Wimbledon Doubles 2023: Contenders, Odds, and Predictions

The Wimbledon doubles event across multiple tournaments is always fun to watch. This year, much like previous years at Wimbledon, we have the men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles tournaments all taking place over the Wimbledon Championships fortnight. And since you’re here, you are in a prime position to read about the top contenders and outright odds, while also discovering a few predictions for each day of the tournament.

Wimbledon doubles 2023

Does that sound like the kind of Wimbledon 2023 doubles information you’ve been seeking? I would hope so. Therefore, let’s now begin with all you need to know concerning the Wimbledon doubles event for 2023.

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles Updates – Sunday, July 16th


The final day of Wimbledon 2023 is upon us, but now is not the time to be deflated. It’s been a truly awesome two weeks of tennis, and we’ve all been spoiled by some of the best matches of the entire year. And there are some fantastic matches still to come today, including the Wimbledon women’s doubles final between Hunter/Mertens and Su-Wei/Strycova. This is actually the last remaining Wimbledon doubles match out of the mixed, men’s, and women’s doubles tournaments. 

Needless to say, both pairings will be desperate to get over the line and secure the Wimbledon title. Yet before I share my predictions for this match, let’s take a quick look back at what went down in the Wimbledon 2023 doubles final for the men.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles – Tournament Wrap-Up

Britain has yet another Wimbledon winner! It was a success for the duo of Koolhof/Skupski in the Wimbledon doubles final yesterday. The number one seeds showed precisely why they went into the tournament as the top dogs. In a thrilling performance on Centre Court,  Koolhof/Skupski dispatched their opponents in straight sets, winning the Wimbledon men’s doubles title by a score of 6-4 6-4. Now, that looks pretty easy on paper, but the 15th seeds certainly played their part.

They just didn’t quite have the same sharpness, consistency, and to some degree, the same belief as the top seeds. And at the end of the day, these small margins can mean the difference between finishing as Wimbledon champions or as runners-up. 

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles – Finals Prediction

With the Wimbledon women’s doubles final upcoming today, this will be my final prediction of the 2023 Championships. However, because of the odds that are available for my final prediction, you could still cash in if this market pulls through. With that said, none of us can predict the future, of course. Yet we can certainly analyze the important facts and figures to create the ‘most likely’ result of this match, so here we go:

  • Hunter/Mertens (3rd seeds) to beat Su-Wei/Strycova (PR) – 8/13 Odds

If you look back through the recent rounds, Hunter/Mertens have been simply prolific. They won their quarter-final match with the loss of just 3 games. And they backed this up by winning the semi-finals with the loss of just 2 games. Not only that, these two haven’t lost more than 3 games in any match throughout the entire tournament! So they have to be the most likely winners, in my opinion.

Wimbledon Doubles Updates – Saturday, July 15th

There are just two matches left to play for the Wimbledon 2023 doubles events this year. As you’ve no doubt followed, these events are the final of the Wimbledon men’s doubles and the Wimbledon women’s doubles tournament. Both of the finals are set concerning the players who will compete for the respective titles. And it’s fair to say that the teams involved have played their hearts out to make it to this stage. 

With this said, there are still a couple of quick recaps and predictions for me to perform so that you are up to speed and informed ahead of the finals. So if you’re ready to learn the key details for both areas, simply check out the sections below.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles & Finals Predictions

Since my previous update from yesterday, nothing has changed concerning the players involved in the final, of course. However, I haven’t yet highlighted the potential outcome for the final, which will be played following the women’s singles final on Centre Court. And as a refresher of who is involved before sharing my prediction, here is the matchup for the final:

  • Koolhof/Skupski (1st seeds) vs Granollers/Zeballos (15th seeds)

Based on seeding alone, you’d assume that Koolhof/Skupski are the red-hot favourites going into the final today. With that said, while they are indeed the favourites, it’s not like this match will be a walk in the park. Granollers/Zeballos have played great tennis to reach this stage, especially in big moments such as third sets and tie-breakers. But at the end of the day, when it comes to an appropriate prediction for the Wimbledon men’s doubles final, I’ve got to go with Koolhof/Skupski.

At 3/5 odds, not only is that a decent price given their chances of winning, but I also believe that they have a bit too much in the tank for their opponents today. 

