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King Charles at Royal Ascot 2023: Will the Monarch Be Attending?

King Charles and other members of the royal family will grace the prestigious Royal Ascot 2023 event, marking their appearance over five days.

King Charles
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The new monarch specifically is committed to continuing the legacy of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who held a deep passion for this esteemed horse racing event.

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II’s Fondness for Royal Ascot

Queen Elizabeth II’s fondness for the Royal Ascot was well known. She attended the annual event regularly, making it a highlight of her calendar year. Over the years, she saw 24 horses gallop to victory at the Ascot, further deepening her connection to the race.

While the Queen’s failing health kept her from attending the 2022 event, her love for the Ascot remained undiminished until her death on September 8, 2022.

The New King Inherits the Royal Stable

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III inherited her stable racehorses and her racing colors. This has led to him enjoying six victories, an auspicious start to his reign in horse racing.

King Charles’ Apprehensions About the Royal Ascot

Despite his early success on the track, King Charles III reportedly expressed his apprehension about the event, citing sources citing him describing the Ascot as an “ordeal.” As the principal royal figure at the biggest flat meeting of each season, King Charles now has a more visible and demanding role.

Unlike his mother, who was well-versed in horse racing and could engage effortlessly in detailed discussions with trainers and stable staff, King Charles might find the equestrian jargon more challenging.

King Charles and Camila: The Centre of Attention

Nevertheless, King Charles III and Camila will lead the Royal Ascot 2023. As per tradition, they will commence the Royal procession at 2:00 pm each day, traveling in the first carriage, accompanied by various esteemed guests throughout the five-day meeting.

Other prominent members of the Royal Family, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton, are expected to join in subsequent carriages, maintaining a regal presence throughout the event. Princess Beatrice will also make her appearance along with her imminent family members.

When and Where to Watch the Royal Ascot 2023?

Royal Ascot 2023 will commence on Tuesday, June 20th, and conclude on Saturday, June 24th. All races will be broadcast live on ITV and Sky Sports Racing. The first race starts at 2:30 pm, with the day’s final race at 6:10 pm. Notably, the Ascot Gold Cup promises a thrilling contest with favorites such as Coltrane, Eldar Eldarov, and Emily Dickinson in the lineup.

Royal Family
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Queen Elizabeth II’s Legacy at Royal Ascot

Queen Elizabeth II left behind a formidable legacy at Royal Ascot, with 24 victories. Her first winner was Choir Boy in the Royal Hunt Cup in 1953, while her last winner was Tactical in the Windsor Castle Stakes in 2020.

While it remains to be seen if King Charles III will develop the same passion for horse racing as his mother, his presence at the Royal Ascot 2023 is a testament to his resolve to uphold and continue the rich royal traditions.

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