2023 Citi Open Schedule and Order of Play – Updated Daily

Ready to watch the 2023 Citi Open? I’m pumped to watch this tournament unfold, as I hope you are too. And to clarify, the tournament hosts both a WTA and ATP event. Both tournaments are at the 500-level, which means that some of the best in the business are flocking to Washington to try and win the thing. On that note, I’ll be supplying the latest outright Citi Open odds for 2023 for those who wish to place such a wager during the tournament.

Citi Open schedule

Yet here, my focus will be on the Citi Open schedule. Specifically, I will be updating you with the Citi Open order of play for the entire event, with daily updates provided, of course. And given that the tournament runs from Monday, July 31st, through to Sunday, August 6th, we’ve got plenty of tennis ahead. Anyway, that’s enough about the tournament preview and the general Washington Open schedule.

Let’s now move on to the more important details!

Citi Open Order of Play – Sunday, August 6th

Today is ‘finals day’ for the 2023 Citi Open. There are three finals matches due to be played, and these include the men’s singles final, women’s singles final, as well as the men’s doubles final. And in terms of the Citi Open schedule for today, as has been the case for most of the previous days, the matches will begin at 17:00 UK time. As for where they will be played, this is the only day of the tournament where all matches will be played on the Stadium Court. This is different from the previous days of the event, and as you’ve no doubt guessed, this is because the number of matches is now so few.

Today, with just three matches listed in the Citi Open order of play, it makes sense to have them all on the main show court. Anyway, that gives you an idea of the court and matches that are coming up on August 6th. Yet for the exact Citi Open schedule, I’ve run through it in the following section.

Stadium Court

Those with tickets for the Stadium Court today are in for a treat. As referenced earlier, with today being finals day, every single game will show an individual or a pair going for the title. This is pretty exciting, in my opinion, and it guarantees several hours of top-level tennis for those in attendance. Of course, it also guarantees some great viewing for those at home too. As for the order of play, here is what’s coming up on the Stadium Court today:

  • McDonald/Shelton vs Gonzalez/Molteni
  • Sakkari vs Gauff
  • Griekspoor vs Evans

Starting with the first match of the day, I don’t think anyone would have expected to see these names in the final. McDonald/Shelton only got into the tournament as wildcards, and Gonzalez/Molteni are unseeded. Yet both pairs find themselves going for the trophy today, and this doubles final is the first match up on Stadium Court. This match is then followed by the women’s singles final, which is Maria Sakkari vs Coco Gauff

Both of these players have been in serious form during the event, and Coco Gauff is yet to lose a set. As for Sakkari, she beat Jessica Pegula, the number one seed, in the semi-finals. So this match should be an absolute battle. And finally, the men’s final will take place as the third match of the day. As shown above, it’s Tallon Griekspoor vs Dan Evans for the title in the men’s singles. 

Much like the finalists for the women’s singles, these guys have enjoyed a sensational tournament, and they’ve truly earned the right to compete for the trophy.

Washington Open Schedule – Saturday, August 5th

Phew – what a wild ride that was at the Citi Open yesterday. After the delay in matches following adverse weather conditions on Thursday, the tournament had some serious catching up to do on Friday, August 4th. Due to these delays, several players needed to play twice in one day yesterday. Some relished the challenge and rose to the occasion, whereas others suffered physically and failed to secure a safe passage into the semi-finals. 

Additionally, the results from yesterday have paved the way for an intriguing and very exciting Citi Open order of play for Saturday, August 5th. As for what’s coming up, play will begin today at 17:00 UK time with the women’s doubles final. After that, we have the semi-finals for both of the respective singles tournaments. And since the men’s doubles just has one confirmed team for the finals, this means that the other doubles semi-final will be played today too.

All of this is coming up today, as per the most recent Citi Open schedule. Yet for specifics, I’ve broken down this schedule into the respective courts in the following sections.

