Wimbledon 2023 Schedule and Order of Play – Updated Daily

Hoping to keep your finger on the pulse concerning the Wimbledon 2023 schedule? You’ve come to the right place. Right here, I shall be giving you the Wimbledon order of play for all 14 days of the tournament. I will also be covering the various details that coincide with the Wimbledon schedule. 

Wimbledon schedule

This includes elements like the draw, information on upcoming rounds, and so much more. So if this is of interest to you for the 2023 Wimbledon Championships, keep reading.

Wimbledon Order of Play – Sunday, July 16th


Today is the final installment of my daily updates concerning the Wimbledon 2023 schedule. At this point, the bulk of the main events have come to a close, yet we still have the women’s doubles and men’s singles to come this afternoon. Of course, the main attraction is the potential blockbuster between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, which is coming up on Centre Court. Yet with Hunter/Mertens vs Su-Wei/Strycova also featuring on Centre Court today, the schedule is looking rather exciting! 

With this said, while the most appealing matches are in the Wimbledon order of play for Centre Court, Court 1 spectators will also be treated to some top-notch tennis. So if you have tickets for either of the Wimbledon show courts for the final of the Championships, I have a feeling you will have a fantastic day out. But if you are simply settling in to watch these games unfold at home, you are still guaranteed some pretty awesome entertainment. 

Anyway, you are no doubt eager to see how the Wimbledon schedule is looking for the last day of the tournament, so let me show you.

Centre Court

As I’ve mentioned above, the main attraction on Centre Court today is obviously the historical game between Djokovic and Alcaraz. These guys will open the play on Centre Court today, and it’s the final that we all wanted to see. Alcaraz, while seeded above Djokovic, is by no means the favourite to take the win. After all, he is facing the 7-time Wimbledon champion. Yet if anyone can snap the Djokovic streak, one has to assume that the man who has the ability is Carlos Alcaraz.

This huge singles game is then followed by the women’s doubles final, which should also be a very entertaining match to watch. As for the exact Wimbledon schedule for Centre Court, I’ve shared the matches, players, seeds, and start times here:

  • Alcaraz (1) vs Djokovic (2)
  • Hunter/Mertens (3) vs Su-Wei/Strycova (PR)

Just so you are in the know, the men’s singles final will begin at 14:00, more or less. I say ‘more or less’ as this is the time that the players actually enter the court. After that, there are the formalities like the coin toss, finals photographs, etc. So really, it will probably start at around 14:15, and then the women’s doubles final follows after the trophy ceremony.

Court 1

Most eyes will inevitably be on Centre Court this afternoon. But this doesn’t mean that Court 1 has been ignored – far from it. As the Wimbledon organizers typically do with each year, they’ve reserved several finals for Court 1 from the alternative events played in 2023. On that note, please see the exact Wimbledon order of play for Court 1 for the final day of the Championships right here:

  • Oda vs Hewett (2)
  • Searle vs Demin (5)
  • Bryan/Bryan vs Blake/Hewitt

As per the updated Wimbledon schedule, Court 1 will host the wheelchair men’s singles final, boys’ singles final, and the men’s invitational doubles final – in that exact order. And as a reminder, play will start on this court at 11 AM today, unlike the 14:00 start on Centre Court.

Wimbledon Schedule & Order of Play – Saturday, July 15th

It’s time for women’s finals day at Wimbledon 2023! What a tournament it has been to reach this stage, and later today, one of the two competitors in the final will lift the Wimbledon trophy for the very first time in their careers. Naturally, both will be full of nerves when waking up this morning, and they will need to overcome these nerves to perform in the final this afternoon. However, while this is the spotlight match today, it isn’t the only match listed in the Wimbledon order of play for Saturday, July 15th.

In addition to the Wimbledon women’s singles final, there is also the men’s doubles final. And as some exciting extras, you’ve got the wheelchair singles semi-finals, the wheelchair doubles final, more invitational doubles matches, and the semi-finals of the junior events too. So as you can see, the Wimbledon schedule is packed for the first of two finals days. As for the exact Wimbledon 2023 schedule for today, let me share the specifics right now.

Centre Court

Centre Court will have an immense buzz about it today, as two finals are set to be played on this court this afternoon. Here is the exact Wimbledon order of play for Centre Court for reference:

  • Vondrousova vs Jabeur (6)
  • Koolhof/Skupski (1) vs Granollers/Zeballos (15)

Unlike previous days where play would start at 13:30 on Centre Court, today, play will start at 14:00. As you can see, it’s the women’s singles final that will be played first, and this will be a very interesting clash, in my opinion. Ons Jabeur is playing in her second Wimbledon final in as many years, and she’s already beaten last year’s champion to make it here. This was a complete reversal of what happened in the Wimbledon final last year. As for her opponent, amazingly, before this year, Vondrousova had never been beyond the 2nd round of Wimbledon.

So it’s a complete contrast in terms of experience, which makes for a potential classic. And following the women’s singles final, we have the men’s doubles final. Of course, the number 1 seeds will have full support from the British crowd, and they are the likely victors. But as we all know with doubles, anything can happen.

