2024 Australian Open tickets – the easiest way to buy AO tickets

Looking to buy Australian Open tickets for the upcoming tournament? We’ve got the information you need right here.

Securing Australian Open Tickets – Your 2024 Guide

For those who haven’t seen the schedule, the Australian Open will begin on January 14th. Just to clarify, January 14th is this coming Sunday, so this will be the first time that Australian Open starts on a Sunday.

Of course, fans are very excited that another thrilling installment of the Australian Open is right around the corner, with many great players scheduled to appear at 2024 Australian Open. Meanwhile, one particular topic that fans are understandably wondering about relates to Australian Open tickets and how to purchase them.

As you can no doubt guess from the title, that will be the focus of the information shared here. Before we even get into the specifics, we can hit you with some good news too. Compared to other Grand Slams, especially Wimbledon, it is reasonably easy to get your hands on tickets for the Australian Open. Tickets are available to purchase both online and offline, and we’ve shared details for both avenues right here.

So if you are ready to discover how to buy tickets for the following two weeks of tennis, we encourage you to read through each of the sections below.

Buying Australian Open tickets online

The most preferred route for buying tickets for this event is to do so online. For the 2024 Australian Open, there are actually three websites that you can buy tickets through.

One of these websites is Ticketmaster, another is the main Australian Open website, and the final option is the AO Premium Experiences site. However, for those looking for standard tickets, we would recommend the Australian Open or Ticketmaster websites.

AO 2023 Fans

On these websites, you can filter through the competition according to dates, courts, and ticket prices. And whichever site you purchase through, you will receive a confirmation email once you’ve officially bought the tickets. Note that you won’t actually receive the e-ticket immediately. These are released as the event draws a little closer, usually in the form of a QR code that you can use to enter the grounds.

If you purchase multiple tickets, meaning you buy for yourself and friends/family, the tickets must be forwarded to them. This needs to be done before the day that you have purchased tickets for arrives. And the reason for this is that the tickets are assigned to an individual to avoid repeat tickets being used. This also comes down to fair ticket selling.

As for using the QR code to enter the grounds, you’ll need to download either the AO App or the Ticketmaster app. That’s where you can sign in and scan your ticket.

Grabbing tickets on the day of the event

If you are unable to purchase tickets online for whatever reason and you don’t want to watch Australian Open on your TV, you’ll need to grab your tickets on the day. While this isn’t our recommended route if it’s your only option then so be it. And the promising news about grabbing tickets on the day is that it’s simple to do so. You’ll need to go and join the ticket sales queue first thing in the morning, ideally. This way you’ll get first dibs on whatever tickets become available for any given day.

If you are lucky, you may be able to purchase some stadium court tickets by queuing up. However, if all of the stadium tickets are done, you may have to settle for a ‘ground pass’. Just to clarify, this gives you access to all courts except the stadium courts.

Australian Open ticket prices

Now that you know how to secure some tickets for this event, it’s time to discuss the other important element – price. Of course, Australian Open ticket prices vary greatly depending on your court and chosen seats. But the good thing is that there is plenty of variety, meaning there’s always something suitable for everyone. Also, given the record-breaking Australian Open prize money this year, the prices for tickets are pretty affordable.

As for exact prices, here is your breakdown:

  • Ground Pass – from $29.00 AUD
  • John Cain Arena – from $49.00 AUD
  • Margaret Court Arena – from $69.00 AUD
  • Rod Laver Arena – from $69.00 AUD

You can no doubt see that the Australian Open ticket prices are labelled as ‘from’. That’s because this is the minimum price for tickets relating to those respective courts.

FAQs on Australian Open tickets

What do I get with a ground pass?

As noted above, a ground pass gives you access to all except the main show courts. However, this year you can get into the John Cain Arena for unreserved seats too.

How do I get to the Australian Open on public transport?

The best way to reach the Australian Open on public transport is to use the free shuttle or the train. Shuttles can be taken from Route 70 or 70A, and trains can be taken to either Flinders Street, Richmond, or Jolimont Station.

How many spectators can fit into the main stadium courts?

Australian Open tickets
Australian Open tickets

For the Rod Laver Arena, the capacity is 14,820. For the Margaret Court Arena, it’s 7,500.

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