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles 

Coming back to the Wimbledon women’s doubles event, the semi-finals were contested yesterday. Ultimately, two pairings made it through to the finals, and these pairings include Hunter/Mertens and Su-Wei/Strycova. Let me show you the scores from their respective semi-finals to provide a bit more insight:

  • Hunter/Mertens (3rd seeds) beat Dolehide/Shuai 6-1 6-1
  • Su-Wei/Strycova (PR) beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo 6-4 6-1

As you can see, both semi-finals were pretty straightforward, and Hunter/Mertens are heading into this one as the favourites. And if you are hoping for a prediction ahead of this match, make sure you check out my predictions for Sunday, July 16th when they go live tomorrow morning.

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles Updates – Friday, July 14th

Following the mixed doubles final that was completed yesterday, one of the three major Wimbledon doubles events has officially come to a close. And in case you didn’t see the result of the final, the title went to the team of Kichenok/Pavic. This pair managed to recover after dropping an incredibly tight tie-break in the second set to win the Wimbledon mixed doubles in three sets. Yet while this event is now over, we still have the Wimbledon women’s doubles semi-finals to look forward to today.

As for the Wimbledon men’s doubles, this is now at the finals stage, and the final will be played tomorrow – Saturday, July 15th. So there is still some great tennis to tune into regarding both the Wimbledon 2023 doubles events for the men and women. Anyway, before I give my predictions on these events, let’s recap the action from Thursday, July 13th.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

Both of the men’s doubles semi-finals were played yesterday at Wimbledon. As it happens, both matches were wrapped up in straight sets too, which has now set up the designated teams who will play off for the Wimbledon title. With that said, the results didn’t go exactly as planned, as the higher-seeded pair in one of the semi-finals didn’t make it through. Then again, at this point in the tournament, seedings almost don’t count for anything, as the respective pairs obviously deserve to be in this round given their form and results.

Anyway, if you’re curious as to what the Wimbledon men’s doubles results were from yesterday, I’ve shared the scores below.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Skupski/Koolhof (1st seeds) beat Ebden/Bopanna (6th seeds) 7-5 6-4
  • Granollers/Zeballos (15th seeds) beat Puetz/Krawietz (10th seeds) 6-4 6-3

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

Because the Wimbledon doubles final for the women will be played on Sunday, July 16th, the semi-finals for this event will be played today. This is interesting as the Wimbledon women’s doubles event has been ahead of the men up until this point, meaning they’ve always been a round ahead. With that said, men’s doubles will be concluded before the women’s doubles. Yet we do not know who the finalists will be yet, as the two semi-finals are down to be played and completed on Court 1 today.

As for the respective matches, check out who is playing who right here:

  • Dolehide/Shuai (16th seeds) vs Hunter/Mertens (3rd seeds)
  • Su-Wei/Strycova (PR) vs Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo

Wimbledon Doubles Predictions Today

Since the mixed doubles has been completed, and the men’s doubles are now all set for the final tomorrow, this means there are just two matches to wager on today at Wimbledon. I mean this from the perspective of doubles competition only, however, the men’s singles semi-finals are obviously taking place too. As for the possible outcomes for these semi-final games, I’m shooting for the following:

  • Hunter/Mertens (3) to beat Dolehide/Shuai (16) – 1/4 Odds
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo to beat Su-Wei/Strycova – 17/10 Odds

Based on how Hunter/Mertens have been blitzing through the draw this year, I just can’t see the 16th seeds causing them any trouble. This is confirmed by the relatively short odds offered for this outcome. As for Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo to take the win against Su-Wei/Strycova, they seem to have reached a higher level with each passing round. And while they are not the favourites, they certainly have a shot at beating them, and the odds are far more appealing.

Wimbledon Doubles Updates – Thursday, July 13th

The semi-finals of the Wimbledon men’s doubles event are due to be played today. So to say that we are reaching the pivotal stages of the Wimbledon Championships seems appropriate. Beyond that, there are no Wimbledon women’s doubles scheduled for today – only the mixed doubles. Then again, this happens to be the mixed doubles final, which will obviously wrap up that event for 2023. 

Anyway, since my last update, which I supplied yesterday, some pretty interesting things have happened in the various Wimbledon doubles tournaments. Therefore, as I’ve done for each day of play, I’ve provided an update on both the men’s and women’s doubles events based on the changes since the previous update. And at the end of this update, I’ve jumped in with some predictions that you may wish to follow for the matches today.

