ATP Finals 2023 schedule and order of play

The 2023 ATP Finals schedule is about to kick into full swing. To be specific, the opening matches are scheduled to start on Sunday, November 12th.

These will be the opening games in the Green Group, after which the schedule will follow with Red Group matches on Monday, November 13th.

Since the ATP Finals operates using a round-robin format prior to the knockout stages, however, the Green and Red Group matches will then be played on alternating days. 

ATP Finals Schedule 2023

Don’t worry; as unusual as the ATP Finals schedule is compared with standard events, all will be clarified in further detail through the respective sections below. So if you’re eager to learn about the full schedule, including the order of play for the opening days, simply read on through the following sections.

2023 ATP Finals schedule – full tournament overview

Although the ATP Finals singles competition gets the bulk of media attention, there is also the ATP Finals doubles competition taking place in Turin this week.

As for the ATP Finals schedule for these respective events, they run in parallel fashion with one another. This means that the schedule relating to Green and Red Group games, as well as when the tournament transitions into the knockout phases, is a mirror image for both singles and doubles.

So – exactly what is the full schedule for the 2023 ATP Finals?

Taking the overview approach, first and foremost, this event will run from Sunday, November 12th to Sunday, November 19th. This shows that the 2023 ATP Finals is a week-long event for both the singles and doubles competitions.

Throughout this week-long competition, there will be a total of 30 matches played. This is broken down into four matches per day for the round-robin part of the event, followed by four matches on semi-finals day and two matches on finals day.

So when it comes to action-packed, top-level tennis, as the ATP Finals schedule shows, the upcoming week really cannot be beaten!

ATP Finals schedule 2023 – day one order of play (Sunday, November 12th)

At the time of writing, we know the order of play for the first and second days of the 2023 ATP Finals. All matches involved in the order of play will be played on just one court, the Centre Court, and they will begin at 12:00 local time – 11:00 UK time.

With that clarified, let me reveal the lineup for day one:

  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin vs Granollers/Zeballos
  • Novak Djokovic vs Holger Rune

2023 ATP Finals schedule – day two order of play (Monday, November 13th)

Following on from day one, of course, we head straight into another exciting day for the ATP Finals 2023 competition. As for the order of play that’s been outlined for Monday, November 13th, the four scheduled matches are as follows:

  • Bopanna/Ebden vs Ram/Salisbury
  • Daniil Medvedev vs Andrey Rublev

ATP Finals schedule 2023 – day-by-day explained

You are now armed with a general overview of the schedule for this tournament. But to really dive into the specifics of what the schedule offers on each day, we’ve got to break things down even further. So now, let me take you into the day-by-day schedule for the ATP Finals 2023.

  • Sunday, November 12th – Green Group Round Robin – First Matches
  • Monday, November 13th – Red Group Round Robin – First Matches
  • Tuesday, November 14th – Green Group Round Robin – Second Matches
  • Wednesday, November 15th – Red Group Round Robin – Second Matches
  • Thursday, November 16th – Green Group Round Robin – Third Matches
  • Friday, November 17th – Red Group Round Robin – Third Matches
  • Saturday, November 18th – Semi-finals matches
  • Sunday, November 19th – Finals matches

As displayed by the day-by-day ATP Finals schedule above, the alternating format of Green and Red Groups is clear to see. To clarify even further, each ‘round robin’ day of the event is set to host 2x singles matches and 2x doubles matches.

Of course, once the knockout stage is reached on Saturday, November 18th, the scheduled semi-finals will show 2x singles and 2x doubles games too. Only this time, the players from the two different groups will face off for the first time in the event.

Finally, Sunday, November 19th, is the day in which we will find out who wins the 2023 ATP Finals competitions. 

FAQs – 2023 ATP Finals schedule

Where can I watch the ATP Finals 2023?

In the UK, you can catch all of the action on Amazon Prime.

Can I still purchase tickets for this tournament?

Absolutely – tickets can still be bought through the official ATP Finals website.

Is there a day and night session incorporated into the ATP Finals schedule?

Yes, there is a day and night session for each day of the event.

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