Shanghai Masters Doubles 2023: Contenders, odds, and predictions

The 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles competition has officially arrived. This is a 1000-level competition that has attracted the world’s best to come and challenge for the title. And since the tournament hasn’t been held since 2019, the hunger for the respective competitors to win must be more extreme than usual. On that note, only one pair will be left standing once the Shanghai Masters doubles reaches its conclusion on October 15th.

Shanghai Masters Doubles 2023

This is when the doubles final will be played and our champions will be revealed. However, if you look at the full Shanghai Masters schedule, the event itself runs from October 2nd to October 15th in its entirety. Naturally, all of the doubles matches fall within that timeframe this year, and there should be plenty of top-level doubles action on show for each day of the event.

As for who is playing, daily scheduling updates, who is seeded, and how the Shanghai Masters doubles odds stack up for 2023, I’ve covered such details below.

Day 13 – reflections on Shanghai Masters doubles results and a look ahead to the finals


The final for the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles event is now set. As you may have seen this morning, the second of the two semi-finals was played and completed. It was a pretty tight match which resulted in the favored players making it through to the final, although it wasn’t plain sailing by any means. The unseeded French pairing put up a great fight against the fourth seeds, but ultimately, their run has now ended at the semi-final stage. Anyway, because of this, we have just one match left to enjoy in the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament for 2023.

This match is due to be played on Sunday, October 15th, which is officially the final day of the championships. Of course, this also means that this is the last of my Shanghai Masters doubles updates, and what a ride it has been over the last 10 days. In fact, if the final lives up to the quality of tennis that we have enjoyed over this period, it should be a fantastic battle between the two pairs involved. So, back to the matter at hand, I’d like to briefly discuss the semi-final result that came through this morning. Once that’s been taken care of, I will then provide my Shanghai Masters doubles prediction for the final as well.

Shanghai Masters doubles – results recap and finals overview

In case you are a bit late to the party, the second semi-final saw the 4th seeds take on an unseeded duo from France. As for the way that this match went, let me share the result right now:

  • Bopanna/Ebden beat Doumbia/Reboul – 7-6 4-6 10-2

This result shows that the number four seeds needed a championship tie-break to take down this French partnership. As you can see, the two sets that led to the championship tie-break were also fairly tight. Nevertheless, because this match has now been completed, we know exactly who will be facing off in the finals tomorrow. As for how things are shaping up ahead of this final, there isn’t much in it between the two pairs involved. 

Yet while all of this might make my final Shanghai Masters doubles prediction a little tricky, I believe I’ve still found the most appropriate bet to make. 

Shanghai Masters doubles odds and prediction for the final

The finals of the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles event will see the fourth seeds going up against the seventh seeds. Of course, this shows that both pairings have gone beyond the initial expectations for this tournament. Yet while I’m sure they will both be pleased with making the final, I am also confident that they will both be desperate to capture the title. As for my prediction for this match, here we go:

  • Granollers/Zeballos to beat Bopanna/Ebden – TBD Odds

Granollers/Zeballos haven’t lost a set all tournament. In contrast, Bopanna/Ebden have won two of their four matches in championship tie-breaks. This tells me that they are vulnerable in this final, and I feel Granollers/Zeballos will capitalize on this and take the win.

Day 12 – Shanghai Masters doubles results and upcoming semi-final predictions

If you tracked my Shanghai Masters doubles update yesterday, you will have been fully aware that just one doubles match was played on day 12. To clarify, this match involved the number seven seeds taking on an unseeded duo that has enjoyed an incredible tournament. And since this match was played and completed earlier today, we know exactly who one of the finalists will be in the Shanghai Masters doubles final on Sunday. If you’ve already seen the results, you will know exactly which pair I am talking about. But if you haven’t, you’ll be pleased to know that I have shared the result and discussed its implications in the section below.

Furthermore, with another semi-final match coming up in the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament, I have supplied another prediction for this match. This prediction has been supplied alongside the latest odds for the stated market. Therefore, with this match coming up early tomorrow morning, you may want to get your bets placed sooner rather than later. Anyway, all of this is discussed in the following two sections.

