2024 Australian Open prize money breakdown and split

Check out a breakdown of the Australian Open prize money for 2024 right here. Details for each event discussed.

Australian Open prize money 2024 – comprehensive breakdown

As we are sure you know already, Grand Slam events always attract the largest prize pools. This is true for both the ATP and WTA Tours, and of course, this includes the Australian Open. And when it comes to the Australian Open prize money for 2024, things have never been better. Believe it or not, the total prize pool across all of the events being played down under for this swing, including the Australian Open, has surpassed $100 million AUD.

That’s a rather staggering sum of money we can probably all agree. However, this isn’t the full prize pool for the actual Australian Open, of course. Then again, once we reveal the figures for this year’s event, it’s not all that far off. The players that are competing in the 2024 Australian Open are playing for rather substantial sums of cash.

And the deeper they go in the tournament, the larger these payouts become as more people attend Australian Open matches in later rounds. If you want to be one of them, check our article on buying Australian Open tickets.

Amazingly, the total amount of money that will be paid out during the Australian Open this year is $86.5 million AUD, which is a 13.07% increase compared to last year’s prize pool of $76.5 million AUD. This money is split into various events and it is distributed according to how players perform.

Anyway, you are no doubt eager to learn the specifics relating to the Australian Open prize money this year. So let us give you the full breakdown as promised!

Prize money for 2024 Australian Open

We’ve given you enough of an introduction in the section above. So let us not waste any more time in getting to the finer details concerning prize money this year. Please check out the blow-by-blow report for prize money in Melbourne for 2024 right here:

Novak Djokovic Australian Open

Men’s and momen’s singles

Since the singles events receive the most attention of all Australian Open formats and events, we may as well start with them. As has been the case in recent years, men and women receive equal prize money for the Australian Open. Therefore, we can discuss both of these events in the same breath concerning the prize money breakdown. Working down from the top, here are the figures you need to know:

  • Winner – $3,150,000
  • Runner-up – $1,750,000
  • Semi-final – $990,000
  • Quarter-final – $600,000
  • Round of 16 – $375,000
  • Round of 32 – $255,000
  • Round of 64 – $180,000
  • First round – $120,00

As you can see, the prize money for the tournament gets progressively higher as the players move deeper into the draw. Yet even for those who lose in the opening round of the singles, they are still receiving more than $100,000 in prize money. Note also that the quoted prize money here is the total per player for those who fall at the stated round. And naturally, the player who goes all the way receives the largest piece of the pie.

With the prize money for the winner sitting more than $3 million AUD, this is the largest prize pool that there has ever been.

Men’s and women’s doubles

In all tennis tournaments, the available prize money is always less for doubles than it is for singles. Adding to this, unlike the singles draw where the prize money is given to individual players, in doubles, the prize money is issued ‘per team’. Therefore, whatever the prize money is for the stated round, this is shared between the partnership. So really, if you want to know what each individual receives, you simply divide the figure by two.

With that cleared up, we can now reveal the prize money for both the women’s and men’s doubles events for the 2023 Australian Open:

  • Winner – $730,000
  • Runner-up – $400,000
  • Semi-final – $227,500
  • Quarter-final – $128,000
  • Round of 16 – $75,000
  • Round of 32 – $53,000
  • First round – $36,000

The doubles events at the Australian Open are always great fun to watch. But as revealed by the prize money breakdown, the rewards are far less for doubles than they are for singles. Compared with close to $3 million AUD for the singles champion, an individual from the winning doubles pair will receive $347,500. That’s almost 10x less than the total for the singles champion.

At the same time, the respective prize money for each of the lower rounds is also far less. After all, fewer people tend to watch Australian Open matches in earlier rounds.

Mixed Doubles

The last of the three main events for the Australian Open is the mixed doubles. This tournament has the lowest share of the total prize pool, which is fairly standard compared to other Grand Slam events. With that said, there is still a prize pool breakdown to give you, and full details can be viewed here:

  • Winner – $165,000
  • Runner-up – $94,000
  • Semi-final – $50,000
  • Quarter-final – $26,500
  • Round of 16 – $13,275
  • First round – $6,900

Once again, the prize money shown for each round here is the total distributed to the pair. So whatever you see here as a total needs to be split in two to realize the individual cash rewards.

Australian Open

Ranking points

Although the primary focus here is to talk about prize money, we wanted to dish out a quick bonus concerning rankings points. If this is of interest to you, please see the rankings points breakdown right here:

  • Winner – 2000
  • Runner-up – 1200
  • Semi-final – 720
  • Quarter-final – 360
  • Round of 16 – 180
  • Round of 32 – 90
  • Round of 64 – 45
  • First round – 10

Much like the prize money, the rankings points increase incrementally with each round too.

FAQs – Australian Open prize money

Has the prize money this year increased from last year?

Yes. Compared to the 2203 Australian Open, the total prize pool has increased by 13.07%. Then again, it would be a surprise if the total prize pool didn’t increase given the natural inflation increase from year to year.

Is there also prize money for qualification for the singles?

As a matter of fact, yes there is. For those who make it into the qualifiers, there is $31,250 in prize money for first-round appearances. For players who win a round, this prize money jumps to $44,100. And for those who lose in the last round of qualifying, Australian Open prize money is $65,000.

Why is the prize money lower for doubles than it is for singles?

This is due to a combination of factors. But mainly, it’s because these have smaller draws and they don’t sell as many tickets as premium singles games do.

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