whole, the doubles matches are in fact quarter-final games. And as it happens, pretty much all of the big names have been knocked out of the WTA China Open doubles competition. So naturally, the matches are more exciting and more unpredictable than they may have been if the well-known seeds had made it through.

Anyway, that’s enough about what’s coming up. Now, let me get to the precise WTA China Open schedule ahead of Wednesday, October 4th.


For the Diamond Court tomorrow, the schedule might be compact, but it shows two contests that should be great to witness. As for when you can tune in, matches will commence at 05:00 in the UK. And finally, concerning the lineup, there is a perfect blend of singles and doubles action, and the exact WTA China Open order of play can be viewed here:

  • Jessica Pegula vs Jelena Ostapenko
  • Guo/Jiang vs Mihalikova/Xu


Just like other days that we’ve seen in Beijing, the Lotus Court is loaded with matches that tennis fans will love to watch. In fact, looking at the WTA China Open schedule compared to the other courts, this match has the most games on the schedule. With four ‘round of 16’ games confirmed, all running from 05:00 onwards in the UK, the entertainment certainly won’t disappoint on this court. As for the lineup, please see the four scheduled matches here:

  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez vs Krejcikova/Siniakova
  • Liudmila Samsonova vs Marta Kostyuk
  • Magda Linette vs Iga Swiatek
  • TBD vs TBD

Brad Drewett

The Brad Drewett Court is the only court where the action will start later in the day. As per the latest release of the WTA China Open schedule, play won’t start on this court until 07:00 UK time, which is still nice and early. And the reason for this is that there are only two matches on the schedule, much like the Diamond Court. However, they are both doubles matches, as reflected in the confirmed WTA China Open order of play below:

  • Haddad Maia/Kudermetova vs Kichenok/Niculescu
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani vs Gauff/Pegula

Tuesday, October 3rd – WTA China Open schedule overview

What a blockbuster lineup it has been concerning the WTA China Open schedule for the first and second rounds so far. This 1000-level tournament really is living up to the hype, and as the matches slowly draw to a close for Monday, October 2nd, fans are already looking ahead to what’s coming next. Speaking of which, the WTA China Open order of play has officially been released for Tuesday, October 3rd, and that’s precisely what I will be focusing on here. 

So, if you’re eager to find out what matches are coming up on Tuesday, October 3rd, let me guide you through the full WTA China Open schedule right now.


Just like the first few days of the event, play will begin in the Diamond arena at 05:30 UK time. But if you manage to wake up early enough, you’ll be able to catch the number 1 seed, Aryna Sabalenka, as she’s up first. As for the rest of the WTA China Open order of play for this court, let me reveal the three matches now:

  • Aryna Sabalenka vs Katie Boulter
  • Petra Martic vs Coco Gauff
  • Maria Sakkari vs Linda Fruhvirtova


For the Lotus court on October 3rd, there is even more depth than the main show court, which is the Diamond arena. Once again, play will commence at around 05:30 on this court, and there are four matches according to the latest WTA China Open schedule. Big names like Swiatek and Pegula will strut their stuff on Lotus during the day too, so this is an exciting court to watch. On that note, here is the full lineup:

  • Jessica Pegula vs Anna Blinkova
  • Xinyu Wang vs Daria Kasatkina
  • Varvara Gracheva vs Iga Swiatek
  • Tatjana Maria vs TBD


The Moon court is also set to host a total of four matches for Tuesday, and these will all be singles matches that begin at 05:30. As expected, however, the very top seeds won’t feature here, but some very entertaining players like Ons Jabeur and Veronika Kudermetova will. Furthermore, the scheduled contests could be very close encounters, as reflected in the WTA China Open schedule below:

  • Yulia Putintseva vs Caroline Garcia
  • Marta Kostyuk vs Ons Jabeur
  • Veronika Kudermetova vs Lesia Tsurenko
  • Mirra Andreeva vs Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

Brad Drewett

Brad Drewett has been selected to host doubles matches only on Tuesday, October 3rd. This isn’t a huge shock, however, as the WTA China Open schedule will slowly start to move all singles games onto the show courts. With that said, this court still has a couple of great games scheduled, as shown here:

  • Dabrowski/Routliffe vs Linette/Stearns
  • Siegemund/Zvonareva vs Garcia/Mladenovic

Court 2

Court 2 is the only court with a different start time from the rest on October 3rd. On this court, matches will start at 07:00, which is still pretty early! And concerning the WTA China Open order of play, Court 2 will host the following two doubles matches:

  • Hunter/Mertens vs Chan/Olmos
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo vs Wang/Yuan

WTA China Open order of play 2023 – Monday, October 2nd

We’ve officially completed the first full day of the 2023 WTA China Open. Of course, this means that the full WTA China Open schedule for Monday, October 2nd, is now available. And as expected for each of these opening days of the tournament, there are some great lineups spread across the three designated courts. So if you are interested in reading through the full WTA China Open order of play for October 2nd, let me point you towards the sections shared below.