Court 1

As referenced above, Court 1 won’t host the main finals matches today, but it will still host some great games across three different events. These include the men’s wheelchair singles, women’s invitational doubles, and men’s wheelchair doubles, respectively. The Wimbledon order of play for this court can be viewed below, and interestingly, play is set to begin at 11 AM for this court today.

  • De La Puente vs Hewett (2)
  • Black/Wozniacki vs O’Brien/Radwanska
  • Hewett/Reid (1) vs Miki/Oda

Wimbledon 2023 Schedule – Friday, July 14th

Can you believe it? There are just three days left of the 2023 Wimbledon Championships. It seems that the tournament has gone by in a flash, and with just three days left, this means we’ve hit the most important stages across all events. Of course, following the completion of the Wimbledon women’s singles semi-finals yesterday, that event is now officially at the finals stage. And today, with both of the men’s semi-final matches on the Wimbledon order of play, this event will soon follow.

It’s not just the singles events that are in the spotlight today, however. On top of the singles semi-finals, there are also the women’s doubles semi-finals to be played, as well as the semi-finals for the junior tournaments too. Anyway, we shall be sticking with the main events for this report on the Wimbledon schedule. And on that note, let’s get into the Wimbledon order of play for Friday, July 14th, right now.

Centre Court

Centre Court is definitely ‘where it’s at’ today, as has been the case for a couple of days now. Both of the men’s singles semi-finals are due to be played on Centre Court, and play is set to start at 13:30. As for the order of play for these semi-final matches, please see the matches below:

  • Sinner (8) vs Djokovic (2)
  • Alcaraz (1) vs Medvedev (3)

Both of these matches, while obviously the same in terms of the stage of the tournament, are actually very different. For Sinner vs Djokovic, this is a repeat of their battle from the tournament last year – a match where Sinner led 2-0 in sets. So naturally, fans are rather excited about another installment of this one. As for Alcaraz vs Medvedev, neither of these guys has been in a Wimbledon semi-final before.

This means that nerves and drama are inevitable, and Alcaraz will need to handle the pressure of being the favourite here. 

Court 1

Moving to Court 1, since both of the men’s singles matches are set for Centre Court, this means that Court 1 will host doubles matches only. Specifically, it will host both of the women’s doubles semi-finals, as well as an invitational doubles match. Here is the full lineup so that you know what to expect from Court 1 today:

  • Dolehide/Zhang (16) vs Hunter/Mertens (3)
  • Su-Wei/Strycova (PR) vs Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo
  • Clijsters/Hingis vs Konta/Mirza

Wimbledon Order of Play – Thursday, July 13th

We’ve now come to the point in the tournament where the pressure becomes enormous for the players left in the draw. I say this as Thursday, July 13th, marks the beginning of the semi-finals for multiple events. This includes the women’s singles, which will be the feature events on Centre Court today. But it also includes the men’s doubles semi-finals and wheelchair doubles semi-finals. As for the other events, these have reached at least the quarter-final stages. Therefore, the remaining players who are still finding a spot in the Wimbledon order of play at this point have clearly had a fantastic tournament.

With that said, only a select few will make it beyond the quarter-finals and semi-finals to achieve the chance of playing for a Wimbledon title. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s get back to the Wimbledon schedule for today’s games and discuss the upcoming matches in further detail.

Centre Court

Because we are very much at the business end of the tournament, Centre Court is now typically the main court for the biggest matches. In fact, Centre Court is hosting both of the women’s singles semi-finals today, while Court 1 does not have one singles match in the lineup. And given that you might have an idea of who is involved in the semi-finals today, let me simply reveal the schedule rather than introducing the players:

  • Svitolina vs Vondrousova
  • Jabeur (6) vs Sabalenka (2)

First up on Centre Court, it’s Svitolina vs Vondrousova. Of course, Svitolina put out the world number one in the previous round, and her miraculous run since having her first child doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And since she faces an unseeded opponent today, she will fancy her chances. 

As for the next match, this is the big one in many tennis fans’ eyes. It’s last year’s runner-up, Ons Jabeur taking on Aryna Sabalenka. There is more than just a Wimbledon final on the line for Sabalenka too. If she wins, she will become the world number one, taking over Iga Swiatek for the first time ever.

Court 1

Court 1 might not have any singles matches in the Wimbledon order of play for today, but it’s still loaded with great games. You can view the full schedule below, and as a reminder, play will begin at roughly 13:00 on Court 1.

  • Krawietz/Puetz (10) vs Granollers/Zeballos (15)
  • Koolhof/Skupski (1) vs Bopanna/Ebden (6)
  • Hewett/Reid (1) vs De La Puente/Fernandez
  • King/Shvedova vs Black/Wozniacki

The first two matches should be absolute crackers since these are the men’s doubles semi-finals. These games are followed by the Wimbledon wheelchair doubles semi-finals for the men, and play wraps up with the women’s invitational doubles – an event reserved for those who receive the golden invite from tournament organizers.

