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The Old Newton Cup Festival Tickets 2023 – How to Get Them?

The Old Newton Cup Festival Tickets 2023 – How to Get Them?
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If there’s one British racing event that has stood the test of time and promises unadulterated excitement, it is the Old Newton Cup Festival. Dating back to 1807, this historical event has become a staple of the summer racing calendar, attracting casual enthusiasts and seasoned race-goers with its fusion of rich history, competitive racing, and fun-filled entertainment.

In 2023, the Festival promises to be even more thrilling. However, tickets to this sought-after event can sell out fast. If you plan to participate in this Festival, here’s how and where to get your Old Newton Cup Festival tickets.

Old Newton Cup Festival Tickets: Official Website

The most straightforward way to secure your tickets is through the official Haydock Park Racecourse website. This is where tickets first go on sale and is also the most reliable source. You can choose from various options depending on your budget and preference, ranging from Grandstand tickets to luxurious VIP experiences. Buying early is always a good idea, as tickets sell out quickly.

Third-Party Sellers

If you missed the initial sale on the official website, don’t fret. Many third-party sellers offer tickets to the Old Newton Cup Festival. Websites like StubHub, Viagogo, and GetMeIn are trustworthy platforms where you can buy your tickets. However, be aware of inflated prices and always ensure you purchase from a reputable seller to avoid disappointments.

Physical Outlets 

For those who prefer traditional methods, physical outlets such as the Haydock Park Racecourse box office, local tourism offices, and selected travel agencies sell the Old Newton Cup Festival Tickets. It’s a reliable, if less convenient, option for those who want to secure their tickets in person.

Hospitality Packages

For the ultimate race day experience, consider purchasing a hospitality package. These are typically sold on the official website and through specialized hospitality package providers. They grant access to the races and offer amenities like premium viewing locations, private betting facilities, gourmet dining, and more.

Resale Platforms

In the unfortunate event of being unable to secure a ticket from the above methods, resale platforms could be your last resort. Platforms like Seatwave or Ticketmaster’s resale section are worth checking. However, be aware that prices can be significantly higher due to demand, and there’s a risk associated with purchasing resold tickets.

Old Newton Cup Festival Tickets: Wrapping UP

While the excitement surrounding the Old Newton Cup Festival 2023 is undoubtedly high, multiple avenues are available for securing your tickets. Whether through the official website, physical outlets, third-party sellers, or even resale platforms, ensure you act promptly to avoid missing out on this historic event. As always, only purchase tickets from authorized and reputable sources to guarantee a legitimate ticket and a day of unforgettable horse racing action.

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