Stadium Court

Since this is the second to last day of the 2023 Citi Open, as expected, pretty much all of the games are set to be played on the Stadium Court today. As referenced above, the Stadium Court is set to host the women’s doubles final at 17:00. This will be followed immediately by the women’s singles semi-finals, which feature one of the top American seeds each (Pegula and Gauff). 

Beyond these games, the final two matches of the day will be the men’s singles semi-finals, although out of the American players, only the top seed is involved (Taylor Fritz). Needless to say, this Citi Open order of play for the Stadium Court is highly appealing. And regarding the exact order of matches, here is the schedule:

  • Siegemund/Zvonareva vs Guarachi/Niculescu
  • Pegula vs Sakkari
  • Gauff vs Samsonova
  • Fritz vs Griekspoor
  • Dimitrov vs Evans

John Harris

John Harris is the only other court that is in use today at the Citi Open. This means that the Grandstand Court, as well as Courts 4 and 5, are no longer hosting any matches. Then again, there aren’t enough matches to justify scheduling any games on these other courts. As for what’s coming up on John Harris today, there is just one men’s doubles match, and both of the pairs are unseeded. 

Furthermore, this match is set to be played at 20:00 UK time, and here is the upcoming match for those who are interested:

  • Gille/Vliegen vs Gonzalez/Molteni

Citi Open Schedule – Friday, August 4th

Yesterday was the first day of the 2023 Citi Open where the weather chose not to cooperate with the provisional tournament schedule. As a result, the initial Citi Open order of play wasn’t executed as planned. This is particularly true for the games that were scheduled for later in the afternoon/evening. However, those matches that were fortunate enough to be listed early on in yesterday’s Washington Open schedule were played and completed. 

Anyway, due to these circumstances, some of the matches that were set to be played on Thursday, August 3rd, have been moved to Friday, August 4th. And for those hoping to see the updated Citi Open schedule for today can view the full breakdown below. Also, just to confirm, play will begin at 17:00 UK time on all courts today.

Stadium Court

Due to the overflow of matches due to the weather in Washington yesterday, Stadium Court is packed with games for today. Thanks to these changes, the number one seeds in both events will be involved in the first two matches (Fritz and Pegula). And as you will see later in the Citi Open order of play for this court, Frances Tiafoe or Juncheng Shang will be playing twice on the Stadium Court today. Check out the full schedule breakdown below:

  • Pegula vs Svitolina
  • Fritz vs Murray
  • Shang vs Tiafoe
  • Bencic vs Gauff
  • Shevchenko or Evans vs Shang or Tiafoe

John Harris

The schedule for the John Harris Court is just as exciting as what we’ve just seen for the Stadium Court. As identified in the order of play below, Eubanks vs Thompson was rained out yesterday, so they are now the second match on John Harris today. Yet first, the number 4 seed, Sakkari will play the qualifier, Fernandez. And just like Stadium Court, either Eubanks or Thompson will be playing twice on this court today. As for the full schedule, here we go:

  • Sakkari vs Fernandez
  • Eubanks vs Thompson
  • Samsonova vs Kostyuk
  • Keys vs TBD
  • Fritz or Murray vs Eubanks or Thompson 


The Grandstand Court will open with a pretty enticing doubles match between the 3rd seeds and the American wildcards, Shelton/McDonald. This should get the crowd fired up right off the bat. Yet there won’t be any time for relaxation, as entertaining players like Gael Monfils, Grigor Dimitrov, and Ugo Humbert are all scheduled to play here. Furthermore, the winner of Griekspoor vs Monfils will then take on J.J. Wolf as the final match of the day, as shown in the following order of play:

  • McDonald/Shelton vs Glasspool/Heliovaara
  • Griekspoor vs Monfils
  • Shevchenko vs Evans
  • Dimitrov vs Humbert
  • Wolf vs Griekspoor or Monfils

Court 4

At this point in the 2023 Citi Open, Court 5 has been removed from the schedule. That’s because there aren’t enough matches to justify keeping Court 5 involved. Yet in reality, this could well be the final day of involvement for Court 4 too. As shown in the following Citi Open order of play, Court 4 will host just two doubles matches today, and the exact games can be viewed below:

