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Moises Caicedo next club odds: battle for Brighton midfielder intensifies

Moises Caicedo Transfer
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Moises Caicedo’s name is one that is increasingly popping up in this heated transfer summer. The 21-year-old defensive midfielder is undoubtedly one of the best in the Premier League, so it’s no wonder why the top dogs in the league are eager to have him. After the David Raya transfer saga, could this be the next big thing in the 2023 summer transfer window?

The Ecuadorian had a phenomenal season with Brighton, as he made 37 official appearances for the club, helping the Seagulls reach the Europa League group stages. During the 2022/23 campaign, Moises was quite busy. He scored only one goal and provided a teammate with barely one assist, but his overall contribution to how Brighton played was unquestionable.

Moises Caicedo’s unyielding style of play is what impressed coach Roberto De Zerbi the most. That’s why Caicedo spent 3,159 minutes on the pitch during the 2022/23 race. He was only substituted on three occasions, thus becoming the most valuable player on the team.

This amazing player is becoming too big for his britches. There are plenty of Premier League clubs that are desperate to have a world-class defensive midfielder on their side, so we’ll probably see Moises with a new club sooner rather than later.

Let’s see who the top candidates are.

Caicedo next club odds

Chelsea – 1/6

Chelsea’s lavish spending has no end. After spending €60.00m on Christopher Nkunku, €45.00m on Axel Disasi, €37.00m on Nicolas Jackson, €27.00m on Lesley Ugochukwu, €23.00m on Brighton’s goalkeeper-in-chief Sanchez, and €15.00m on Brazilian prodigy Angelo, you’d expect the Blues to cool it with the spending.

American businessman Todd Boehly thinks otherwise. Not only will Chelsea spend more, but it seems that the club owner is ready to break the bank with the Moises Caicedo deal.

Everything was leading to Merseyside signing Moises, but Chelsea’s last-minute pursuit seems to tempt the Ecuadorian a bit more. According to recent news, the Blues from London prepared a massive £100m bid for Moises Caicedo’s signature. Signing him up would definitely mean a five-year deal at least, as that’s how Chelsea proceed with their new players in the last two transfer windows.

Liverpool – 7/2

Rumors have it that Merseyside are upset with Chelsea trying to hijack Moises Caicedo right in front of them. That’s why Liverpool’s men in charge sweetened the pot with another £10m to bump the offer up to a mind-blowing £110m for Brighton’s midfielder.

The Seagulls are undoubtedly happy with all the attention their player is getting. Never before has the club received such phenomenal resources for one of their assets. It’s still unknown whether or not the Seagulls are ready to reopen talks with Merseyside, as it is a tiresome process, but another £10m in the bank might just convince them to do so.

To stay at Brighton – 16/1

Some sources indicated that Moises Caicedo is having second thoughts about leaving Brighton. And he has a point. Plenty of young players joined Stamford Bridge a little too early and got their careers wrecked. Many others succeeded. But is rocking the boat worth it? Moises Caicedo is a key figure for the Seagulls. He’ll receive all the attention and admiration in the World at American Express Community Stadium. Something that Merseyside or Todd Boehly can’t promise.

It’s very likely that Caicedo will accept one of the two offers above, but if he doesn’t, he’ll surely play for Brighton in the 2023/24 season.

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