Diamond Court

Looking ahead to the WTA China Open schedule for the main court on Monday, it’s a great lineup. There are two high-profile players set to compete on the Diamond Court on October 2nd, and these are mixed in with three ATP China Open matches too. As for the lineup, please see the matches here:

  • ATP Match
  • ATP Match
  • Ekaterina Alexandrova vs Coco Gauff
  • Qinwen Zheng vs Elena Rybakina
  • ATP Match

Lotus Court

While the Diamond Court is set to host predominantly ATP China Open matches, the order of play for the Lotus Court consists mainly of women’s matches. Therefore, the WTA China Open schedule is arguably more appealing for this court than others, as reflected in the following lineup:

  • Lesia Tsurenko vs Lin Zhu
  • Sara Sorribes Tormo vs Iga Swiatek
  • Ashlyn Krueger vs Ons Jabeur
  • TBD vs Liudmila Samsonova
  • ATP Match

Moon Court

The Moon Court makes up one of just three courts that will host 100% WTA China Open matches on October 2nd. As for the WTA China Open schedule for this arena, it consists of three singles matches and one doubles match. Check out the full schedule here to see what’s coming up:

  • Xinyu Wang vs Vera Zvonareva
  • Yue Yuan vs Jasmine Paolini
  • Magda Linette vs Jennifer Brady
  • Guo/Jiang vs Paolini/Sherif

Brad Drewett Court

The two singles matches that are scheduled for the Brad Drewett Court on Monday should be pretty intriguing games. Better yet, the WTA China Open schedule shows that the women’s singles matches are on first, and these are followed by two men’s doubles matches. As for the players and lineups, I’ve listed them here:

  • Kateryna Baindl vs Caroline Garcia
  • Mayar Sherif vs Daria Kasatkina
  • ATP Match
  • ATP Match

Court 2

Court 2 is the second of three courts that will only host WTA China Open matches, as per the latest schedule. The court has a perfect blend of singles and doubles matches too, as you can see in the following WTA China Open order of play:

  • Anhelina Kalinina vs Daria Saville
  • TBD vs Jelena Ostapenko
  • Danilina/Panova vs Haddad Maia/Kudermetova
  • Wang/Yuan vs Kichenok/Ostapenko

Court 6

The final court that will entertain fans on Monday with WTA matches is Court 6. And in unique fashion, the WTA China Open schedule for this court shows solely doubles matches – please see the lineup here for a breakdown:

  • Kalashnikova/Kolodziejova vs Melichar-Martinez/Perez
  • Cirstea/Mattek-Sands vs Chan/Olmos
  • Siegemund/Zvonareva vs Kato/Sutjiadi
  • Gamarra Martins/Stefani vs Chan/Sizikova

2023 WTA China Open order of play for Sunday, October 1st

The first full day of tennis concerning the WTA China Open schedule is about to commence. As you can see, it’s going to be a great day of tennis in Beijing on Sunday, October 1st, and I’m excited to watch the very top players in action. Names like Sabalenka, Haddad Maia, Kvitotva, Ostapenko, and several others can be seen in the official WTA China Open order of play on certain courts. And since these are some of the very highest seeds in the tournament, the level of tennis surely won’t disappoint. 

As for when you can tune in for these games, the matches should begin at approximately 05:30 UK time for most of the listed courts. However, the one exception relates to the Lotus Court, where play will commence at around 04:00 UK time. Furthermore, if you thought that the WTA China Open schedule would host just top-level singles matches on Sunday, October 1st, I’ve got good news to share. The WTA China Open doubles event is also set to kick into gear on Sunday, and there is one court that is solely reserved for the opening rounds of this doubles competition.

Therefore, the WTA China Open schedule has a great mix of singles and doubles games for the very first day in October. And as a nice, diverse twist, many of the matches involve qualifiers and wildcards too. So if you do tune in to watch these games, I am confident that you will be delighted with the standard of tennis on show. 

As for the exact schedule for the day, please see this for each individual court in the following sections.