Friday’s semi-final result

The first of two men’s doubles semi-finals was played earlier this morning, as mentioned above. This was the opening match of the day, and to be perfectly honest, it didn’t last quite as long as some of us had thought. Additionally, it seemed as though one of the pairings had finally run out of steam at this point in the event. On that note, I’ve listed the exact result below: 

  • Granollers/Zeballos beat Hijikata/Norrie – 6-2 6-3

It had been a wild old ride for the unseeded pair. But finally, their incredible run which involved several wins over top seeds ended at the hands of Granollers/Zeballos. The Spanish/Argentinian duo made light work of Hijikata/Norrie as you can see, and they dropped just five games to secure their spot in the final on Sunday, October 15th.

Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for day 13

Given that the first of these two semi-finals has now been played, of course, this leaves one more semi-final to come. And much like the order of play for Friday, the men’s doubles semi-final is set to be the first match of the day tomorrow. As you may have seen, this match involves the fourth seeds taking on another unseeded pairing that has taken the draw by storm. As for my Shanghai Masters doubles prediction for this match, here it is:

  • Bopanna/Ebden to beat Doumbia/Reboul – 2/5 odds

Much like Hijikata/Norrie, this French pair has produced some huge wins to reach the semi-finals of this tournament. However, a part of me feels that they may just be fatigued at this point, and they’re also not overly experienced at this stage of a major tournament. In contrast, the number four seeds certainly are, which is why I believe they will get the win and reach the final.

Day 11 – Shanghai Masters doubles updates for completed matches and predictions

There were some interesting doubles games being played on day 11 at the 2023 Shanghai Masters. In fact, both of the games that were played were quarter-final matches, which means that the semi-finals are now officially set. On that note, the first of these semi-finals is due to be played on Friday, October 13th. As for the second of the semi-finals, this will be played on Saturday, October 14th. And finally, the winners of these semi-finals will play against each other for the title on Sunday, October 15th. However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

After all, there are still two huge semi-final games due to be played over the next 48 hours. Because of that, I’ve been able to supply my latest Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for the scheduled semi-final game tomorrow. This has been given along with the latest Shanghai Masters doubles odds for my selected market as well. Yet before I discuss this prediction ahead of day 12, I’d like to take you through a brief recap of the action from day 11.

As mentioned earlier, day 11 hosted the two remaining quarter-final matches in the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament. So the quality was high, as expected, and there was a very interesting result that came through. All of this is discussed in the following section. 

Completed matches on day 11

Since two of the quarter-final games were completed on Thursday, October 12th, this means that we don’t have too many matches to recap. With that said, although there are just two matches to talk about, the results were actually very interesting. But before I talk about why the results are interesting, let me give you the scores from day 11:

  • Doumbia/Reboul beat Koolhof/Skupski – 7-6 6-4
  • Bopanna/Ebden beat Arevalo/Rojer – 6-4 6-2

Starting with the first result shown above, it’s quite incredible that the unseeded French pair just keeps marching forward in the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament. In this round, they have comfortably beaten the number two seeds and 2023 Wimbledon champions in straight sets. As for the other result, given that Bopanna/Ebden had been shaky up to this point, I did not expect them to produce the quality of tennis that they did. And with this win, they are officially into the semi-finals.

Friday’s matches – Shanghai Masters doubles predictions

Since the quarter-final matches in the top half were completed on day 11, this means that the semi-final in the top half is the only game scheduled for day 12. As for my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for this game, check them out below:

  • Hijikata/Norrie to beat Granollers/Zeballos – 9/5 odds

I’ve been going against Hijikata/Norrie in recent rounds, but they just keep winning! And with three championship tie-break wins in a row, they will be feeling invincible. So for me, I’m going for another upset for this duo – especially since they’ve taken out the 3rd and 5th seeds back to back.

October 11th updates – Shanghai Masters doubles tournament

One-half of the ‘final four’ is now confirmed in the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles event. This morning, two high-level doubles matches were contested in the top half of the tournament. And following their completion, we have an idea of who one of the finalists for the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament will be this year. However, the quarter-final matches in the bottom half have yet to be played. 

These are coming up on day 11, otherwise expressed as Thursday, October 12th. Of course, I’ve supplied my own Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for the most valuable markets concerning these games. And I’ve also detailed the doubles results from day 10, so let’s run through it all now.