  • Siegemund/Zvonareva vs L. Kichenok/N. Kichenok
  • Guarachi/Niculescu vs Aoyama/Dabrowski

Citi Open Order of Play – Thursday, August 3rd

The Citi Open is turning out to be quite a cracker, with many great matches having been completed already. And after we enjoyed another uninterrupted day of play yesterday, we are now at the third round stage for the men’s singles. Additionally, we have reached the quarter-finals stage for the women’s singles, so things are heating up in Washington DC as we enter the back-end of the tournament. Of course, this suggests that we’ve got a load more tennis to watch over the coming days.

However, since the objective here is to concentrate on what’s on the Washington Open schedule for today, let me bring things back to the present. Below, you can see the full Citi Open order of play for each of the five courts on Thursday, August 3rd.

Stadium Court

Those with Citi Open tickets for the Stadium Court today are in for a treat. The number one seeds for both the men’s and women’s singles are in action. And better yet, the number 2 seeds for both of these events are due to play on the Stadium Court today too. This shows quite a phenomenal lineup, and you can see the order of play here:

  • Kostyuk vs Garcia
  • Pegula vs Stearns
  • Shang vs Tiafoe
  • Fritz vs Murray

John Harris

John Harris is set to host fewer matches than some of the other courts, although the Citi Open schedule still looks appealing for this one. Play is set to open with an intriguing battle between two Americans. And once that has been completed, the remaining matches seem quite balanced, so John Harris viewers might be spoiled by some final set deciders today! As for the full Citi Open order of play for John Harris, here we go:


Moving to the Grandstand Court now, the Citi Open organizers have chosen to schedule the doubles matches first. As a result, Grandstand will kick off with two doubles matches followed by two singles matches. This means that there are 4x matches set to be played on the Grandstand Court today, and here’s what’s coming up:

  • L. Kichenok/N. Kichenok vs Ninomiya/Santamaria
  • Cabal/Ebden vs McDonald/Shelton
  • Griekspoor vs Monfils
  • Shevchenko vs Evans

Court 4

For the remaining two courts, which involve Court 4 and Court 5, this is the point at which the Washington Open schedule starts to thin out to some degree. This is confirmed by the fact that there are just two matches scheduled for Court 4 today, and they are as follows:

  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez vs TBD
  • J. Murray/Venus vs Gille/Vliegen

Court 5

Court 5 is also set to host two doubles matches today. However, in both instances, as per the latest Citi Open order of play that has been released, the opponents for both games are not yet known. Nevertheless, the schedule is unlikely to change, and this is the latest lineup:

  • Brady/Keys vs TBD
  • Guarachi/Niculescu vs TBD

Washington Open Schedule – Wednesday, August 2nd

Following the results from the Citi Open yesterday, we have officially reached the second and third rounds of the singles competitions. At the same time, the first few matches of the doubles events were also played. And with two days down, this leaves us with five days left to go for the Citi Open schedule. Of course, with each passing day, the singles and doubles matches should become even more competitive, as the top seeds will finally get a chance to play one another.

This brings me to the Citi Open order of play for Wednesday, August 2nd. Once again, there are five courts being used to facilitate all of the scheduled matches. And for those of you who plan on tuning in for the action, play should begin at approximately 17:00 UK time across the board. As for the exact games that will be played, check them out in the following sections.

Stadium Court

The Stadium Court will host only singles matches today, as has been the case in previous days too. More specifically, Stadium Court will entertain some of the highest seeds in both the men’s and women’s singles events. For example, the number 3 seed for the women’s singles, Coco Gauff, is in action on Stadium Court today. And so too is the top seed in the men’s singles, Taylor Fritz. As for the exact lineup, please see the matches below:

John Harris

If you thought that the lineup for Stadium Court was impressive today, I am glad to announce that the lineup for the John Harris Court is just as good. According to the recently published Citi Open order of play, this court is set to host a total of five singles games today. Of course, the games will host a mix of men’s and women’s singles matches, and once again, several of the top seeds are in action. The highest of which include Auger-Aliassime (seed 3), Samsonova (seed 8), and Bublik (seed 6). 