Wimbledon 2023 Schedule – Wednesday, July 12th

Ready for more quarter-final action today? There are four quarter-final singles matches on the Wimbledon schedule for Wednesday, July 12th. These are split between the two show courts, meaning Centre Court and Court 1. And this is a pattern that we will see for the remainder of the Wimbledon Championships for 2023. Aside from these show courts, there are many doubles matches, juniors, and even invitational doubles matches going on around the grounds today. 

With all of this combined, it’s clear that we are locked in for another great day of tennis at the All England Club. So what is the exact Wimbledon schedule for today and what can we expect from the respective matches? Let me take you through the schedule now.

Centre Court

In an exact copy of the schedule from yesterday, Centre Court will host a women’s singles match followed by a men’s singles match. Of course, these are both quarter-final matches, and here’s how things are looking concerning the Wimbledon order of play:

  • Jabeur (6) vs Rybakina (3)
  • Alcaraz (1) vs Rune (6)

The first match should be a real thriller, as it is a repeat of the Wimbledon women’s singles final from last year. As you might recall, Rybakina came from a set down to beat Jabeur in that match, yet who knows how this one might go today. And following the women’s singles, we have Alcaraz vs Rune to look forward to. This is a battle of the young guns, and it’s the first time that either of these guys has made the quarter-finals of Wimbledon. 

Therefore, we can expect a fair few nerves, as well as some great tennis from this match.

Court 1

Court 1 will kick off today with a contest of big-hitting baseliners in what promises to be an entertaining quarter-final match. After this game, there is a complete contrast in styles for the second of the men’s quarter-finals. Here are the players involved:

  • Keys (25) vs Sabalenka (2)
  • Medvedev (3) vs Eubanks

In my opinion, Madison Keys has the potential to beat Sabalenka on the grass. She’s a simply huge hitter of the ball, and if she gets confident, she could definitely trouble Sabalenka in this match. As for Medvedev vs Eubanks, you’ve got Medvedev as an absolute grinder from the baseline going up against Eubanks, who prefers the kamikaze route on grass. 

Because of this contrast in styles, the second match on Court 1 today could be very interesting indeed.

Wimbledon Order of Play – Tuesday, July 11th

Today marks the beginning of the quarter-final matches for Wimbledon 2023. The first quarter-finals for the women’s singles and men’s singles will take place this afternoon. Additionally, a few extra events such as the women’s invitational doubles, boy’s doubles, and girl’s doubles feature in the Wimbledon schedule today too. And just as a reminder, play will begin on the show courts at around 13:30, while the outdoor courts are set to commence at 11 AM. 

Some of these courts feature as many as five matches too, so if you are planning on watching the tennis today, you will get plenty of it. As for the exact Wimbledon order of play, let me take you through a quick guide before the action begins. 

Centre Court

Because the quarter-finals are starting today, the scheduled games on the show courts aren’t as great in number as they have been. In fact, Centre Court has just two matches scheduled to be played today, as displayed here:

  • Swiatek (1) vs Svitolina
  • Rublev (7) vs Djokovic (2)

As you can see, play is set to open on Centre Court with Iga Swiatek taking on Elina Svitolina. Swiatek is bidding to make the semi-finals at Wimbledon for the first time in her career, whereas Svitolina will be hoping to keep her miraculous return to the tour alive. In fact, if Svitolina wins, she will match her career best of making the semi-finals at Wimbledon in 2019.

This match is followed by Djokovic vs Rublev, which should be a very entertaining game. Djokovic has been destroying the tournament so far, as he tends to do at Wimbledon. And Rublev is now in a position to try and make it beyond the quarter-finals in a Grand Slam for the first time ever. 

Court 1

In a mirror image of the schedule for Centre Court today, there is one women’s singles game and one men’s singles game. Here is the Wimbledon order of play for Court 1 to be specific:

  • Pegula (4) vs Vondrousova
  • Sinner (8) vs Safiullin
  • Clijsters/Hingis vs Schiavone/Vinci

Play begins on Court 1 today with Pegula taking on Vondrousova, and in my opinion, Jessica Pegula is a dark horse to win the whole thing. She’s playing great tennis, and she’s already surpassed her career best at Wimbledon. Of course, this match is backed up by Sinner vs Safiullin. On paper, Sinner is a huge favourite, but Safiullin is obviously in the quarter-finals for a reason. 

The Wimbledon schedule for Court 1 finishes with an invitational doubles game, which should be great fun to watch.

Wimbledon Schedule 2023 – Monday, July 10th

The time has arrived when we are officially into the second week of the Wimbledon 2023 Championships. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already enjoyed a week’s worth of tennis at the All England Lawn Tennis Club. And while yes, we are officially halfway through the tournament, there is still a load of tennis to be played. Furthermore, although the Wimbledon schedule might not be as packed with each passing day, the level of tennis and the overall excitement will be turning up a few notches in the second week.

This means that as tennis fans, we have plenty to look forward to as the various events reach their later stages. As for the Wimbledon order of play, take a look below to see what’s on the cards. 