Day 10 results in the Shanghai Masters doubles event

There isn’t a vast number of doubles games taking place on a daily basis anymore. Then again, the Shanghai Masters doubles event is approaching its end. And with two matches getting played and completed today, both quarter-final matches, one of the semi-finals is officially set. Of course, the winners of the quarter-final games today have now progressed to the final four in the top half of the draw, and the results from today are as follows:

  • Hijikata/Norrie beat Gonzalez/Molteni – 6-4 3-6 10-8
  • Granollers/Zeballos beat Haase/Tsitsipas – 7-6 6-3

Incredibly, Hijikata/Norrie won their third straight championship breaker to reach the semi-finals. After beating the 3rd seeds in the last round, they’ve now taken out the 5th seeds, and they are real title contenders at this point. As for the other match, Haase/Tsitsipas have finally been stopped by the 7th seeds after winning two rounds in third-set breakers. 

Therefore, it’s Hijikata/Norrie vs Granollers/Zeballos in the top half semi-final, and this match will be played on Friday, October 13th.

Day 11 Shanghai Masters doubles predictions 

Following the completion of the matches on day 10, this means there are two more semi-finals spots up for grabs. Of course, it’s the winners of the two scheduled games on day 11 who will fill these positions. And if you are curious as to who will make it, I’d like to point you in the direction of my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions below:

  • Arevalo/Rojer to beat Bopanna/Ebden – 11/10 odds

With 11/10 odds on offer, I believe that this is an absolute steal for Arevalo/Rojer to beat Bopanna/Ebden. While yes, Arevalo/Rojer are the lower seeds, they did beat a strong pair in the form of Krawietz/Puetz in the last round. In doing so, this will give their confidence a serious boost, and since they won in a third set breaker, they’ve now been challenged and forced to bring their A-game. 

As for Bopanna/Ebden, they’ve also had tight matches, but they haven’t quite found their best tennis like the others. So for me, Arevalo/Rojer have a decent chance of taking them out, and the value at 11/10 odds is pretty solid.

Day 10 Shanghai Masters doubles overview – results and predictions

We’ve officially arrived at the quarter-final stage of the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles tournament. The players who have made it this far have all managed to win two matches, which is already impressive for a Masters 1000 tournament. However, while it’s been a relatively easy path through to the quarter-finals for some, it’s been an absolute battle for others. This is clearly the case with the nail-biting championship tie-breaks that some pairs have managed to come through en route to the quarter-finals.

But regardless of how difficult it has been to reach this stage, the reality is that all players now have a great chance of winning the tournament. Prior to that, however, the main focus for the pairings involved in the Shanghai Masters doubles matches for day 10 will be on winning against the opponents that stand in their way. To that end, I’ve given my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for the scheduled matches on day 10. And at the same time, I’ve provided the latest odds to back up these predictions while justifying the picks too.

Before those predictions, let me first take you through a brief recap of the results from day 9. 

The results from day 9

If you managed to catch the doubles matches earlier this morning, I doubt that you would have been disappointed. Amazingly, all of the Shanghai Masters doubles matches that were played on day 9 went to a championship tie-break. This means that four out of four matches went the distance. However, it wasn’t a great day for the pairings who were seeded in this event, as you will see by the results below: 

  • Doumbia/Reboul beat Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin – 5-7 7-6 10-4
  • Hijikata/Norrie beat Ram/Salisbury – 4-6 7-6 11-9
  • Haase/Tsitsipas beat De Minaur/Purcell – 7-5 3-6 10-5
  • Bopanna/Ebden beat Khachanov/Rublev – 4-6 6-3 10-8

The 3rd and 6th seeds were taken out on Tuesday, which has opened up the draw massively. Additionally, I was very surprised by Haase/Tsitsipas beating De Minaur/Purcell. After all, the Aussies put out the top seeds in the last round!

Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for day 10

Now for the part that gets most tennis fans excited – the Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for the upcoming matches. I’ve given a prediction for each of the quarter-final games on day 10, as this gives you a couple of choices. On that note, let me give my predictions before explaining why they’ve been chosen:

  • Gonzalez/Molteni to beat Norrie/Hijikata – TBD odds
  • Haase/Tsitsipas to beat Granollers/Zeballos – TBD odds

Although Norrie/Hijikata have produced a couple of great wins to make it this far, they must be fatigued – both physically and mentally. For that reason, and since the 5th seeds have yet to lose a bet, I’m backing the Argentinians. And finally, I was majorly impressed with Haase/Tsitsipas in their performance to beat De Minaur/Purcell. So with back to back 3rd set victories, I believe they have the confidence to cause this upset.

Shanghai Masters doubles breakdown ahead of day 9

We are closing on the final rounds of the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles tournament. With each passing day, more seeds seem to tumble, and interesting matchups are subsequently confirmed for the days to come. And following the completion of the Shanghai Masters doubles matches on Monday, October 9th, we are now aware of several pairings that have reached the quarter-finals. However, the remaining second-round doubles matches are set to be played on Tuesday, October 10th, which happens to be day 9 of the tournament.