There’s a fair bit to get through across the board, so let’s get started with a recap of both the Wimbledon 2023 doubles tournaments for the men and women.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

As noted above, the men’s doubles event has now reached the semi-final stage. This means we are edging ever closer to finding out who will win the Wimbledon men’s doubles tournament for 2023. In case you haven’t yet seen the draw, the semi-final matchups will see Puetz/Krawietz vs Granollers/Zeballos and Koolhof/Skupski vs Ebden/Bopanna. Of course, the men were also battling it out in the quarter-finals yesterday too, so let me reveal what you might have missed in the section below.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Skupski/Koolhof (1st seeds) beat Behar/Pavlasek in three sets
  • Ebden/Bopanna (6th seeds) beat Griekspoor/Stevens in three sets
  • Puetz/Krawietz (10th seeds) beat Murray/Venus (13th seeds) in straight sets
  • Granollers/Zeballos (15th seeds) beat Withrow/Lammons in straight sets

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

Concerning the Wimbledon women’s doubles matches from yesterday, the remaining two quarter-final matches were played. Of course, this confirmed who will now battle it out for a spot in the final. These semi-final matches will be played tomorrow (Friday, July 14th), and they will no doubt be scheduled for Centre Court – possibly Court 1 if there are any delays in the schedule for whatever reason. 

As for what you must catch up on from this event based on yesterday’s results, check out the event highlights below.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Sorribes Tormo/Bouzkova beat Zvonareva/Siegemund
  • Sanders/Mertens (3rd seeds) beat Bains/Lumsden

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles Predictions for Today’s Matches

For those of you that are looking to place a wager on the doubles matches today, this is the section for you. Just as a reminder, there are three key Wimbledon doubles matches due to be played today. This includes the mixed doubles final and Wimbledon men’s doubles semi-finals, for which I’ve given a prediction on each match here:

  • Koolhof/Skupski (1) to beat Bopanna/Ebden (6) – 8/15 Odds
  • Puetz/Krawietz (10) to beat Granollers/Zeballos (15) – 4/6 Odds
  • Kichenok/Pavic (7) to beat Xu/Vliegen – 3/5 Odds

For all three of these predictions, I am shooting for the pair that is seeded above their opponents. But there’s more to it than that. Koolhof/Skupski have looked sublime during this tournament, and they’ve played better and better with each passing round. Puetz/Krawietz have put down several seeds en route to the semi-finals too, which is why I feel they will beat Granollers/Zeballos. 

Lastly, for the mixed doubles final, based on the results in this event, Kichenok/Pavic have been more dominant and more consistent overall.

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles Updates – Wednesday, July 12th

The stakes are getting increasingly higher in the Wimbledon doubles tournaments this year. As we head into the second half of the draw for multiple events, the nerves will no doubt be kicking in. At the same time, the sense of what could really be achieved will start to become quite realistic for certain partnerships. After all, at this point, many of the Wimbledon 2023 doubles events are at the quarter-finals stage.

So at this point, pretty much anyone has a shot of lifting the trophy in their respective competitions. On that note, let’s take a quick look at the doubles results and key news from the previous day at Wimbledon. 

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

Based on the seedings for the Wimbledon men’s doubles, if all went to plan, we’d have 8 seeded players in the quarter-finals. However, just two of the top 8 seeds have made it this far, and this includes the 1st and 6th seeds, respectively. All others have been taken out, and I’d like to show you how the draw has radically changed based on certain results from yesterday. 

Check out the event highlights below for details of this:

Latest Event Highlights

  • Nys/Zielinski (4th seeds) beaten by Murray/Venus (13th seeds)
  • Mektic/Pavic (9th seeds) beaten by Behar/Pavlasek
  • Peers/Melo (16th seeds) beaten by Stevens/Griekspoor
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin (5th seeds) beaten by Kraietz/Putz (10th seeds)

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

As I’ve noted concerning previous updates for the Wimbledon women’s doubles, this event is a step ahead of the men. This means that two of the semi-finalists are already known following the results from yesterday. However, it also means that there are two quarter-finals left to play before we are officially left with the final 4 teams. And amazingly, at this stage, just one of the top 8 seeds is left – Hunter/Mertens (3rd seeds). 