Centre Court

The Wimbledon order of play today for Centre Court is nothing short of sensational. Play will open at 13:30 with last year’s champion taking on a talented Brazilian. And as we move through the day, the games just seem to get better and better. Below, I’ve listed all four matches that are due to be played on Centre Court today:

  • Haddad Maia (13) vs Rybakina (3)
  • Djokovic (2) vs Hurkacz (17) – To Finish
  • Jabeur (6) vs Kvitova (9)
  • Alcaraz (1) vs Berrettini 

Although each of these matches should be highly entertaining, I’d have to pick Alcaraz vs Berrettini as the absolute pinnacle. This has the potential to be a thriller, and Berrettini has the kind of game that could wipe out Alcaraz if the young Spaniard plays anything less than his best.

Court 1

The lineup for Court 1 is slightly less populated than Centre Court. However, this is purely the case because Djokovic will need to finish his game from last night, and he has been put on Centre Court to do this. Nevertheless, Court 1 is still set to host some cracking matches today, as identified in the following Wimbledon schedule:

  • Medvedev (3) vs Lehecka
  • Alexandrova (21) vs Sabalenka (2)
  • Dimitrov (21) vs Rune (6)

Just like I have done for Centre Court, if I had to choose one of these three matches to watch, I’d probably hold out for the final match of the day. Holger Rune is obviously a rising star in the men’s game, yet Dimitrov is producing some of his best tennis on the grass right now. Therefore, this could go right down to the wire.

Around the Grounds

Play will begin around the outdoor courts at Wimbledon today at approximately 11 AM. With that said, the majority of singles matches are now being scheduled for the show courts at Wimbledon, which is a contrast from last week. This means that most of the games taking place around the grounds today are either juniors or doubles events. Yet there are still two singles games that have been sent to the outdoor courts today, as shown here:

  • Keys (25) vs M. Andreeva – Court 2, 1st match
  • Eubanks vs Tsitsipas (5) – Court 2, 2nd match

Wimbledon Order of Play – Sunday, July 9th

We’ve now reached the middle Sunday of Wimbledon 2023. And boy, hasn’t the tournament moved quickly so far? We are already at the 4th round stages in many events, despite the rain delays experienced earlier in the week. Adding to that, in years gone by, we wouldn’t normally see any play on the middle Sunday. Yet Wimbledon organizers changed this a few years ago, which makes the Wimbledon schedule much better, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, there is plenty of tennis coming up today, including the junior events, singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and more. And you are no doubt ready to learn how the Wimbledon order of play is looking. Let me share the details with you right now.

Centre Court

Centre Court is due to host three matches today, and they could be very interesting indeed. Here is the full lineup for Centre Court, and as a reminder, play should start at around 13:30.

  • Rublev (7) vs Bublik (23)
  • Swiatek (1) vs Bencic (14)
  • Hurkacz (17) vs Djokovic (2)

Rublev vs Bublik should be an absolute thriller, as both of these guys are a little out there in the mentality department. As for the other two, you are guaranteed to see an immense level of tennis between Swiatek and Djokovic. 

Court 1

Court 1 will get underway at 13:00 today, and there are three matches on the Wimbledon schedule for this show court. This court might not host the very top seeds today, but the matches scheduled could be very close, and extremely dramatic. Here is the lineup in order of start to finish:

  • Pegula (4) vs Tsurenko
  • Sinner (8) vs Galan
  • Azarenka (19) vs Svitolina

Around the Grounds

Because we are now talking about the middle Sunday, the singles action on the outdoor courts starts to thin out somewhat. In fact, it’s mainly doubles and junior matches being played on these courts today. Yet there are still a few singles matches to look out for, and I’ve revealed the most enticing of them below:

  • Potapova (22) vs M. Andreeva – Court 3, 2nd match
  • Vondrousova vs Bouzkova (32) – Court 2, 1st match
  • Safiullin vs Shapovalov (26) – Court 2, 3rd match

For those who are interested in the doubles or junior matches, as mentioned above, the Wimbledon schedule is full of them for all of the other outdoor courts. Most have at least three matches scheduled too, which is pretty epic.

Wimbledon Schedule – Saturday, July 8th

We’re almost at the halfway point of the Wimbledon Championships for 2023. It’s been a cracking tournament so far, and now that many events are reaching the 3rd/4th round stages, things should only get better from here. With that said, the Wimbledon order of play for each day should get all the more exciting. This is already evident from the lineup for Saturday, July 8th, which I am about to run through right now.

Centre Court

Play is set to begin on Centre Court today at 13:30, as has been the case during the first week of Wimbledon 2023. And now that the schedule is somewhat back on track, the natural progression of the tournament has guaranteed another mouthwatering lineup. Here is the current Wimbledon schedule for Centre Court on Saturday, July 8th:

  • Alcaraz (1) vs Jarry
  • Jabeur (6) vs Andreescu
  • Boulter vs Rybakina (3)

If I had to take a pick for the key match from these three, I would pick Jabeur vs Andreescu. This could be a feisty clash, yet the Boulter vs Rybakina game should also be excellent since Boulter will have the home crowd on her side.

Court 1

As is traditional for Wimbledon, since there are two women’s matches set for Centre Court today, the lineup is reversed for Court 1. This means that there are two men’s matches and one women’s match, as you can see through the following schedule:

  • Medvedev (3) vs Fucsovics
  • Blinkova vs Sabalenka (2)
  • Zverev (19) vs Berrettini

Pretty much all of these matches have serious potential today, so for me, Court 1 is certainly one of the prime tickets you could get for Saturday, July 8th. 

