ATP China Open 2023 schedule and order of play – updated daily

Hoping for a one-stop-shop source of information for the ATP China Open schedule? You’re in the right place. I will be covering the entire tournament from start to finish. This means that you can expect daily updates on the ATP China Open order of play, and these will cover other important details too. For example, the daily updates will track things like the top ATP China Open seeds, tournament wildcards, and more.

ATP China Open Schedule

However, I’ve also provided a full overview of the ATP China Open schedule. This way, you’ll have an idea of what period of time this tournament covers, as well as what you can expect as the week progresses. All of these important details are discussed below, so do read on for your full ATP China Open schedule breakdown.

2023 ATP China Open schedule for finals day – Wednesday, October 4th

Following a pretty awesome couple of matches in the ATP China Open today, we now know who will fight for the title in tomorrow’s final. Of course, the confirmed finalists are Daniil Medvedev and Jannik Sinner, and this should be a thrilling contest to watch. With that said, this is just the first of two finals that are on the ATP China Open schedule for Wednesday, October 4th. In addition to the final that I’ve just mentioned, the men’s doubles final will also be played on Wednesday, and this match will see Dodig/Krajicek take on Koolhof/Skupski. 

As you may be aware if you have tracked the draw and daily events, this doubles final is the one that everybody had hoped for. I say this because it sees the number one seeds taking on the number two seeds. So theoretically, the stage is set for the best possible men’s doubles final, and you can see when this match will be played by checking out the ATP China Open order of play in the sections outlined below.

But first, I must stress that Wednesday, October 4th is the last day that I will be providing ATP China Open schedule updates. Of course, once the finals have been played and completed, the China Open will officially be over. Then again, the ATP Tour then moves swiftly into a 1000-level event known as the ATP Rolex Shanghai Masters – so make sure you tune in for that over the coming days.

Anyway, given that the ATP China Open finals are less than 24 hours away, let me provide the venue and start times now.

Diamond Court – 05:00 start of play

As referenced above, and as expected for finals day, the two matches are set to be held on the Diamond Court. Interestingly, the men’s doubles final will be held first, and the men’s singles final is set to follow. But once again, since the ATP China Open schedule must work around the WTA China Open, there are two WTA matches scheduled prior to these finals. This actually works out well for viewers in the UK, as it means that the highly anticipated men’s finals won’t be held until later in the day. 

Anyway, please see the ATP China Open order of play here so that you can get these matches in your calendar:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Dodig/Krajicek vs Koolhof/Skupski
  • Jannik Sinner vs Daniil Medvedev

In terms of the precise start times, the latest ATP China Open schedule tells us that the men’s doubles final won’t be held before 10:00 UK time. Naturally, the men’s singles final will then follow that match, but it will not start before 12:30, which is a nice late start for those hoping to watch in the United Kingdom.

ATP China Open schedule – Tuesday, October 3rd lineup

So there we have it – the four semi-finalists that will feature in the ATP China Open schedule for Tuesday are set. And as many may have predicted at the start of the tournament, the biggest names in the draw have made it into the last four. These names include Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev as the number one and two seeds, respectively. However, if you have been tracking these daily updates and the draw, you’ll be aware that these guys can only play each other if they both make the final. Speaking of which, don’t forget that the ATP China Open schedule ensures that the final will be held on Wednesday, October 4th.

But before the official ATP China Open order of play is released for that day, we won’t know exactly when the final will be played. Anyway, let’s not run before we can walk concerning the finals of this very exciting tournament. Bringing things back to the present, we do know who the semi-finalists are for the singles and the doubles events. And because of that, we know who will show their skills on the respective courts in Beijing on Tuesday, October 3rd.

So, who is playing where, and what time will you need to tune in if you wish to catch the action? Let me give you the answers right now.

Diamond Court – not before 09:30 start time (ATP matches)

As expected, the ATP China Open order of play focuses on the singles event for the Diamond Court. Since this is the main court in Beijing, it makes sense that this court will host the latter matches of the tournament. Additionally, as we’ve seen on the ATP China Open schedule in recent days, Diamond Court will also host some of the WTA China Open matches. These will open up the day of play for Tuesday, October 3rd, yet the afternoon/night session is all about the men’s singles event. 

