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How Many Places Are Bet365 Paying on the Grand National: Full Each Way Terms Revealed

It goes without saying that major events like the Grand National are a hit with punters. This is a race that quite literally stimulates millions of pounds in placed wagers throughout the UK and Ireland. So this alone gives you an idea of how popular it is. Yet besides the overall enthusiasm for a race like this one, there is another reason that punters get pretty lively for this event. 

bet365 each way places Grand National

This relates to the range, quality, and regularity of betting offers. Speaking of which, certain bookies get a bit more active than most in this department, which is where bet365 enters the picture. Not only does this site have a range of competitive offers for the Grand National, but it is also paying out on additional places too. This is something that the more significant bookmakers tend to get involved with, yet they don’t all payout for the same number of places.

Some payout for a deeper range of places than others. And for bet365, this number is six for the Grand National. This means that if you make an enhanced each-way bet, you will be paid out as long as your horse achieves a top-six finish. That’s the general gist of how such an incentive works at bet365, yet there are a couple of other important things to understand too.

Bet365 Enhanced Each-Way Offers – Understanding the Key Terms

If you scroll through the bet365 horse racing markets at any given time, you may see some races that are highlighted by a little yellow arrow. These are events where bet365 is paying out for additional places, and the Grand National is one of these races. More specifically, not only is bet365 paying out for six places today, but this comes with a bet365 price promise to give you the best odds too. 

This is an immensely generous incentive, and for clarity, I’ve provided an overview of the key terms here.

Maximum Place Payout

As you’ve probably gathered, the maximum number of places covered with each-way bets on the Grand National today is six. This means that if your selected horse achieves a top-six finish, the ‘place’ part of your bet will be a winner. At the same time, if your selected horse wins the race, you’ll score a payout for both parts of the each-way wager. 

The Structure of Your Wager

If you are relatively new to horse racing, the each-way market might seem a little strange. Yet it’s important to fully understand how this works before diving in. With that in mind, when you place an each-way wager, you are actually making two separate bets that are bundled together. Part of your bet is allocated to the horse winning the race, and the other part covers the extra places. 

This means that when you set your stake, you’ll actually be betting twice that amount to place the wager.

Reduction in Odds

When extra place markets are handed out for events like the Grand National, the odds are usually adapted accordingly. After all, by giving these enhanced place payouts, bet365 is widening the net for all punters to score a win here. Therefore, the odds are subsequently reduced to bring down the overall exposure – quite clever really. 

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