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Corach Rambler Odds: Favourite wins 2023 Grand National at 8/1

UPDATE – Pre-race favourite Corach Rambler won the 2023 Grand National with a starting price of 8/1. As we reported below, odds of up to 10/1 were available in the hours preceding the race, with the market moving over the course of the day. 

The betting action is heating up massively as we enter race day for the 2023 Grand National. And to the surprise of many, Corach Rambler has slipped down the favourites list. With heavy wagers being placed on horses like Delta Work and Ain’t That A Shame, Corach Rambler’s price has now shot up – as shown in the odds presented here:

  • Ladbrokes – 9/1
  • Betfred – 9/1
  • William Hill – 10/1

Grand National Corach Rambler Odds

When the Grand National odds were first published, this horse was the stacked favourite. He had a price as low as 7/1 at one point, yet his odds are now 9/1. To stress the importance of this, a 7/1 price is the lowest I’ve seen for any single horse ahead of the 2023 Grand National. Even the current favourite, Ain’t That A Shame has odds of 8/1. 

So clearly, there is serious value to be locked in on Corach Rambler if you’re still a believer that he will take the crown today. But will he do so and why are the odds at their current level for this horse? Let’s take a closer look.

Justification for the Corach Rambler Odds of 9/1

It goes without saying that reaching the lowest odds of all pre-race horses doesn’t occur by accident. Yet given that Corach Rambler has never raced in the Grand National before, some punters are a little puzzled by this price. This is completely understandable if you don’t typically follow horse racing. Therefore, I’d like to give you the inside scoop as to why the Corach Rambler odds are still pretty stacked.

Recent Win in the Ultima Handicap Chase at Cheltenham

The main reason that Corach Rambler became the favourite for the 2023 Grand National was because of his win at Cheltenham. Corach Rambler achieved a 1st place finish in the Ultima Handicap Chase for the second time in his career. And since this was just a matter of weeks ago, he’s in serious form going into the Grand National.

Successful Partnership With Jockey – Derek Fox

There are some punters who don’t place too much importance on the relationship between the jockey and their horse. However, this is certainly a factor that has helped the Corach Rambler odds climb so high. When you look at his most successful races, they’ve all come with Derek Fox in the saddle. And yes – this includes both of the Ultima Handicap Chase victories in 2022 and 2023.

For clarity, Derek Fox will be the jockey for Corach Rambler’s first run in the Grand National today.

Should You Lock in These Corach Rambler Odds?

The golden question is whether you should or shouldn’t follow through on these odds and wager on Corach Rambler. While nothing is guaranteed in horse racing, I don’t think that Corach Rambler will win the event today. However, I certainly believe that he is worth backing as an each-way play, or even as a straight-up place bet. He’s clearly a strong horse in these long-distance races, and he has the potential to challenge for the win, absolutely.

But can he cross the line ahead of all of the others? I’m not totally convinced, which is why a place bet or each-way selection is the best call, in my opinion.

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