This is quite remarkable, and to see how this has happened, you’ll need to be aware of the key events from yesterday at Wimbledon.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Gauff/Pegula (2nd seeds) beaten by Siegemund/Zvonareva
  • Stefani/Garcia beaten by Hsieh/Strycova
  • Minnen/Bondar beaten by Bouzková/Sorribes Tormo

Wimbledon Doubles Predictions Today

Sticking with the men’s and women’s doubles events at Wimbledon, as per the schedule, there are six quarter-final matches to be played today. This means there are six key matches to consider betting on. And on that note, I’ve come up with three predictions from these six matches based on likely outcomes and valuable odds for the respective markets. Check out my predictions for these matches here:

  • Granollers/Zeballos to beat Lammons/Withrow – 3/4 Odds
  • Murray/Venus to beat Krawietz/Putz – 7/10 Odds
  • Siegemund/Zvonareva to beat Bouzková/Sorribes Tormo – 3/4 Odds

With Granollers/Zeballos scraping by against a team that put out the number 2 seeds in the previous round, I feel they will be full of confidence when taking on the unseeded Americans. As for Murray/Venus, they produced a great performance to dispatch the 4th seeds in straight sets last round. And finally, I believe Siegemund/Zvonareva will win today because they smoked the 2nd seeds 6-3 6-3 to make the quarter-finals in their last round.

Wimbledon Doubles Updates – Tuesday, July 11th

With each passing day, the Wimbledon doubles tournaments keep marching on. This is true for the Wimbledon men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and the Wimbledon women’s doubles. And as we enter Tuesday, July 11th, we have made it to the 3rd and 4th rounds in most of these events. This means that a fair bit of tennis has been played already, but there is still plenty to come. Furthermore, as we reach the deeper rounds of each Wimbledon doubles event, the level of tennis will go up, as will the drama and possible upsets.

Anyway, if you haven’t tracked the results or major upsets from the previous 24 hours, let’s get to that before covering some red-hot predictions for the coming day.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

If you look at the broad overview of the Wimbledon doubles tournament for the men, there are clear gaps where underdogs could make a real run of things. Sure, some top seeds are still knocking around, but many big names have been taken out early. This is confirmed by the fact that many 3rd round games involve players that are either undeeded or in the tournament with a protected ranking. As for the key changes from yesterday, let me show you the event highlights.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Krajicek/Dodig (2nd seeds) beaten by Harris/Galloway
  • Martin/Mies (8th seeds) beaten by Pavlasek/Behar

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

The women’s doubles tournament is slightly ahead of the men’s doubles in terms of the stage that the event is at. Currently, we already know a bunch of pairs that have made it into the quarter-finals, and these pairs include the likes of Garcia/Stefani, Bains/Lumsden, and others. As for what went down at the All England Lawn Tennis Club yesterday, I’d like to share the event highlights with you.

Latest Event Highlights

  • Haddad Maia/Azarenka – Withdrew
  • Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo beat Chan/Chan (12th seeds)
  • Hsieh/Strycova beat Kato/Sutjiadi (13th seeds)
  • Vondrousova/Kolodziejova beat Ruse/Kostyuk (15th seeds)

Wimbledon Doubles Predictions Today

As a quick reminder, many doubles matches will start at 11 AM today at Wimbledon. All games are scheduled to be played on the outdoor courts. And when it comes to the most appropriate bets to make, I’ve come up with the following:

  • Galloway/Harris to beat Granollers/Zeballos – 9/5 Odds
  • Garcia/Stefani to beat Hsieh/Strycova – 21/20 Odds
  • Bondar/Minnen to beat Bouzkova/Sorribes Tormo – 29/20 Odds

After Galloway/Harris took out the number 2 seeds yesterday, I am seriously impressed with their level, which is why I’m shooting for them to win again today. As for Garcia/Stefani, they’ve already taken out the 6th seeds and reached the quarters with the loss of just one set. And finally, Bondar/Minnen dispatched the 5th seeds in the previous round, so I’m predicting that they will back this up by beating their unseeded opponents today.

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles Updates – Monday, July 10th

Despite all of the delays in the early stages of the Wimbledon doubles tournaments, it seems like we are almost back on track. And looking ahead to the Wimbledon order of play today, there are loads of doubles matches scheduled to be played on the outdoor courts. This includes a mix of Wimbledon men’s doubles matches, Wimbledon women’s doubles matches, and even mixed doubles games that are headlining some key courts as well.

For those of you who are interested, I’ve also shared my Wimbledon doubles predictions for some of the more intriguing matches today. These can be viewed after we have briefly recapped some of the changes concerning the major doubles tournaments over the last 24 hours.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

The Wimbledon men’s doubles draw is opening up nicely in certain sections. As of Monday, July 10th, several of the highest seeds have exited the tournament. However, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th seeds are still right there, and many of them are due to play today. There is even some British interest since Fearnley/Monday are set to take on the 6th seeds later this afternoon, and Samuel/Thomson are due to play the 5th seeds too.

