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Where and How to Get 2023 Royal Ascot Tickets

Where and How to Get 2023 Royal Ascot Tickets
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The Royal Ascot is a dazzling spectacle that combines high fashion, rich heritage, and exhilarating horse racing. With the changing times, the 2023 Royal Ascot is set to honor the late Queen Elizabeth, promising a memorable and sentiment-filled event. If you plan to be part of this grandeur, here’s a detailed guide on Where and How to Get 2023 Royal Ascot Tickets

How to Purchase Tickets

Buying tickets for the Royal Ascot is a straightforward process. Tickets are available through the official Royal Ascot website or other authorized ticket vendors. Buying tickets from trusted sources is essential to avoid fraudulent transactions.


As the Royal Ascot is a global spectacle, tickets are in high demand; hence early booking is advised. Although several spots are available, waiting until the last minute might disappoint you, as key enclosure options may sell out.

Understanding the Enclosures

Before purchasing your ticket, you need to understand the different enclosures available. The Royal Enclosure, the Queen Anne Enclosure, and the Windsor Enclosure provide a unique experience.

The Royal Enclosure

This is the most prestigious enclosure, dating back to the times of King George IV. Access to the Royal Enclosure is highly restricted and by invitation only, primarily extended to members and guests. If you are fortunate enough to secure an invitation, expect a high-class experience with superior views of the races, gourmet dining, and a chance to rub shoulders with the elite.

The Queen Anne Enclosure

Named after the founder of Ascot Racecourse, the Queen Anne Enclosure is a prime spot for the action. Patrons can enjoy pre-parade ring views, the Parade Ring, and trackside lawns. This enclosure also offers access to the Royal Procession and the Parade of the Royal Horse Artillery.

The Windsor Enclosure

This most affordable and informal enclosure provides an excellent atmosphere and a close view of the Royal Procession. Patrons can access food stalls, bars, and betting facilities, although the enclosure is far from the finishing line.

Dress Code Guidelines

Each enclosure has its dress code:

The Royal Enclosure

For men, it’s a black or grey morning dress with a waistcoat, tie (not cravat), black shoes, and a top hat. Ladies must wear formal daywear, with dresses and skirts falling just above the knee or longer. Straps must be at least one inch wide, and hats should be worn, although headpieces with a solid base of 4 inches or more are acceptable.

The Queen Anne Enclosure

Men must wear a full-length suit with a shirt and tie. Ladies should wear dresses or suits, and a hat, headpiece, or fascinator must always be worn.

The Windsor Enclosure

No official dress code exists, but racegoers are encouraged to dress smartly. Most opt for smart daywear, such as a suit for men and a dress for women.

Wrapping Up

Obtaining your 2023 Royal Ascot tickets involves a simple yet crucial process. It is key to understanding the different enclosures, their offerings, and corresponding dress codes. Once you’ve decided on your desired enclosure, you must visit the official Royal Ascot website or authorized ticket vendors and secure your place at one of the world’s most prestigious racing events. Remember, it’s more than just horse racing—an unforgettable experience of fashion, heritage, and entertainment.

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