Diamond Court

For the Diamond Court on Sunday, there are five scheduled matches and three of them are WTA singles games, as identified below:

  • Marketa Vondrousova vs Anhelina Kalinina
  • Aryna Sabalenka vs Sofia Kenin
  • ATP Match
  • ATP Match
  • Petra Kvitova vs Xiyu Wang

Lotus Court

The Lotus Court will also host three WTA singles matches as per the WTA China Open schedule on Sunday, and the individual games can be viewed here:

  • Jasmine Paolini vs Beatriz Haddad Maia
  • ATP Match
  • ATP Match
  • Fangran Tian vs Linda Noskova
  • Barbora Krejcikova vs Mirra Andreeva

Moon Court

Moon Court is set to purely host WTA matches on October 1st, which is different from the Lotus and Diamond Court shown above. Check out the four matches right here:

  • Alycia Parks vs Liudmila Samsonova
  • Jennifer Brady vs Peyton Stearns
  • Eva Lys vs Jelena Ostapenko
  • Magdalena Frech vs Katie Boulter

Brad Drewett Court

The Brad Drewett Court has the same number of matches as both the Diamond and Lotus Court, and the following games will be played one after the other:

  • Daria Saville vs Katerina Siniakova
  • Marie Bouzkova vs Yulia Putintseva
  • Linda Fruhvirtova vs Arantxa Rus

Court 6

Last but not least, Court 6 shows a fantastic WTA China Open order of play for Sunday, with the following four doubles matches set to be played:

  • Mihalikova/Xu vs Krawczyk/Schuurs
  • Kichenok/Niculescu vs Aoyama/Shibahara
  • Parks/Wickmayer vs Garcia/Mladenovic
  • Linette/Stearns vs Cocciaretto/Trevisan

2023 WTA China Open schedule – the tournament as a whole

If you check out the main WTA calendar for the 2023 season, you’ll realize that this is the final 1000-level event of the year. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that all of the game’s biggest names are set to compete in Beijing this week. On that note, in terms of when you can expect these players to be in action, they could be playing at any point from September 30th onwards. In line with the 2023 WTA China Open schedule, this tournament will be played from Saturday, September 30th through to Sunday, October 8th. 

Of course, this 10-day period also keeps in line with the extension of 1000-level events in the 2023 season, which seems to be working well. Additionally, you can expect both the singles and WTA China Open doubles competitions to be running throughout this period. And in order to stay updated with each event, I encourage you to track the WTA China Open order of play between September 30th and October 8th.

To stress once again, I will be providing daily updates with respect to the order of play on each individual day of the tournament. Therefore, this is the best way to track the progress of things like the WTA China Open seeds, wildcards, qualifiers, as well as your favorite players. Yet when it comes to the scheduled matches with each passing day, we need to get a little more specific.

WTA China Open order of play – daily updates and what to expect

At this point, you should be aware that the WTA China Open schedule covers the period of Saturday, September 30th until the finals day, set to be held on Sunday, October 8th. This gives us a solid period of time in which some of the highest levels of tennis will be put on show for us all to enjoy. However, as promised above, I wish to make you aware of a few key details concerning the WTA China Open order of play before we get into the thick of things. 

WTA China Open schedule – day by day

Before I cover the order of play specifics, I feel it’s beneficial to also provide a blow-by-blow for the WTA China Open schedule. That’s because there are certain days where the matches and rounds overlap, especially with each day being split into day and night sessions. Therefore, please see the full schedule breakdown below:

  • Qualifying & Round 1 – September 30th
  • Round 1 Continued – October 1st & 2nd
  • Round 2 – October 2nd & 3rd
  • Rounds 2 & 3 – October 4th
  • Round 3 Only – October 5th
  • Quarter-finals – October 6th
  • Semi-finals – October 7th
  • Finals – October 8th

When to expect the WTA China Open order of play updates

Although I’ve guaranteed daily updates with respect to the WTA China Open order of play, due to the seven-hour time difference, tuning in for these updates at the right time is critical. On that note, since the daily schedule is typically released once the matches have concluded for any individual day, I believe that these updates will be published in the afternoon – every day. Because of that, again, I encourage you to check this page regularly (especially in the afternoon) for the exact WTA China Open order of play for the following day.

FAQs – WTA China Open schedule 2023

Do all of the players involved start the tournament on the same day?

No. As it happens, the four players who have reached the semi-finals of the Japan Open will all start a day or two after the rest.

Is it possible to watch the matches that are listed on the WTA China Open order of play?

Absolutely. Simply take a look at our rundown of the best WTA China Open live streaming options for clarity on this.

Will the tournament follow the provisional WTA China Open schedule outlined here?

Yes – unless there are disruptions as a result of weather or long matches that require subtle adjustments to the schedule.

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