The full Citi Open schedule for the John Harris Court can be viewed below:

  • Humbert vs Kokkinakis
  • Watanuki vs Auger-Aliassime
  • Samsonova vs Cirstea
  • Monfils vs Bublik
  • Brady vs TBD


At this point in the 2023 Citi Open, you will notice that the remaining three courts start to host a greater number of doubles matches with each passing day. However, as per the latest Washington Open schedule for the Grandstand Court, it’s still a 50:50 mix of doubles and singles for today. And the appeal of the Grandstand Court this evening is that the 3rd and 2nd seeds of the men’s and women’s doubles events are in action, as are two seeded Americans in the men’s singles.

This is an exciting lineup, and the specific matches are outlined here:

  • Albot vs Wolf
  • Eubanks vs Shimabukuro
  • Glasspool/Heliovaara vs Hurkacz/Tiafoe
  • Neel/Routliffe vs Aoyama/Dabrowski

Court 4

Court 4 shows an exact mix of singles and doubles matches, much like the Grandstand Court shown above. However, the Citi Open order of play for these respective matches is not the same as it is for the Grandstand Court. Instead, rather than playing two singles matches followed by two doubles matches, this court is set to produce a ‘singles sandwich’. This means that play will open with the doubles match and it will end with a doubles match, while two singles matches will be played in between.

As for the exact schedule, here is the order of play for Court 4:

  • Guarachi/Niculescu vs Marozava/Gamarra Martins
  • Barrere vs Evans
  • Griekspoor vs Broady
  • Gille/Vliegen vs Arevalo/Rojer

Court 5

Court 5 will host the greatest number of Citi Open doubles matches today, with three in total. So as it happens, there will be just one singles match on this court, which is Thompson vs Mannarino. The other three matches are all doubles games, and the 1st and 3rd seeds will open their campaigns on Court 5 today, as identified in the following order of play:

  • Ram/Salisbury vs Cabal/Ebden
  • Thompson vs Mannarino
  • Mihalikova/Yang vs Siegemund/Zvonareva
  • Baptiste/Stephens vs Chan/Olmos

Citi Open Schedule – Tuesday, August 1st

The Washington Open schedule has now been released for two of this 500-level tournament. As you may be aware, yesterday hosted the vast majority of first round matches. This is true for the doubles and singles events, and today, some of the top seeds are beginning their campaigns in Washington. For that reason, you will notice that many of the big names are included in the Citi Open order of play for Tuesday, August 1st. 

And with the action set to start at 17:00 UK time across all courts, these top-tier matches are right on our doorstep. So what’s coming up today in Washington? Let me reveal the full Citi Open schedule now.

Stadium Court

The Stadium Court is loaded with America’s finest today, and two of the top American seeds are in action. As reflected in the following Washington Open schedule, both Frances Tiafoe (2nd seed) and Madison Keys (7th seed) are starting their tournament today. However, there are other big matches set to be held on Stadium Court too, as shown right here:

  • Shelton vs Shang
  • Dimitrov vs McDonald
  • Baptiste vs Pliskova
  • Karatsev vs Tiafoe
  • Zheng vs Keys

John Harris

Moving to the John Harris Court now, the Citi Open lineup once again looks highly entertaining. The first couple of games see a few unseeded players going up against one another, and these should be close contests. And following them, some of the big hitters enter the picture, especially for the men’s singles. Please see the full order of play below to see what’s coming up:

  • Cirstea vs Martic
  • Brady vs Kalinina
  • Hurkacz vs Mmoh
  • Pera vs Fernandez
  • Korda vs Shevchenko


The Grandstand is the third of three show courts used at the 2023 Citi Open this year. However, this court has the fewest matches scheduled out of the three, with just 4x matches due to be played here today. Then again, given that the Grandstand has an exact split of singles and doubles games today, we could argue that this court has the most variety. And for clarity, here are all the scheduled matches for this court today:

