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Tahiyra Odds: Can This Horse Maintain Her 100% Win Record in the 1000 Guineas Stakes?

The ante-post markets for the 1000 Guineas Stakes are getting some serious action at the moment. And for those who haven’t kept up with the Guineas Festival, the 1000 Guineas Stakes is set to kick off at 15:40 (approximately), on Sunday, May 7th. This is the second of the Grade 1 Stakes races held during the Guineas Festival, with the first of them held on Saturday, May 6th. The one on Saturday is the 2000 Guineas Stakes, which is obviously followed by this magnificent race on Sunday.

Given that we are discussing the 1000 Guineas Stakes here, it makes sense to address the Tahiyra odds as per the ante-post markets. I say this because Tahiyra is the current race favourite, marginally above other top contenders like Meditate and Mammas Girl. But like any odds provided for these major races, it’s useful to look at whether the odds align with the realistic chances of victory for the respective horse.

Tahiyra Odds

Of course, with odds of 12/5 (3.40), this is still an attractive price considering that she is at the top of the 1000 Guineas Stakes favourites list. But how have the Tahiyra odds reached this point and is this an appropriate horse to back for the race? Let’s find out.

Tahiyra Odds for 1000 Guineas Stakes of 2/1 – Reasons Why 

It goes without saying that the odds in horse racing are based on a number of factors. Things like form, past performances, who’s in the saddle, and more have an impact on the odds. And as punters, it’s our job to filter through this information to determine whether the odds show value or not. Before I address that regarding the Tahiyra odds, however, let me give you the two main factors that are impacting the odds right now.

100% Win Rate – Two Races in Total

Of course, form is perhaps the biggest factor of all when it comes to the respective odds in any horse race. In the case of Tahiyra, she’s been quite remarkable in both of her previous races. These were both run in 2022, and she won a race in Galway, followed by a huge G1 victory at Curragh in September 2022. Both of these races were 7 furlongs in distance – shorter than the upcoming 1000 Guineas Stakes.

Rating of 118 Going Into the Event

If you follow horse racing, you’ll know that horses are assigned ratings that also take into account numerous factors. A horse’s rating usually shows you what kind of form they are in, and Tahiyra has a rating of 118 at the moment. This puts her at 4 points ahead of the second favourite for the race, showing that she is certainly the most likely horse to win the event.

Is Tahiyra the Best Shout to Win the 1000 Guineas Stakes?

Here’s the million-dollar question – is Tahiyra worth betting on to win this race? Taking the most recent Tahiyra odds and weighing the price against the factors shown earlier, I believe the answer is yes. She could definitely win this race based on previous performances, but she will need to remain strong towards the end. I say this as she hasn’t run at this distance yet, so her engine will certainly be tested.

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