Of course, I’ve shared my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for the scheduled games on day 9 in the respective section below. But before we jump into those details, as I’ve been doing on a daily basis, I’d like to give you the results from day 8 along with an explanation as to why they are important for the event as a whole. All of this information is given below, so let’s dive into it.

Key Shanghai Masters doubles results from day 8

Several of the top names were in action on day 8, as I’m sure you might be aware if you’ve been tracking these updates. On that note, day 8 resulted in a safe passage to the quarter-finals for several contenders in the Shanghai Masters doubles event. Let me give you the key results now so that you are caught up:

  • Molteni/Gonzalez beat Murray/Venus – 6-2 6-4
  • Hijikata/Norrie beat Hurkacz/Shelton – 7-5 5-7 10-6
  • Ram/Salisbury beat Popyrin/Vukic – 6-4 6-4
  • Koolhof/Skupski beat Escobar/Nedovyesov – 7-6 6-4

As displayed through the results above, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th seeds all came through in straight sets. Yet the interesting duo of Hijikata/Norrie needed a championship tie-break to edge out Hurkacz/Shelton. In doing so, they’ve set up a clash with Ram/Salisbury in the next round. As for the 2nd seeds, after requiring a breaker to win their opening match, they have now settled in, and they will play the winners of Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin and Doumbia/Reboul in the quarter-finals.

Day 9 Shanghai Masters doubles predictions

While the Shanghai Masters doubles schedule is almost back on track, there is still a slight stagger in terms of the progress of the draw. Because of that, a couple of pairs who played on Monday are set to play again tomorrow, which doesn’t always occur in Masters 1000 events. As for the scheduled matches and my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions, check them out below:

  • De Minaur/Purcell to beat Haase/Tsitsipas – 8/15 odds
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin to beat Doumbia/Reboul – 4/9 odds
  • Ram/Salisbury to beat Hijikata/Norrie – TBD odds

Following their immense win over the top seeds, I have to back De Minaur/Purcell to take out Haase/Tsitsipas tomorrow. Additionally, I’m going for the recent US Open champions, Ram/Salisbury to beat Hijikata/Norrie. As for Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin to beat Doumbia/Reboul, while they were shaky in their opener, I feel their experience will help them get past the French pair.

2023 Shanghai Masters doubles – day 7 recap and day 8 predictions

The Shanghai Masters doubles competition is starting to get back on track following the completion of all first-round games on Sunday, October 8th. This means we’ve officially reached the round of 32 stage, also known as the second round due to the size of the draw. Yet while we’re only one round into this Masters 1000 competition, the event is already growing into an incredibly intriguing contest. I say that because, at this stage, the number 1 seeds have been beaten, while several of the other top seeds have reached the second round by the skin of their teeth. 

So really, it seems as though even the very best are vulnerable in the 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles competition. But could this vulnerability lead to an unexpected pair of champions? Or more importantly, what does all of this mean for Shanghai Masters doubles predictions moving forward? Well, let me cover these questions right now.

Recap for Shanghai Masters doubles games from Sunday, October 8th

Thanks to the weather delay from Saturday, October 7th, we were treated to a range of exciting doubles matches on Sunday, October 8th. In fact, with close to 10 matches being played and completed, the entertainment value was right up there with the singles competition. As for some of the more interesting results from the Shanghai Masters doubles event on Saturday, let me guide you through those now:

  • De Minaur/Purcell beat Dodig/Krajicek – 6-7 6-1 11-9
  • Haase/Tsitsipas beat Lammons/Withrow – 3-6 6-3 10-8
  • Koolhof/Skupski beat Tiafoe/McDonald – 6-7 6-1 10-3
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin beat Zhu/Sun – 6-7 7-6 10-5

Evidently, all of these matches went right down to the wire. In fact, two of the four were only won by a two-point margin, which tells you all you need to know about the drama and excitement of these games. As for why I’ve picked these results, De Minaur/Purcell have officially taken out the top seeds and number one contenders by beating Dodig/Krajicek. Additionally, the 2nd seeds, Koolhof/Skupski, needed a championship tie-break to beat Tiafoe/McDonald. 

And even the 6th seeds, Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin only managed to beat the Chinese wildcards in a championship tie-break too. So it was clearly a very close shave for many, while the event is officially over for the number one contenders.

