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Preakness Stakes 2023 horses: All the entries and post positions listed here

The 2023 Preakness Stakes will be held tonight, and horse fans around the world are understandably very excited about this race. It’s the second part of the famous Triple Crown, and there is plenty on the line for the horses and jockeys that are involved. On that note, a total of seven horses are set to run in the Preakness Stakes tonight. This has been cut down from eight horses following the withdrawal of First Mission. 

Preakness Stakes 2023

Naturally, this means that seven horses have a shot of winning the Preakness Stakes. Although with that said, not all of them have the same chances as one another. There are a couple of clear favourites in the lineup, and the post positions for these horses could play a part in their shot at victory tonight. So as you’ve no doubt gathered, I’ll be covering the post positions for all seven horses right here.

Not only that, but I’ll also be giving you a quick overview of the horses too. This way, you’ll know about the post position on the track and how likely each horse is to win the 2023 Preakness Stakes.

2023 Preakness Stakes Post Positions and Horses Discussed

As mentioned above, there are seven confirmed runners in the Preakness Stakes this year. This number has been reduced after First Mission was announced to be a non-runner recently. Therefore, this means that there are also a total of seven post positions, and I’ve discussed them in order below.

National Treasure – Post One

National Treasure has been given the first post position for the Preakness Stakes. This is a horse that many are picking as a potential winner, and he is the second favourite according to the most recent odds. These odds are currently 5/2, which isn’t bad, and he does have the inside track – not that this makes an enormous difference in the Preakness Stakes. 

Chase The Chaos – Post Two

Chase The Chaos will race from post two in the Preakness Stakes, putting him in between the two race favourites – National Treasure and Mage. Given this position, some believe that he might be given a boost and put in a better performance than expected. This remains to be seen, and his odds are the longest of all entries tonight at a price of 66/1. Naturally, this means he is not expected to win, and his last outing was far from spectacular.

Mage – Post Three

Introducing the Preakness Stakes favourite now, it’s Mage who will run from post three. Mage won the Kentucky Derby two weeks back, as you probably know. And this makes him the only horse in contention to officially clean up in the 2023 Triple Crown. As it happens, he’s the only horse in the lineup today that ran in the Kentucky Derby. He is set to go off at a price of 4/5 too, which shows good value for such a heavy favourite.

Coffeewithchris – Post Four

In the middle of the pack tonight, we will see Coffeewithchris compete from post four. He has odds of 40/1 right now, which isn’t exactly favourable. Then again, the reason for the long odds is that he’s won just once in four outings in his career. And he hasn’t been involved with races of the same magnitude as others who are running today. However, as we’ve seen in recent years, anything can happen in the Preakness Stakes.

Red Route One – Post Five

Post five will host Red Route One tonight, and he is actually one of the most experienced horses in the lineup. He has participated in plenty of races since August 2022, and he is one of the only horses who took a win in his last outing. With that said, he has struggled to challenge for victories at the Grade One level, so this will be a big test tonight. As for his odds, they are down at 16/1.

Perform – Post Six

Perform comes in at a price of 12/1 for the Preakness Stakes, and he will run from post six. He is actually seeking his third win in a row tonight, having achieved two victories coming in March and April 2023. However, the competition in the Preakness Stakes is different from what he’s faced recently, so it will be a tall order to achieve the hat-trick.

Blazing Sevens – Post Seven

Finally, Blazing Sevens is the horse set to run from post seven. He is the third favourite as per the most recent odds of 7/1. Interestingly, his price has consistently shortened over the last couple of days. Then again, he has won at the G1 level before, and he’s been involved in the top three in two other G1 races. So he’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

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