So, without further ado, let me provide the full ATP China Open order of play for the Diamond Court ahead of Tuesday’s action:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Alexander Zverev vs Daniil Medvedev
  • Carlos Alcaraz vs TBD

Brad Drewett Court – not before 07:00 start time (ATP matches)

Since the singles matches have both been scheduled for the Diamond Court, it’s the Brad Drewett Court that will host the doubles matches. As a reminder, these are both semi-final matches, and the winners will progress through to the finals that will be held on Wednesday, October 4th. Yet before that time comes, please see the ATP China Open schedule for the Brad Drewett Court here:

  • WTA Match
  • Khachanov/Rublev vs Koolhof/Skupski
  • Dodig/Krajicek vs Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin

Interestingly, Khachanov/Rublev are the only unseeded guys that have made it into the semis. Each of the other three pairs are some of the top seeds, which makes this an intriguing lineup.

Monday, October 2nd – 2023 ATP China Open order of play

Following the completion of all second-round matches on Sunday, October 1st, the 2023 ATP China Open is now at the quarter-finals stage. Of course, this means that there are just 8 guys left in the draw, so the ATP China Open schedule is naturally not as ‘busy’ as it has been in previous days. Subsequently, the ATP China Open order of play is more condensed too, meaning there are fewer courts involved and fewer matches for each of the selected stadium courts. Then again, this isn’t a bad thing. 

There might be less tennis on the cards, but the quality of the scheduled matches has gone up a notch as the remaining players look to reach the semi-finals. At the same time, the doubles event now has a couple of pairs that have reached the semi-finals already. So we are clearly reaching the business event of the doubles tournament too. And in case you needed any reminder, the initial ATP China Open schedule confirms that the finals will be played on Wednesday, October 4th. 

Therefore, we’ve still got three full days of ATP tennis to look forward to in Beijing, which brings me to the ATP China Open order of play for October 2nd. 

Diamond Court – 05:30 start time

Starting with the Diamond Court, this arena is once again set to host the biggest names that are left in the tournament – with one exception. Interestingly, Carlos Alcaraz has been moved to the Lotus Court, which is unusual, but I’m sure the tournament organizers have their reasons. As for what’s to come on the Diamond Court for Monday, October 2nd, let me reveal the five scheduled matches right now:

  • Ugo Humbert vs Daniil Medvedev
  • Alexander Zverev vs Nicolas Jarry
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Rune/Dimitrov vs Jannik Sinner – Not Before 14:00

Lotus Court – 04:00 start time

Note that this court has an earlier start time than the other two that are included in the ATP China Open schedule for October 2nd. That’s because there are plenty of WTA matches that must also be played and completed for this day, so the two events must work in sync to keep things progressing as planned. On that note, while there are five matches listed in the ATP China Open order of play for the Lotus Court, just one of these matches is an ATP game. 

Regardless, I can show you the confirmed schedule before things begin:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Carlos Alcaraz vs Casper Ruud – Not Before 12:00

Brad Drewett Court – 05:30 start time

Since the Moon Court has zero ATP matches in the schedule for Monday, we can wrap things up with the ATP China Open order of play for the Brad Drewett Court. As you may have noticed, all of the singles matches have been scheduled for the previous two courts. Therefore, the matches that will be played on this court are solely men’s doubles matches, which are mixed in with a couple of WTA games too. Here is the lineup:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Nys/Zielinski vs Koolhof/Skupski
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin vs Granollers/Zeballos

Sunday, October 1st – ATP China Open schedule breakdown

As the 2023 ATP China Open progresses into October, all of the first-round matches have officially been completed. This means that all of the second-round contests are fixed at this point. However, in line with the ATP China Open schedule, some of the second-round matches were already played on Saturday, September 30th. This means that the winners of these matches have now made it into the quarter-finals of the event. And they will now receive a brief rest while they await their opponents from the previous round.

While this is true for the singles competition, the men’s doubles competition is actually ahead of the curve. In fact, if you check the ATP China Open schedule for the coming day, any men’s doubles matches that you see are quarter-final matches. Then again, any of the singles matches that you see for Sunday, October 1st, are all second-round contests. Naturally, this shows us that the ATP China Open schedule for both events is moving forward at a fairly even pace, and hopefully, this will continue for the remainder of the tournament.

Anyway, now that you know what stage of the tournament we are at as we turn the bend into October, I will adjust the focus to the exact ATP China Open order of play for Sunday, October 1st.

Diamond Court – 05:30 start time

Although the ATP China Open is now moving towards the quarter-final stage, the Diamond Court remains the main ‘show court’ for the event. Yet for the ATP China Open schedule for Sunday, just two matches are due to be played here. These matches include the number one seed, Carlos Alcaraz, as well as the number three seed, Holger Rune. At the same time, there are a few WTA matches in the mix since this competition is running alongside the ATP event. 

