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How Many Horses Died in Today’s Grand National? Tragedy strikes at Aintree

Although we all love the Grand National, there’s always a concern that we will witness a tragic fall from one of the horses. This can and does happen in the Grand National, as history sadly shows us. And in the 2023 Grand National, there has been a reported fatality with one of the horses. This is something we all hate to see as horse racing fans, but we also understand the risks associated with such high-profile races. 

Grand National Fatalities

2023 Grand National Fatalities: What happened to Hill Sixteen?

For those who haven’t yet seen the news, we are led to believe that Hill Sixteen has been confirmed as a fatality. This horse was a faller in the main event this afternoon, and although the announcers have yet to release the official report, many authorities surrounding the Grand National have shared the sad news. 

With that said, Hill Sixteen joined many other fallers in the race this year, yet fortunately, we haven’t yet seen any other reports of a confirmed fatality. As for some of the other jockeys, they will certainly be bruised and battered later this evening.

The sad news come after protesters for animal rights were seen at the Aintree Racecourse ahead of the race, with some 30 people sharing their opinion of horse racing practices. Merseyside Police even arrested one of the protesters for planning a disruption of the event as one of the animal right groups allegedly planned to scale the fences and storm the track in order to stop the Grand National race from going on.

But coming back to Hill Sixteen, here is what you may have missed from today’s Grand National.

Hill Sixteen so far the sole confirmed fatality among fallers

Although it is obviously horrible for any horse to lose its life in the Grand National, we believe that there is just one fatality for 2023. To stress once again, this horse is Hill Sixteen, and he was a faller at the very first fence. The pack was just too tight together and Hill Sixteen couldn’t get the flight he needed to clear the obstacle. 

He was joined by Fury Road as a faller at the first fence, although as far as we are aware, Fury Road has not come away with any life-threatening injuries. With that said, while there is nothing that can be done to reverse the fortunes of Hill Sixteen, we just hope that the jockeys haven’t sustained anything serious.

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