Around the Grounds

Last but not least, let’s take a quick look at the Wimbledon schedule for the outdoor courts, as I’ve been doing each day so far. At this point, there are more and more doubles matches being played around the grounds. But this doesn’t mean that the outdoor courts will be any less entertaining than the show courts. And on that note, in terms of the most exciting matches based on the Wimbledon order of play, here is what you should look out for:

  • Tiafoe (10) vs Dimitrov (21) – Court 2, 3rd match
  • Davidovich Fokina (31) vs Rune (6) – Court 3, 2nd match
  • Kostyuk vs Keys (25) – Court 12, 2nd match
  • Galfi vs Alexandrova (21) – Court 18, 1st match

Wimbledon Order of Play – Friday, July 7th

Today at Wimbledon promises to be an absolute sizzler. This will be the hottest day of the tournament so far, and believe it or not – there isn’t any rain on the forecast. Finally, this means we might get somewhere close to being ‘on schedule’ as outlined in the provisional schedule before the tournament started. As for the events taking place, we have the men’s and women’s singles, of course. Yet today there will be other events joining the action including the men’s doubles, women’s doubles, as well as the mixed doubles. 

So this guarantees plenty of play combined with a varied lineup for the Wimbledon schedule today. With all of this in mind, if you are curious to check out the Wimbledon order of play for today, take a look through the key sections below.

Centre Court

Since Andy Murray didn’t finish his game against Stefanos Tsitsipas last night, technically speaking, there are four matches scheduled for Centre Court today. However, this means that only three of these matches are starting from scratch. And regarding the order of play for Centre Court, here’s what’s coming up:

  • Alcaraz (1) vs Muller
  • Murray vs Tsitsipas (5) – To Finish
  • Swiatek (1) vs Martic (30)
  • Wawrinka vs Djokovic (1)

Looking at this lineup, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more engaging and exciting lineup at any point throughout the Championships. Quite literally, every match scheduled today has something special to it, and given that it will be topped off with Djokovic vs Wawrinka, it cannot get better.

Court 1

Amazingly, there aren’t any matches scheduled for Court 1 today that have run over from yesterday. This is pretty much the first time since Wimbledon 2023 started that this is the case. As for the Wimbledon schedule for Court 1 today, the lineup is as follows:

  • Gracheva vs Sabalenka (2)
  • Norrie (12) vs Eubanks
  • Jabeur (6) vs Bai

The women’s singles are clearly dominating the schedule today for Court 1, and with multiple top seeds in action, this will be a great court to watch.

Around the Grounds

Now that you know what’s coming up for the show courts today, let’s turn our attention to the matches scheduled around the grounds. Of course, this is where the bulk of tennis will be played today, and the action should start at 11 AM. Furthermore, due to delays earlier in the week, some of the outdoor courts today have five matches in the schedule. And as I aim to do for each day of the tournament, I’ve shared the most enticing matches for you to watch below:

  • Musetti (14) vs Hurkacz (17)
  • Berrettini vs De Minaur (15)
  • Kubler vs Jarry (25)
  • Linette (23) vs Bencic (14)
  • Andreescu vs Kalinina (26)

Wimbledon 2023 Schedule – Thursday, July 6th

It’s been a rain-plagued start to the Wimbledon Championships 2023. This has caused matches to be halted mid-way through, and it’s caused quite a few games to be held over the course of a couple of days. Of course, this has caused major changes to the Wimbledon schedule and order of play over the last two or three days. Yet finally, it looks like we are getting some sort of relief from the weather, which means that Wimbledon may catch up on things heading into the weekend. Needless to say, this is something that the organizers have no doubt been praying for!

So – how is the Wimbledon order of play looking for Thursday, July 6th? Well, there are many second-round matches scheduled for both the men’s and women’s singles. And finally, the men’s doubles will get underway too, so there’s plenty happening at SW19 for the day ahead. As for the exact schedule, let me reveal how things look around the courts of the All England Club.

Centre Court

Centre Court has been a true saviour for the tournament so far, as the roof has enabled play to keep going despite the wet weather. In fact, Centre Court and Court 1 are the only two courts that have managed to keep up with the Wimbledon 2023 schedule over the first few days. And today, it’s a lineup full of British stars on Centre Court, as you can see below:

  • Broady vs Ruud (4)
  • Cornet vs Rybakina (3)
  • Murray vs Tsitsipas (5)

First up we have Liam Broady taking on Casper Ruud, and the Brit will be hoping to upset the odds and secure a win in front of his home crowd here. After that, we have Cornet against the defending champion, Rybakina. And let’s not forget, Cornet snapped Swiatek’s win streak at Wimbledon last year! Finally, it’s Murray vs Tsitsipas – arguably the pick of all the games scheduled for today.