As for the complete schedule, I’ve detailed it here:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Carlos Alcaraz vs Lorenzo Musetti
  • Holger Rune vs Grigor Dimitrov
  • WTA Match

Lotus Court – 04:00 start time

In previous days, the Lotus Court also held a range of ATP matches. Yet with fewer guys left in the tournament, the latest ATP China Open schedule shows just two matches for this court on Sunday. This is the same as the Diamond Court mentioned above, yet there are still big names who are due to show their skills on this court. Simply check out the scheduled matches right here to see what’s on the cards:

  • WTA Match
  • Thomas Martin Etcheverry vs Casper Ruud
  • Yoshihito Nishioka vs Jannik Sinner
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match

Court 2 – 08:00 start time

The last of the courts that are hosting men’s matches is Court 2. But unlike the previous two courts, the ATP China Open order of play for this court is set to host just two doubles matches, and the start time is much later at 08:00 (UK time). As for the scheduled matches, here they are:

  • Khachanov/Rublev vs Erler/Miedler
  • Dodig/Krajicek vs Melo/Zverev

2023 ATP China Open order of play for Saturday, September 30th

The first full day of the 2023 ATP China Open has reached its end. And personally, I think that the level of entertainment was fantastic for a 500-level tournament. Many of the big names put on a show, as seen with the talents of Medvedev, Alcaraz, Sinner, Rune, and others. Yet it wasn’t just the singles players that dazzled the crowd in Beijing. There were some fantastic doubles matches too, so the ATP China Open schedule did not let us down on Friday, September 29th. However, the best is yet to come in this tournament. 

As the singles draw has now progressed into the second round (the round of 16), and with the men’s doubles draw taking shape, we’ve still got plenty of great tennis to be played. This brings me to the update concerning the ATP China Open order of play ahead of the matches that are scheduled for Saturday, September 30th. As you’ll see by looking through the three main courts below, once again, the top seeds and major contenders are largely in action.

Yet additionally, Saturday, September 30th is the beginning of the WTA China Open. For that reason, the ATP China Open schedule also overlaps with the WTA event from this point onwards. Therefore, you will notice that the three courts being used in the men’s event also have WTA matches scheduled from tomorrow onwards. Nevertheless, I can still provide a clear breakdown of the ATP China Open schedule for each court, so let’s get right to it.

Diamond Court – 05:30 start time

Diamond Court, also known as the main show court at the China Open, is set to host several of the top seeds for the second day running. And as you can see, play will begin at 05:30 UK time, so you may have to wake up early to catch the games that are up first. On that note, do check out the complete ATP China Open order of play for the Diamond Court below – that way you can decide whether to wake up early or not!

  • Matteo Arnaldi vs Nicols Jarry
  • Alex de Minaur vs Daniil Medvedev
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Alexander Zverev vs Alejandro Davidovich Fokina

Lotus Court – 04:00 start time

The Lotus Court is a bit of an anomaly when running through the ATP China Open schedule for Saturday, September 30th. I say that because the Lotus Court is largely made up of WTA matches, which is where the overlap with the WTA China Open becomes really apparent. In fact, the Lotus Court has just one men’s match scheduled for September 30th, and this is the final match of the day. Regardless, the schedule breakdown is listed below:

  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • WTA Match
  • Andrey Rublev vs Ugo Humbert

Brad Drewett – 05:30 start time

Moving to Brad Drewett for Saturday, September 30th, this court is reserved purely for the men’s doubles competition. Specifically, the ATP China Open schedule shows four doubles matches for this court, as detailed here:

  • Dodig/Krajicek vs Krawietz/Puetz
  • Nys/Zielinski vs Gille/Vliegen
  • Gonzalez/Roger-Vasselin vs Etcheverry/Jarry
  • Granollers/Zeballos vs de Minaur/Sinner

ATP China Open schedule for Friday, September 29th

The first few matches of the 2023 ATP China Open were played on Thursday, September 28th. Specifically, there were five singles matches played on Thursday, and some of the results were already rather surprising. Of course, the bulk of the ATP China Open schedule will now kick in following these opening matches. This means that the majority of first-round matches are included in the ATP China Open order of play for Friday, September 29th. And once again, I’m expecting plenty of drama and high-quality tennis – especially based on the strength of the 2023 ATP China Open!

This 500-level event has some huge names involved, and these major players will all begin their campaigns on Friday, September 29th. Speaking of which, names like Carlos Alcaraz, Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Holger Rune, and several others are all due to play their first rounds on Friday. As for who, where, and when they are playing, this is all evident in the recent release of the ATP China Open order of play for Friday.