Event Highlights

  • Glasspool/Mahut (11th seeds) beaten by Pel/Stalder (alternates)
  • Arevalo/Rojer (7th seeds) beaten by Lammons/Withrow

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

There were some pretty interesting results that flooded in on the middle Sunday concerning the Wimbledon women’s doubles. The 2nd seeds, Pegula/Gauff scraped through in three sets against Gamiz/Detiuc. And elsewhere in the draw, the Roland Garros runners-up, Fernandez/Townsend, suffered an upset at the hands of an unseeded duo. 

Event Highlights

  • Fernandez/Townsend (6th seeds) beaten by Garcia/Stefani
  • British Wildcards, Bains/Lumsden through to 3rd round

Wimbledon Doubles Predictions Today

I’ve analyzed the matches today and compared the odds to come up with what I believe to be three value picks ahead of the Wimbledon doubles games today. Check them out here:

  • Hijikata/Kubler to beat Koolhof/Skupski – 13/5 Odds
  • Gille/Vliegen to beat Arneodo/Weissborn – 4/9 Odds
  • Azarenka/Haddad Maia to beat Siegemund/Zvonareva – 1/3 Odds

I’m going for the Aussies to upset Koolhof/Skupski in the men’s doubles since they had a good first round and they are also Australian Open champions. Next, I’m picking the 12th seeds to take down Arneodo/Weissborn as they are higher ranked and more experienced. And finally, the 14th seeds, Azarenka/Haddad Maia, are far better from an all-around perspective than Siegemund/Zvonareva.

Wimbledon Doubles Updates – Saturday, July 8th

The various Wimbledon doubles events got off to a slow start in 2023. With a rain-plagued beginning to the tournament, the doubles events didn’t even begin until Thursday, July 6th. Initially, these events were supposed to begin on Wednesday, July 5th. Therefore, it goes without saying that there’s not been much to report on until the most recent 48-hour spell. 

Speaking of which, I’d like to provide a catch-up on all of the goings on surrounding the Wimbledon doubles tournaments so far.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles

As mentioned above, given the slow start to the championships, the Wimbledon men’s doubles event is still working its way through the opening rounds. In fact, there are still first-round matches being played today! As for some of the biggest stories so far, the largest of them all has to be the 3rd seeds losing in the opening round. 

The duo of Salisbury/Ram were dispatched in three sets to a pair of alternates, yet the other top seeds have either made it safely through or are yet to play.

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles

The story for the Wimbledon women’s doubles is the same as it is for the men. Currently, the event is at either the 1st or 2nd round stage, depending on which section of the draw you look at. And regarding the top stories, the 4th seeds, Melichar-Martinez/Perez, were taken out in round one by Alexandrova/Yang. Additionally, the 7th seeds, Ostapenko/Kichenok, were beaten in round 1 by the British wildcards, Dart/Watson.

Predictions for Upcoming Wimbledon Doubles Games

Now let’s get to the most exciting information – my predictions for the Wimbledon doubles matches scheduled over the next 24 hours. Without wasting any time, let me reveal my predictions and explain why I’ve gone for these markets:

  • Cabral/Matos to beat Broady/O’Mara – 11/10 Odds
  • Purcell/Thompson to beat Gonzalez/Molteni – 13/20 Odds
  • Alexandrova/Yang to beat Hsieh/Strycova – 13/5 Odds

I’ve picked Cabral/Matos to beat Broady/O’Mara because they are a far more experienced duo, and Broady could well be tired from his singles exploits. As for Purcell/Thompson, Purcell won the tournament last year, so that’s tough to argue against. And finally, Alexandrova/Yang took out the 4th seeds in round one, so they could easily replicate such an upset.

Wimbledon 2023 Doubles – Your Event Guide

Before any of the Wimbledon doubles action begins, it’s beneficial to have an overview of the event. This way you can be sure of things like the schedule, the draw sizes, the format for the individual events, and more. So without further ado, let me now cover these important areas for the Wimbledon 2023 doubles tournaments.