Court 1

While Centre Court is a day for the Brits today, Court 1 is a day for the Americans. There are two American players in action on Centre Court today – Pegula and Stephens, and these two are playing back-to-back. As for the opener on Court 1, it’s the 19th seed, Alex Zverev, against the talented Dutchman, Gijs Bouwer. Here is the full schedule for reference:

  • Zverev (19) vs Brouwer
  • Stephens vs Vekic (20)
  • Pegula (4) vs Bucsa

Around the Grounds

The remaining courts at Wimbledon are full of other great matches, and the latter games also involve a few men’s doubles matches – well worth watching if you can. As for my pick of the matches on the outdoor courts, here are my viewing recommendations:

  • Rublev (7) vs Karatsev – Court 2, 2nd match
  • Medvedev (3) vs Mannarino – Court 2, 4th match
  • Davidovich Fokina (31) vs Fils – Court 10, 1st match
  • Kudermetova (12) vs Vondrousova – Court 15, 2nd match
  • Cirstea vs Ostapenko (17) – Court 16, 3rd match

Wimbledon Order of Play – Wednesday, July 5th

Let’s not sugarcoat things – yesterday at Wimbledon was a truly dreadful day weather-wise. The Wimbledon schedule was thrown into disarray due to almost zero play going down on the outdoor courts. This pushed a couple of matches that were left to complete onto Centre Court and Court 1, which are the only courts with a roof. However, there is good news ahead. The forecast for Wimbledon today is looking promising, which means that the Wimbledon order of play revealed here should be followed. 

Of course, we can’t make any guarantees about this. After all, it’s an outdoor tennis tournament played in the UK, so the weather always has a chance of spoiling the party. But assuming the weather holds, the schedule is jam-packed with some pretty exciting games. I say this because there are still many games left to finish from yesterday, and the number of matches has subsequently increased around the grounds.

This makes for a great day of tennis ahead, with many courts seeing five matches on the schedule. So what’s to come and how is the Wimbledon schedule looking for Wednesday, July 5th? Let me show you.

Centre Court

Centre Court play is set to begin at 13:30 today, as has been the case for the first couple of days as well. As for the schedule, there are two women’s singles matches followed by an interesting contest involving Novak Djokovic and a gritty Australian, Jordan Thompson. Here is the order of play for Centre Court for those who are planning on tuning in:

  • Kasatkina (11) vs Burrage
  • Swiatek (1) vs Sorribes Tormo
  • Thompson vs Djokovic (2)

Of course, with two of the top seeds scheduled to play on Centre Court today, those with tickets should be entertained by some top-level tennis.

Court 1

Play is set to start slightly earlier than Centre Court for Court 1, with 13:00 set as the scheduled start time. However, Court 1 still has just three matches on the cards. And as Wimbledon tends to do with the show courts, since Centre Court has two women’s and one men’s singles match, it’s been reversed here. This means that Court 1 has two men’s and one women’s singles matches on the schedule, and the order of play can be viewed below:

  • Medvedev (3) vs Fery
  • Watson vs Krejcikova (10)
  • Sinner (8) vs Schwartzman

Around the Grounds

As referenced above, many of the outdoor courts at Wimbledon today will host five matches in total. That’s because the schedule is already behind due to the rain from yesterday. On that note, not all of the scheduled matches are starting from scratch, as there are plenty of matches left to finish that were started yesterday. And concerning the top games you should take note of, I’ve shared them here:

  • Podoroska vs Azarenka (19) –  Court 2, 5th match
  • Rublev (7) vs Karatsev – Court 3, 5th match
  • Haddad Maia (13) vs Putintseva – Court 12, 1st match
  • Cecchinato vs Jarry (25) – Court 5, 4th match
  • Bublik (23) vs Wolf – Court 8, 5th match

Wimbledon Schedule 2023 – Tuesday, July 4th

Ready for another day of the 2023 Championships today? I’m sure that thousands of tennis fans heading into the grounds today are. And I’m certain that millions more will be tuning in to watch the matches on TV around the world. As for the Wimbledon order of play, as promised, I’ve checked out the full scope of what’s to come and shared the details for all right here. Of course, this includes the full schedule for the show courts and outdoor courts, also described as ‘around the grounds’.

But just be ready for a few interruptions if you are watching at Wimbledon or on TV, as unfortunately, the British weather isn’t looking all that great. Then again, let’s keep our fingers crossed that most of the following Wimbledon schedule comes through today.

Centre Court

The great thing about Centre Court when there is rain on the forecast is that it has a retractable roof. This means that even if there are a few showers around that prevent play on the outdoor courts, play will still continue on Centre Court. As for the Wimbledon order of play, here’s what’s on the cards today:

  • Rogers vs Rybakina (3)
  • Peniston vs Murray
  • Udvardy vs Sabalenka (2)

This is a solid lineup as you’ve got two players that could potentially win the title in the form of Sabalenka and Rybakina. And of course, Andy Murray is always going to be a fun watch at Wimbledon as he has won the tournament twice in his career.

Court 1

Much like Centre Court, Court 1 also has a retractable roof. Therefore, you are guaranteed to see three matches if you have a Court 1 ticket today. Additionally, for those who are keen on the men’s singles event, Court 1 is where it’s at today. There are two men’s matches and one women’s match, as reflected in the following schedule:

  • Alcaraz (1) vs Chardy
  • Jabeur (6) vs Frech
  • Norrie (12) vs Machac

Once again, this is a fantastic lineup with play opening with the most exciting prospect in the men’s game right now – Carlos Alcaraz. 