So if you’ve come here primarily to see this order of play, simply check out my rundown of the scheduled matches for each court below. 

Diamond Court – 05:30 start time

Due to the seven-hour time difference between the UK and Beijing, matches start early in the morning, as reflected in the 05:30 start time for the Diamond Court. As for the official ATP China Open order of play for this court, the two highest seeds are in action here – Alcaraz (1) and Medvedev (2). Note that like other events, however, we know that Alcaraz will not play before 12:30 UK time due to the opening ceremony being scheduled after the Zverev game.

With that clarified, please see the full ATP China Open schedule for this court here:

  • Alexander Zverev vs Diego Schwartzman
  • Carlos Alcaraz vs Yannick Hanfmann

Lotus Court – 05:30 start time

The Lotus Court is loaded with some mouthwatering matches for Friday too. Three of the 8 seeds are scheduled to play on this court on Friday, and these names include Tsitsipas (4), Sinner (6), and Ruud (7). As for the exact matches, you can view all four matches that form the ATP China Open schedule for the Lotus Court below:

Brad Drewett Court – 05:30 start time

The Brad Drewett Court is the last show court in use for the men’s matches on Friday. And as it happens, this is the only court that also has a men’s doubles match on the schedule, which is the final match of the day. This is combined with three singles matches to form the full ATP China Open order of play on this court, as detailed here:

  • Karen Khachanov vs Lorenzo Musetti
  • Sun/Zhou vs Koolhof/Skupski

2023 ATP China Open schedule – tournament dates and general overview

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the ATP schedule for this time of the season, I can tell you that the ATP China Open is a 500-level event. This means that the tournament will take place over the course of just one week. After all, it’s a 32 draw that contains 3 ATP China Open wildcards and 4 qualifiers in total. Subsequently, players must win five matches to win the tournament, which is true for all main draw participants since the seeds do not receive a bye. 

As for the general overview of the ATP China Open schedule, this event is set to commence on September 28th. From this point onwards, matches will be played consistently as we progress towards the final day of the event, which is October 4th. Of course, like all of the ATP-sanctioned events throughout the season, the knockout system of the China Open means that fewer matches will be played each day as the tournament progresses. 

As a result, the early days of the event will show more matches in the official ATP China Open order of play than the later days. This is also the time at which you can see the greatest number of ATP China Open predictions for the matches that are scheduled. Anyway, that takes care of the schedule from an overall perspective. But if you are curious about what to expect on each day of the event, make sure you read the following section too. 

ATP China Open order of play – key details

As you have probably gathered, the order of play is something that is quite different from the general ATP China Open schedule. By nature, the order of play gives us the exact details of who is playing who on any given day throughout the tournament. At the same time, the order of play shows us things like the court number, as well as the time that each individual is competing. These elements are interlinked with regard to the full ATP China Open schedule, so let me cover both areas now.

Order of play updates

Throughout the ATP China Open, I will be sharing updates concerning the order of play. However, it goes without saying that I cannot share the exact ATP China Open order of play until it is released by the tournament organizers. On that note, it’s fairly common for the tournament organizers to publish the order of play once all of the matches have finished for any given day throughout the event. This means that I will be sharing the specifics for the ATP China order of play once all of the games have been concluded.

More often than not, these updates will be published on the morning of each day of play.

Matches and rounds for each day

I’ve provided a complete overview of the ATP China Open schedule in the sections above. Yet just as a reminder, the tournament will be played from Thursday, September 28th, through to Wednesday, October 4th. As for what rounds and matches you can expect on certain days throughout the seven-day event, let me provide those specifics right now:

  • First rounds – Thursday 28th & Friday 29th September
  • Second rounds – Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October
  • Quarter-finals – Monday 2nd October
  • Semi-finals – Tuesday 3rd October
  • Finals – Wednesday 4th October

Note that this is the ATP China Open schedule for the main singles event. However, there is also the ATP China Open doubles event taking place alongside the singles event. So you can tune in for these matches throughout the week too if desired.

FAQs – ATP China Open schedule 2023

Is it possible to livestream the matches played during this event?

Absolutely. I suggest checking out our page for a comprehensive view of ATP China Open live streaming options. 

What is the format for the matches played in this tournament?

Like all events except for the four Grand Slams, the ATP China Open is played using a best-of-three set format for singles and doubles matches.

Will the provisional ATP China Open schedule remain the same?

Yes, unless there are any changes required due to things like adverse weather. 

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