Draw Sizes

It goes without saying that the draw for the Wimbledon doubles events operate differently than the singles events. Of course, that’s because in doubles, you have pairs instead of individuals that are competing. On that note, the actual draw sizes for the main Wimbledon doubles tournaments can be viewed here:

  • Wimbledon Men’s Doubles – 64 pairs (128 players)
  • Wimbledon Women’s Doubles – 64 pairs (128 players)
  • Wimbledon Mixed Doubles – 32 pairs (64 players)

Wimbledon Doubles Format

Other than the size of the draw for these tournaments, it’s helpful to know about the format for the individual events. And yes, the formats across the board do work differently between doubles and singles, which is why I’d like to clear things up. For all doubles events this year, the best-of-three format will be used, with a championship tie-break played at 6-6 in the third set. For clarity, this is a tie-break that is played to 10 points instead of 7.

General Schedule

For those of you who are interested, the full Wimbledon schedule can be viewed by following the provided link. I will be updating the respective information shared there each day with things like the order of play – useful to track what’s going on. As for the general Wimbledon doubles schedule, the men’s and women’s doubles tournaments will start on Wednesday, July 5th. The mixed doubles then begins on Friday, July 7th.

Concerning the finals for these Wimbledon doubles events, the mixed doubles final is played first on Thursday, July 13th. This is then followed by the Wimbledon men’s doubles final on Saturday, July 15th. And the Wimbledon women’s doubles final follows this one on Sunday, July 16th.

Wimbledon Men’s Doubles 2023 – Full Breakdown

Ready to watch the Wimbledon 2023 doubles tournament unfold on the grass courts at the All England Club? Given the pairings that have entered this year, and due to the recently published draw, this event should be a thriller. Yet before the action begins, I’d like to highlight the main seeds, as well as give you a rundown of some key draw elements. 

Top Seeds

For the 2023 men’s doubles event at Wimbledon, there are a total of 16 seeds. However, most punters tend to keep an eye on the top five over the others. That’s because these are deemed to be the top contenders for the tournament. So on that note, let me show you who the top seeds are for the Wimbledon men’s doubles event:

  • Koolhof/Skupski – Seed One
  • Dodig/Krajicek – Seed Two
  • Ram/Salisbury – Seed Three
  • Nys/Zielinski – Seed Four
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – Seed Five

Main Contenders and Predictions

It goes without saying that all of the five seeds mentioned above have a shot at winning the tournament. Yet of those five, I believe that the most likely winners are Dodig/Krajicek. They made the finals of Roland Garros this year, and they recently won the Queen’s Club Championships doubles event. So they are the strongest contenders for me.

Wimbledon Women’s Doubles 2023 – Complete Overview

The Wimbledon women’s doubles tournament is wide open this year. We’ve got a blend of seasoned veterans and young guns that have entered for 2023, and the possible matchups are quite intriguing. And if you haven’t yet seen the draw or taken a look at the top seeds, let me give you the scoop.

Top Seeds

Much like the men’s doubles, there are 16 seeds for the women’s doubles too. Allow me to show you the top five according to the recently released draw:

  • Krejcikova/Siniakova – Seed One
  • Gauff/Pegula – Seed Two
  • Hunter/Mertens – Seed Three
  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez – Seed Four
  • Krawczyk/Schuurs – Seed Five

Main Contenders and Predictions

Coinciding with the seedings above, I do feel that both Gauff/Pegula and Krejcikova/Siniakova have a fighting chance of winning the tournament. Gauff/Pegula recently made the semi-finals of the French Open, and Krejcikova/Siniakova won the Wimbledon women’s doubles in 2022. However, due to consistency and previous Wimbledon performances, I’m shooting for Melichar-Martinez/Perez to win the tournament.

Wimbledon Doubles – FAQs

What is the prize money for the Wimbledon doubles tournaments?

The Wimbledon prize money is different for various events this year. Yet specifically for the doubles tournaments, the winners of the men’s/women’s doubles events will receive £600,000 (shared between the two). For the mixed doubles, the prize money is £128,000 for the winners.

What are the best betting markets to explore when betting on Wimbledon doubles events?

Of course, the outrights and moneyline markets are always solid options when betting on doubles tournaments/matches. However, by nature, doubles games are well suited to handicaps, breaks of serve, as well total games betting markets. All of these can be explored at the same betting sites that offer outright markets.

Can I make outright wagers throughout the Wimbledon doubles tournaments?

Absolutely. It’s possible to make outright wagers throughout the entire event, right the way through to finals day. And at the same time, I will be sharing the changes in outright odds with each passing day.

Are the odds you’ve provided with the predictions accurate?

Yes, the odds shared for the outright predictions are 100% accurate at the time of the updates. With that said, the odds could swing one way or the other as the matches edge closer. Unfortunately, this is beyond anyone’s control.

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