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Best 2023 Kentucky Derby Betting Tips and Predictions

Have you examined any Kentucky Derby betting tips yet? If not, I’m pleased you’ve come to this page! The 2023 Kentucky Derby is quite literally hours away, and the betting markets are getting a little wild right now. The odds for the Kentucky Derby favourites are jumping around all over the place, and some outside contenders are rising through the ranks too. So with all of this movement going on, where should you be placing your wagers? Well, that’s precisely what I will be addressing right here.

Kentucky Derby betting tips

By the time we get done, I am confident that you will have a range of Kentucky Derby tips to use as a foundation for some ‘value wagers’ ahead of this event. Anyway, the race is approaching quickly and there’s a lot to cover – so let me get started right away.

2023 Kentucky Derby Betting Tips

Before I run through the latest Kentucky Derby tips, I wish to point out some quick things. Firstly, these tips have been created based on in-depth research surrounding the form, jockeys, trainers, and more regarding the horses involved. Yet like any betting tips, these tips are not absolutely guaranteed to come through – they are simply the ‘most likely’ estimate of what could occur today. 

Secondly, if you wish to follow these Kentucky Derby betting tips, you must be 18+ and based in the UK to make any legal bets. Thirdly, the Kentucky Derby odds you see here are accurate at the time of writing. But as the day progresses, these odds will likely shift due to betting activity and any breaking news.

And with that cleared up, let us get to the main event. Below, you can see a series of tips for the upcoming Kentucky Derby. All of the tips can be backed at regulated betting sites in the United Kingdom. However, the markets will close once the race begins, so you’ve got until around 11:45 PM tonight (UK time) to follow up on them.

Outright Kentucky Derby Tips

Having analyzed the full lineup for the Kentucky Derby this year, I have one outright tip that I believe is a bit of a hidden gem. When assessing some of the main favourites for the race, I noticed that Derma Sotogake is down at a price of 7/1 (8.00). This puts him as the 4th favourite according to the ante-post odds on the Kentucky Derby. However, I think that he is currently undervalued, which is why I think that he is a very solid choice to bet on right now. If you’re wondering why, allow me to clarify.

Derma Sotogake won a huge race at the end of May – the UAE Derby. He obliterated the rest of the field and won the race by over 5 lengths. But not only that, the time posted by Derma Sotogake was nothing shy of phenomenal. He completed the race in 1:55.81 – the fastest time in this race in five years. Since the distance of the UAE Derby is almost identical to the Kentucky Derby, this clearly bodes well for his chances.

Each-Way Kentucky Derby Predictions

If you don’t particularly want to go for an outright play on the 2023 Kentucky Derby, you can always switch things up. After all, to get a payout on an outright wager, you have to pick the winning horse. But if you go down the each-way route, you can score a win if your horse finishes or places. This means you could technically back a couple of horses in the each-way markets if you wish to. And personally, I think this is a good set-up for a race like the Kentucky Derby.

So firstly, I would definitely go for one of the main contenders as the first pick. Given that Tapit Trice hasn’t lost a race yet, this would be the obvious pick for a more conservative wager. But secondly, I believe it’s a good play to go for a bit of an outsider with an each-way pick too. So for the second of my Kentucky Derby betting tips for this market, I’d go for Two Phil’s. He is one of the most experienced horses in the field, with 7 completed races under his belt.

Three of these were in 2023 too. But more than just his experience, he has only finished outside of the top 3 in one of his seven races. So he is a bit of a master at achieving a ‘place finish’, and his odds are down at 14/1 (15.00) right now.

Possible Outsider to Win the Race

Wrapping up my Kentucky Derby tips with a possible outsider now, I am shooting for Mage in this category. This horse has been thrown in at the deep end in his relatively young career. He has competed in two big races in 2023. Interestingly, one of the race favourites, Forte, won both of these events. Yet in the recent race at Gulfstream Park, Mage finished in 2nd – losing to Forte by just one length. 

So clearly, he has the legs and speed to challenge for these events. And at 10/1 odds, he could well cause an upset in the 2023 Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Betting Tips FAQs

Are these Kentucky Derby tips guaranteed?

No – no betting tips can be 100% guaranteed, unfortunately. However, as stressed previously, plenty of research has gone into these tips to give them substance.

What bookmakers should I use to back these Kentucky Derby betting tips?

It’s ultimately your choice who you bet with. But for the best odds, I’d recommend Ladbrokes, Betfred, William Hill, Unibet, or Paddy Power.

Will the quoted odds change on these tips throughout the day?

Yes, the Kentucky Derby odds shown above will almost certainly change throughout the day.

Are the horses mentioned here guaranteed to be running in the Kentucky Derby?

Unless something changes over the next 12 hours, these horses are guaranteed to be running, yes.

Can I use any bonuses to back these Kentucky Derby tips?

Yes. You can lock in bonuses like free bets, money-back specials, and boosted odds for the Kentucky Derby betting tips shown here.

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