  • Stearns vs Frech
  • Harris vs Nishikori
  • Gonzalez/Molteni vs Evans/Murray
  • McDonald/Shelton vs Bublik/Griekspoor

Court 4

Court 4 is one of two ‘outdoor courts’ that is in play this year, and according to the Citi Open order of play for this one, things look super exciting. This court has big names like Kokkinakis and Nakashima due to open their singles campaigns later this evening. As for the full scope of matches, here we go:

  • Daniel vs Kokkinakis
  • Vukic vs Nakashima
  • Ruusuvuori vs Nishioka
  • Danilina/Eikeri vs Ngounoue/Parks

Court 5

The last of the five courts I must highlight today is Court 5. With four matches listed as per the most recent Washington Open schedule, those who visit Court 5 today will certainly be entertained. Play opens on Court 5 today with the top seeds for the women’s doubles, followed by a mix of promising singles matches in the middle. And finally, play will end with the 3rd seeds for the men’s doubles. Anyway, here is the complete breakdown for Court 5 today:

  • Melichar-Martinez/Perez vs Blinkoa/Gracheva
  • Svajda vs Purcell
  • Anderson vs Thompson
  • Glasspool/Heliovaara vs Martin/Nys

Citi Open Order of Play – Monday, July 31st

The first Citi Open schedule has been published for the 2023 main draw, which means that the tournament is officially underway. As for what’s to come on the Washington Open schedule today, we have a blend of men’s singles and women’s singles matches. There are also a handful of doubles matches listed in the most recent Citi Open order of play too, so really, all events are in action today. 

With that said, most of the top seeds are not in action until tomorrow, as that’s just how the draw has been done this year. Anyway, you’re no doubt pretty eager to see what matches are set to be played at the Citi Open later today, so let me take you through each court.

Stadium Court

With this one being the main court for the event, as expected, many of the big names that are in action today have been assigned to play here. And below, you can see the complete schedule for the Stadium Court for Monday, July 31st:

  • Samsonova vs Collins
  • Andreescu vs Kostyuk
  • McDonald vs Schwartzman
  • Svitolina vs Azarenka
  • Monfils vs Fratangelo

With five top matches included in the Citi Open order of play for this court, the lineup is looking pretty solid. Play is set to start at 17:00 UK time too, so thanks to the five-hour time difference, most tennis fans will be able to catch most of the games. As for my pick of the day for this court, it has to be Svitolina vs Azarenka. This is a repeat of the 4th round blockbuster witnessed at Wimbledon just weeks ago!

John Harris

In terms of the prestige of the courts at the Citi Open, next in line after the Stadium Court is the John Harris Court. Just like Stadium Court, play will begin at 17:00 on John Harris, and five games are set to be played here today. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Ruusuvuori vs Lestienne
  • Klahn vs Mmoh
  • Stephens vs Davis
  • Giron vs Albot
  • Mertens vs Kasatkina

The highest seed in action on John Harris today is Kasatkina, as she is the 5th seed in the women’s singles event. However, since both Klahn vs Mmoh and Stephens vs Davis are all-American battles, these should be great games to watch.


Moving over to Grandstand now, there are four matches listed in the Citi Open schedule for this court. Interestingly, the tournament organizers have put just one singles match on this court, while the other three are doubles games. As for the exact order of play, I’ve listed the matches below:

  • Bencic vs Potapova
  • Eubanks/Korda vs Hurkacz/Tiafoe
  • Evans/A. Murray vs Krajicek/Pavic
  • Martic/Sakkari vs Brady/Keys

With just one singles match listed, Bencic vs Potapova has to be my pick of the day for the Grandstand Court.