Day 8 Shanghai Masters doubles predictions

Looking ahead to the second-round games that are coming up tomorrow, I must say, tennis fans are spoiled for choice yet again. However, the goal of this section isn’t to tell you which matches should be exciting. Instead, the goal is to supply you with quality and well-researched Shanghai Masters doubles predictions, which is exactly what you’ll find below:

  • Arevalo/Rojer to beat Krawietz/Puetz – 3/4 odds
  • Gonzalez/Molteni to beat Murray/Venus – 17/20 odds

Both of these matches could be pretty tight contests. However, Arevalo/Rojer edge it for me since Krawietz/Puetz didn’t play all that great in round one. Additionally, Gonzalez/Molteni are the 5th seeds and they beat a fairly handy pair in the form of Nys/Zielinski by a score of 6-4 6-4 in the last round.

October 7th updates for 2023 Shanghai Masters doubles competition

Did you watch the Shanghai Masters today? If so, you may feel disappointed that the weather got in the way of several of the scheduled games. Nevertheless, it’s not like these matches won’t be played. In fact, the games that weren’t played in the Shanghai Masters doubles event today will simply be carried over for Sunday, October 8th. So arguably, this makes Sunday even more exciting than it was originally going to be! And if you are wondering what matches are coming up for October 8th, I can tell you now that there is plenty of top-level tennis heading your way.

Of course, due to the delay, Sunday’s lineup is still loaded with first-round matches. Yet the initial division of the top and bottom half is now having to take a bit of an adjustment, which is great if you simply wish to watch a ton of great tennis. In short, there will now be a mix of matches from both the top and bottom half until the schedule is back on track. Additionally, since there was just one match completed in the Shanghai Masters doubles event on Saturday, I don’t feel there is much need to recap the results.

This is different from what I will typically be discussing in these daily updates. But given the circumstances, instead of discussing this single result, let me take the opportunity to run through even more Shanghai Masters doubles predictions than normal. 

Shanghai Masters doubles predictions – Sunday’s matches analyzed

As a quick reminder, some of the Shanghai Masters doubles predictions I gave for Saturday’s games have now been switched across to Sunday. These can still be viewed by glancing through the respective sections below. However, since Sunday also gives us many fresh games to look at, I’ve been able to identify three Shanghai Masters doubles predictions that promise solid returns if they come through:

  • Haase/Tsitsipas to beat Lammons/Withrow – 8/5 odds
  • Arevalo/Rojer to beat Auger-Aliassime/Lehecka – 10/21 odds
  • Granollers/Zeballos to beat Erler/Miedler – 4/6 odds

First and foremost, I believe that Haase/Tsitsipas has the ability to take down Lammons/Withrow as they are both very handy around the net. Additionally, Lammons/Withrow are unseeded in the Shanghai Masters doubles event, so this gives Haase/Tsitsipas a prime opportunity. Secondly, the partnership of Arevalo/Rojer is very strong indeed. These guys have had success in major competitions in the recent past, and they are the number 8 seeds. Furthermore, Auger-Aliassime/Lehecka are mainly singles players.

Finally, my final pick of Granollers/Zeballos is likely to come through because, much like my previous picks, these guys have plenty of experience under their belts. And since Erler/Miedler have been playing decent doubles recently, this has pushed the odds up – ideal for a better return!

Shanghai Masters doubles – round one updates (October 6th)

Compared to the Shanghai Masters singles competition, the Shanghai Masters doubles competition hasn’t really gotten out of first gear yet. I say this because the opening matches have only just begun. More specifically, just four matches were completed on Friday, October 6th, which means that there are many first-round contests still to come. Naturally, these remaining first-round matches will be played over the coming days, and you can track all of the action right here since I will be providing daily updates.

With this said, while there have only been four matches completed so far in the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament, we’ve already seen some rather unexpected results. And if you haven’t yet seen the results, you can check them all out through the respective section below. Yet to provide more value with these daily updates, I’ve also taken a look at the scheduled Shanghai Masters doubles games for tomorrow. By checking these out, I’ve been able to supply several Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for those who fancy placing a wager on the matches.

So without further ado, let me cover both the results and predictions for the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament right now.