Around the Grounds

The bulk of the Wimbledon schedule is centered around the grounds today, as it always is for the first week of the tournament. Yet since there are too many matches to cover in detail, as I will be doing throughout the event, I’ve handpicked the top matches for you to tune in for. So without further ado, let me reveal the top games that will unfold around the grounds today:

  • Thiem vs Tsitsipas (5) – Court 2
  • Sakkari (8) vs Kostyuk – Court 3
  • Berrettini vs Sonego – Court 12
  • Davidovich Fokina (31) vs Fils – Court 4
  • Fucsovics vs Griekspoor (28) – Court 15
  • Minnen vs Ostapenko (17) – Court 14

These are the games that should be close contests if the respective players perform as they can. Additionally, some of the outdoor courts have an extra bonus today – weather permitting. Due to delays from yesterday, there are a few games left to the finish including Halys vs Evans, Fritz vs Hanfmann, Bautista Agut vs Safiullin, and several more.

Wimbledon Order of Play – Monday, July 3rd

The official Wimbledon schedule has been published for day one of the tournament. And looking at the scheduled matches, those who are visiting the Championships on day one are in for a treat. Of course, those who are watching on TV are also in for plenty of entertainment too. As for the specifics, since the defending champion, Novak Djokovic, is the number 2 seed this year, day one will host the bottom half of the men’s draw. This is to keep in line with Wimbledon tradition, meaning the men’s defending champion opens play on Centre Court.

In contrast, the Wimbledon order of play for day one will host purely top-half matches concerning the women’s singles draw. Furthermore, as I’m sure you know, the opening two days of Wimbledon are packed with the most matches you’ll get during the two-week event. That’s because the full 128-player draws for the men’s and women’s singles are in action. And as the tournament then progresses, this draw gets cut in half with each passing round.

Anyway, that’s enough about what you can expect from the Wimbledon schedule for today and tomorrow. Now, let me get specific concerning the order of play for the show courts and what’s coming up around the grounds.

Centre Court

As mentioned above, it’s a tradition of Wimbledon for play to open with the defending men’s champion on Centre Court. Therefore, Novak Djokovic is first up on Centre Court against Pedro Cachin. And according to the Wimbledon schedule, play should begin on Centre Court at 13:30, so make sure you tune in for that time if you wish to watch the 7-time champion get things started! As for the full schedule on Centre Court, here’s what’s coming up:

  • Djokovic (2) vs Cachin
  • V. Williams vs Svitolina
  • Sinner (8) vs J. Cerundolo

Venus Williams has snagged a wildcard into Wimbledon this year, and she will take on Svitolina in what should be a very entertaining first-round match. Finally, following the first two matches, it’s the big-hitting Italian against an Argentinian grinder in the form of Juan Manuel Cerundolo. 

Court 1

Just like the Wimbledon schedule for Centre Court, Court 1 has three matches scheduled for the opening day of the Championships. In contrast to the Centre Court order of play, however, Court 1 will host two women’s singles matches with a men’s singles match in the middle. Here is the schedule for Court 1 for those hoping to catch the action:

  • Swiatek (1) vs Zhu
  • Goffin vs Kyrgios (30)
  • Kenin vs Gauff (7)

I must admit, the lineup for Court 1 on Monday is fantastic. All three matches should lead to some pretty sublime tennis, and the unpredictable Aussie, Nick Kyrgios, is sure to get fans out of their seats!

Around the Grounds

Just to clarify, there are two other courts requiring tickets at Wimbledon this year – Court 2 and Court 3. But all other courts can be accessed with a grounds pass, which brings me to the Wimbledon order of play for the outdoor courts. Rather than giving you the complete schedule for all outdoor courts, however, I’ve given you my pick of the bunch for Monday, July 3rd:

  • Ruusuvuori vs Wawrinka – Court 18, 4th match
  • Moutet vs Gasquet – Court 4, 2nd match
  • Kecmanovic vs Schwartzman – Court 7, 3rd match
  • Linette (23) vs Teichmann – Court 17, 2nd match
  • Kudermetova (12) vs Kanepi – Court 18, 1st match

I’ve picked these matches as they have the potential to be very tight contests. Coinciding with this territory, the matches could well be very dramatic with plenty of ‘wow’ moments. So for me, these are the top games to consider watching around the grounds on day one.

Wimbledon Schedule – Event Introduction

As I’m sure you know, the 2023 edition of the Wimbledon Championships is right on our doorstep. Of course, the prestige of this tournament speaks for itself. It’s the third Grand Slam of the season, it’s the most traditional of all tournaments on tour, and it’s the one that all players want to win. However, while this is well known among tennis fans around the globe, there’s a chance that you haven’t yet observed the Wimbledon schedule for 2023.

