Wimbledon 2023 Schedule: Everything you need to know

There are few events in the tennis calendar that pull in the viewing figures that Wimbledon does. Here we look at everything you need to know about the event as we talk through the Wimbledon schedule. We’ll be covering the events from day one all the way through to the final event; you won’t want to miss out either because, for the first time ever, the action will unfold over a full fortnight.

Right, let’s dive into the Wimbledon schedule

Wimbledon 2022 schedule

Day One: Monday 27th June

The Wimbledon schedule kicks off with the men’s and women’s singles opening round.

Day Two: Tuesday 28th June

Day two sees a continuation of the first round clashes for both the men and women.

Day Three: Wednesday 29th June

By day three, things are already starting to get hectic. The gender specific doubles tournament kicks off with the first round ties whilst those players who made it through their respective singles first round matchups will begin vying for a third round spot.

Day Four: Thursday 30th June

On day four the men’s and women’s second round single and double matches continue. By the end of this day, the third round draw (singles) and second round draw (doubles) will be known.

Day Five: Friday 1st July

Day five of the Wimbledon 2022 schedule sees three competitions enter full swing. The respective second and third rounds get underway for the men’s and women’s singles and doubles. The other event that begins here is the mixed doubles.

Day Six: Saturday 2nd July

The first weekend of Wimbledon arrives with a bang. Saturday brings the third round singles matches, the second round doubles, the last of the mixed doubles first round and the opening of the boys’ and girls’ singles tournament.

Day Seven: Sunday 3rd July

Sunday picks up where Saturday ended. The men’s and women’s pools are starting to reduce as round four begins whilst all the adult doubles competitions enter the round of 16 stages. The boys’ and girls’ singles opening round continues.

Day Eight: Monday 4th July

The start of the second week sees the men and women vying for a quarter-final spot in both the singles and doubles competitions. The mixed doubles last eight will be decided as well and the girls’ singles and boys’ double contests will continue.

Day Nine: Tuesday 5th July

Day nine sees Wimbledon’s first semi-final arrive in the shape of the mixed doubles. Men and women will do battle in their quarter-finals for a semi’s spot in both singles and doubles. The girls’ singles second round will take place too along with the beginning of the boys’ doubles competition.

Wimbledon 2022 schedule

Day 10: Wednesday 6th July

Another day of quarter-final action awaits for those still standing in the men’s and women’s – that’s true of the singles and doubles. All of the boys’ and girls’ tournaments enter the round of 16 stages and the doubles invitational kicks off as well.

Day 11: Thursday 7th July

Boom! The first Wimbledon final arrives on day 11 with the mixed doubles trophy on the line. The ladies will battle it out for a final spot in the singles semi-finals whilst the gents are at the same stage of their doubles tournament. The boys’, girls’ and wheelchair users’ competitions are all at the quarter-final stage.

Day 12: Friday 8th July

Friday 8th July is a day loaded with semi-final matchups. The men’s singles go to war for a spot in the final, and the lady’s doubles competition is at the same stage. You also have the singles wheelchair and quad wheelchair doubles semi take place alongside a host of more junior events.

Day 13: Saturday 9th July

The penultimate day is loaded. You’ve got a raft of boys and girls partaking in finals of different events, then there is the ladies wheelchair final, the gents’ wheelchair semi-final, the quad wheelchair singles semi-final and, the two highlights of the day, the ladies singles final and the men’s doubles final.

Day 14: Sunday 10th July

Finally, we come to the last day of the Wimbledon 2022 schedule. There is no denying the standout match here with the men’s singles final although the lady’s doubles showpiece game isn’t too far behind. Beyond that, it’s much like the Saturday with youngsters playing out their finals and the men’s and quad wheelchair finals completing a hectic but, likely to be, a memorable fortnight of tennis.