Wimbledon 2023 Tickets – Where and How to Buy Them

Ever wondered how you can get your hands on Wimbledon tickets? This is a rather intriguing topic compared with others that we are covering such as the Wimbledon draw, Wimbledon schedule, and others that we are covering throughout the event. And I say that because Wimbledon has always ‘gone against the grain’ so to speak when it comes to their ticket purchasing process. To cut right to the chase, to get Wimbledon 2023 tickets, you cannot just go ahead and purchase them online – unless you are hoping to go to the Wimbledon qualifying event. For this part of the tournament, you can actually buy them online, although this process does not hold true when it comes to the main draw.

Wimbledon 2023 tickets

This is quite different from other Grand Slams. In fact, it’s totally different from most professional tournaments held around the world. Of course, this makes Wimbledon quite unique, and many believe that ticket sales are done in this manner to maintain the aura of exclusivity surrounding the club and the tournament. So, how exactly can you get Wimbledon 2023 tickets if you cannot just buy them online? 

That’s precisely what I will be answering below. 

The Different Methods of Obtaining Wimbledon Tickets Explained

As you’ve no doubt gleaned already, it’s not all that easy to snag a pair of Wimbledon tickets. And in recent years, it’s become even tougher since Wimbledon now limits sales to one pair of tickets per household. Once again, this is a method used to maintain the exclusivity of the event, in many people’s opinion. However, there are still several options out there that you can pursue, as discussed here.

Public Ballot & Ticket Returns

This is the method that most people use to try and grab a pair of Wimbledon tickets. Basically, the public ballot is an annual raffle-like system. As the name indicates, tennis fans can enter the public ballot in the hope that they are picked for a pair of tickets. If they are, the tickets can then be purchased prior to the event. But the catch with this is that you are obviously not guaranteed a pair of Wimbledon tickets. Additionally, you cannot pick the court or the day that you want to go. 

Note that for Wimbledon 2023 tickets, the public ballot has already been done. However, you can still check the Wimbledon tickets website to see whether tickets have been returned. If they have, you can go ahead and buy them, as long as you haven’t already purchased a pair for your household.

On-Site Ticket Resale

If you don’t get selected in the public ballot, and you are out of luck when checking the ticket returns, don’t panic. You’ve still got several options available to secure your Wimbledon tickets. In my experience, for those who want to watch the tennis but don’t particularly want to be there all day, the on-site ticket resale is perfect. If you live relatively close to the grounds, it can pay to get there and queue up in the afternoon for returned tickets. 

These are tickets that people have handed back in as they are leaving the grounds early. And you can often score stadium tickets this way for a fraction of the cost – result!

The Queue

Ah, the famous Wimbledon queue. This is one of the oldest traditions of the Wimbledon Championships, and it’s actually one of the best ways to get Wimbledon 2023 tickets. Essentially, if you are willing to wake up early and get to the grounds, you can join ‘the queue’ for tickets. Should you go down this avenue, as long as you are there relatively early, it’s almost a guarantee that you will be able to get at least a grounds pass. 

This is the ticket that lets you go around all of the outside courts (meaning most except the show courts). However, if you go and queue overnight so that you are near the front of the queue, you could get your hands on one of the 500 allocated premium seat tickets for the show courts.

FAQs – Wimbledon 2023 Tickets

How can I pay for my Wimbledon tickets if I get them?

You can pay for your Wimbledon tickets in whatever way you prefer. This can be with cash, debit/credit cards, or other methods.

Can I share my Wimbledon tickets with anyone?

If you get a pair of tickets, you must be attending as the named ticket holder. But you can share the other ticket with a friend or family member, of course.

How do I get the Wimbledon 2023 tickets if purchased online?

If you get them online you’ll need to download the My Wimbledon app. Your tickets with the QR code will then be added to the app closer to the day of your attendance. So in short, make sure you have the app downloaded and ready to go.

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