Naturally, it’s important to be aware of this for several reasons. Firstly, if you are planning on attending the event by carrying any Wimbledon 2023 tickets, you’ll want to know what’s taking place on each day. Secondly, if you’re hoping to watch the action from home via any Wimbledon TV live streaming options, you’ll want to know what round and what players are involved when tuning in. And thirdly, by having a full event breakdown, you can make sure that you don’t miss your favourite players in action as the tournament progresses.

With this in mind and without further ado, I will now run through the full Wimbledon 2023 schedule.

Wimbledon 2023 Schedule – Tournament Breakdown

Wimbledon, like each of the three other Grand Slams that are played on tour, is a two-week event – once it gets to the main draw stage. However, the qualifying event is actually held from June 26th to June 29th. Incidentally, the Wimbledon draw will be made on Friday, June 30th, which is one day after the qualifying draw finishes. And if you want to be really specific, the Wimbledon draw is set to be made at 10 AM onwards at the All England Club. 

So within an hour or so after that, we will know exactly who has been placed where in the draw. This is true for both the men’s and women’s singles events. With that said, regardless of how the draw turns out, this will not have an impact on the Wimbledon schedule for 2023. This brings me to the main purpose of this particular section – to reveal the full overview of the Wimbledon schedule for the upcoming fortnight.

Monday, July 3rd

Monday, July 3rd, marks the beginning of the Wimbledon Championships for 2023. On this day, the men’s and women’s singles first-round matches will begin. And for those planning on attending, the opening day is wonderful for watching some tight matches on the outdoor courts.

Tuesday, July 4th

As the Wimbledon schedule moves to Tuesday, July 4th, the action will continue with first-round matches for the women’s and men’s singles. Of course, whichever side of the draw the tournament begins with on Monday, July 3rd, the opposing side of the draw will then unfold on Tuesday, July 4th.

Wednesday, July 5th

At this point, the men’s and women’s singles draws will have been cut from 128 players to just 64 in each event. This means we are at the 2nd round stage, and this is also when the 1st round matches begin for the men’s and women’s doubles tournaments. 

Thursday, July 6th

In a mirror image of the Wimbledon 2023 schedule for July 5th, this day will also host second-round singles matches. Thursday, July 6th, will also host a continuation of first-round matches for the Wimbledon doubles events. 

Friday, July 7th

On Friday, July 7th, the mixed doubles event will officially begin, with first rounds running for three straight days. The reason for this is that the mixed doubles has a smaller draw than the other events. In addition, this is the day that hosts the 3rd round for both singles events, while hosting the 2nd rounds for the doubles events too.

Saturday, July 8th

According to the Wimbledon 2023 schedule, the juniors will begin on this day. Accompanying the start of the junior tournaments, we will witness a continuation of 3rd round singles and 2nd round doubles matches. 

Sunday, July 9th

In years gone by, there would be no play on the middle Sunday. Yet this has changed in recent times, which is great for tennis fans. At this point, the singles events are at the 4th round stage, and the doubles events are also at the 3rd round stage. 

Monday, July 10th

Monday, July 10th, marks the beginning of week two. This day hosts the second day of 4th round matches for the singles tournaments. It also hosts the 2nd round of the junior events, as well as the mixed doubles quarter-finals. 

Tuesday, July 11th

The tournament starts to get very exciting from July 11th onwards. That’s because the singles and doubles events are now in the quarter-finals. Junior matches also continue on this day, while the mixed doubles semi-finals are played along with the start of the much-loved Wimbledon invitational doubles tournaments.

Wednesday, July 12th

Continuing on from yesterday, July 12th hosts the second day running of quarter-finals for the doubles and singles events. This is also the beginning of the Wimbledon wheelchair events too, while the junior doubles and singles competitions keep going too.

Thursday, July 13th

July 13th is the fork in the road in terms of the Wimbledon schedule being aligned between male and female events. On this day, the mixed doubles final will be held, as will the men’s doubles and women’s singles semi-finals. 

Friday, July 14th

In a bit of a flip-flop from the Wimbledon 2023 schedule for the day before, this day will see the men’s singles and women’s doubles semi-finals unfold. In fact, every single event is now at the semi-final stage when we reach Friday, July 14th.

Saturday, July 15th

Saturday, July 15th, marks the start of ‘finals weekend’ for the Wimbledon 2023 Championships. As for the finals played on this day, these include the women’s singles, men’s doubles, wheelchair doubles (men’s) and singles (women’s), as well as the junior doubles finals. Note that the junior girl’s final is played on this day too.

Sunday, July 16th

Finally, we come to the last day of the Wimbledon 2023 schedule. Much like you’ve just seen for Saturday, today hosts finals including the women’s doubles, men’s singles, wheelchair singles (men’s) and doubles (women’s), as well as the junior boy’s singles final. 

Wimbledon Schedule FAQs

When will I be able to see the Wimbledon order of play here?

I will be updating the Wimbledon order of play ahead of each of the 14 days of the tournament. 

Will there be changes in the Wimbledon 2023 schedule discussed here?

The schedule will only be changed if this provisional Wimbledon schedule must be adjusted because of weather interruptions.

What time does play begin for each day of the tournament?

Play is set to begin at 11 AM on the outdoor courts. As for the show courts, Centre Court play will start at 13:30 and Court 1 will start at 13:00.

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