Court 4

Court 4 shows a well-balanced lineup today, with three doubles matches and two singles matches on the Washington Open schedule. Here is the order of play for Court 4 as per the most recent order of play:

  • Kato/Sutjiadi vs L. Kichenok/N. Kichenok
  • Cressy vs Shevchenko
  • Dimitrov/Mahut vs J. Murray/Venus
  • Gonzalez/Molteni vs Haase/Mektic
  • Mochizuki vs Barrere

Most of these matches should be very interesting to watch, but I feel that Cressy vs Shevchenko has the potential to be the most entertaining. 

Court 5

Last but not least, you can see the full Citi Open order of play for Court 5 here:

  • Shang vs Gomez
  • Watanuki vs Wu
  • Karatsev vs Pannu
  • Moutet vs Broady

As you can see, all of these are singles matches. Yet if you were hoping to tune in for the most thrilling games on Court 5 today, I’d recommend watching either Karatsev vs Pannu or Moutet vs Broady. 

Citi Open Schedule 2023 – Tournament Overview

I’ve shared the dates above concerning the Citi Open schedule for 2023, yet this is just the general overview you should keep in mind. For the more avid tennis fans, as I’m sure most of you are, you’ll want to know what’s occurring on a daily basis. So on that note, let me get a little more specific concerning what you can expect on each day of the event.

Pre-Tournament Qualifying

My focus here might well be on the main draw, but with this being a 500-level tournament, there are obviously qualifiers as well. Speaking of which, the qualifying matches will be played out on Saturday, July 29th, and Sunday, July 30th. Once the qualifiers have been decided, which are based on the results of the respective qualifying games, the players are then inserted into the main draw. 

And given that the Washington Open schedule is pretty compact due to its 500 status, these qualifiers have no time for celebrations. In fact, several of them will then be scheduled to play on the first day of the main draw, which brings me to the next section.

Citi Open Schedule – Day by Day

To clarify once more, the Citi Open will begin on Monday, July 31st. This is when the first rounds will be played for both the men’s and women’s singles. Yet since the men’s draw consists of 48 players while the women’s draw consists of 28 players, there are too many first-round games to complete in just one day. For that reason, the first rounds are played over a period of two days, meaning Monday, July 31st, and Tuesday, August 1st. 

At that point, the tournament should reach the 2nd round stages for both of the singles events. However, this is also the point at which the Citi Open doubles tournaments will begin, and these are pretty exciting to watch too. Anyway – back to the Washington Open schedule for the singles events. As we move into the 2nd round, these matches are then set to unfold on Wednesday, August 2nd, and Thursday, August 3rd. 

Once these games have been wrapped up, the tournament will then reach the quarter-final stage. Quarter-finals are provisionally scheduled to be played on Friday, August 4th, in their entirety. As for the semi-finals and finals, these are set to be contested on Saturday, August 5th, and Sunday, August 6th, respectively. 

Please check this condensed Citi Open schedule as a reference throughout the tournament to keep your finger on the pulse:

  • Monday/Tuesday – July 31st/August 1st – First Rounds
  • Wednesday/Thursday – August 2nd/3rd – Second Rounds
  • Friday – August 4th – Quarter-finals
  • Saturday – August 5th – Semi-finals
  • Sunday – August 6th – Finals

Washington Open Schedule – FAQs

When will you be updating this information with the Citi Open order of play?

I will be updating this page with the order of play once it is released. To be more specific, the order of play tends to be released in the evening before the next day of play. So the information will be updated accordingly when this occurs.

Will there be any changes to this provisional schedule throughout the week?

The only way that the Citi Open schedule will be adapted is if the tournament experiences adverse weather. If this happens, the matches that are played on each day might be adapted from the original tournament schedule. Additionally, if there are any extremely long matches, the schedule might be tweaked too.

How far in advance can we see the Washington Open schedule?

Well, the entire Citi Open schedule is already known for the week ahead. However, in terms of the players that are involved in the schedule for the respective days, this won’t be known until the Citi Open order of play comes out.

Is it possible to watch the games that are listed on the Citi Open schedule?

Absolutely. We’ve got an entire page on Citi Open TV live streaming, and I’d recommend checking that out when you can.

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