Completed round one matches – key results

As referenced above, just four matches were played on Friday, October 6th. This means the vast majority of first-round matches will be played over the next 24/48 hours. However, before these matches unfold, I’d like to remind you of the results that went down on October 6th:

  • Granollers/Zeballos beat Gille/Vliegen – 7-6 7-6
  • Erler/Miedler beat Humbert/Mannarino – 6-2 6-2
  • Gonzalez/Molteni beat Nys/Zielinski – 6-4 6-4
  • Escobar/Nedovyesov beat Glasspool/Heliovaara – 6-4 6-4

Of these four results, the most shocking for me relates to the wildcards, Escobar/Nedovyesov, beating the established duo of Glasspool/Heliovaara. However, while the other results were ‘expected’ on paper, we’ve still seen highly successful pairs make an exit in round one. This is particularly true with Gille/Vliegen and Nys/Zielinski both being taken out in straight sets.

Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for October 7th

With plenty of matches coming up on October 7th, there is certainly no shortage of matches to make Shanghai Masters doubles predictions for. However, there is no point covering every single match since the Shanghai Masters doubles odds don’t show value for heavily favored pairs. So rather than cover all games, I’ve concentrated on the matches where value can be found, as shown here:

  • Bopanna/Ebden to beat Middelkoop/Mies – 2/5 odds
  • Hijikata/Norrie to beat Hurkacz/Shelton – 13/10 odds
  • Dodig/Krajicek to beat De Minaur/Purcell – 2/5 odds

With two of these predictions showing odds of 2/5 this shows two matches with a solid potential return, especially since these relate to the 1st and 4th seeds. Additionally, I’ve chosen Hijikata/Norrie because I feel they both have better net skills than their opponents, and I feel their games complement one another perfectly.

2023 Shanghai Masters doubles – tournament overview

As noted above, the Shanghai Masters doubles 2023 event will run from now until October 15th. Of course, the tournament is played in Shanghai, China, and it carries great importance for the players involved for a range of reasons. First and foremost, there are plenty of rankings points on the line – 1000 for the winners, to be precise. Additionally, with the 2023 ATP Finals approaching, the results of this event could seriously help the designated pairings to qualify for this prestigious event. And at the same time, there is big money on the line, as shown by the full Shanghai Masters prize money breakdown. 

As for the numbers concerning the Shanghai Masters doubles draw, there are a few you need to know. Specifically, this tournament has a 32-player draw size, meaning 32 pairs are bidding to try and win the competition. Of these 32 pairs, there are 2 wildcards and 8 Shanghai Masters seeds, and the status of these pairings has influenced where they are positioned in the draw. 

Anyway, that’s about all you need to know regarding the general details of the Shanghai Masters doubles tournament. So now, let’s turn our attention to the Shanghai Masters doubles odds and predictions for the event before things begin.

Shanghai Masters doubles predictions and respective odds

Before I get into the Shanghai Masters doubles odds and the predictions that are linked to such prices, it’s probably a good idea to make you aware of the key contenders. So before we dive into my outright predictions for the tournament, let me provide an overview of the top four seeds who have a great shot of winning the Shanghai Masters:

  • Seed 1 – Dodig/Krajicek
  • Seed 2 – Koolhof/Skupski
  • Seed 3 – Ram/Salisbury
  • Seed 4 – Bopanna/Ebden

Each of these pairings has a realistic chance of capturing the Shanghai Masters doubles title for one reason or another. However, of these four seeds, there are two pairs that really stand out.


It goes without saying that you don’t become the number one seeds for a Masters 1000 event by accident. These two guys have a long-standing and successful doubles partnership on the ATP Tour. And most recently, they won the ATP 500 event in Beijing. Therefore, they are clearly playing well, and they have to rank right up there as top contenders concerning my Shanghai Masters doubles predictions.


Although I’ve stressed that Dodig/Krajicek is my number one choice to win the title, it’s impossible to ignore Ram/Salisbury. These two guys have taken a short break since winning the 2023 US Open. Yet if they bring the kind of form that they did in New York, I see no reason that the number three seeds cannot challenge for the title.

FAQs – Shanghai Masters doubles 2023

Is it possible to tune in and watch these Shanghai Masters doubles matches?

Absolutely. In the UK, the Shanghai Masters doubles event will be shown on Amazon Prime. Yet we’ve covered the full range of Shanghai Masters live streaming options on a separate page.

How often will you be updating this page and what will be included?

This page will be updated every single day with Shanghai Masters doubles predictions, recent results, and more.

Are your outright and individual match predictions guaranteed?

No – but they are deeply researched and based on a range of influential factors.

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