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Ascot Going Today – Heavy Rain Due to Impact Current ‘Good to Firm’ Going

Today marks the very first day of the Royal Ascot 2023. This will be the first of five consecutive days of racing with many top tier events scheduled. And of course, just as it has been in previous years, this schedule is highly dependent on the infamous British weather. Hopefully, things will hold out and we will all get to witness a fantastic series of races. But things have got off to a shaky start at the Ascot Racecourse, as heavy rain has already impacted the ‘going’.

Royal Ascot Going

At the time of writing, the official going for the Ascot Racecourse is ‘good to firm’. Yet according to recent reports, around 10mm of rain has fallen overnight/this morning. This means that until the rain fully seeps through the turf, the race organizers won’t technically know the exact going until a few hours later. By this, I mean the going that will be the official listing for when the races begin.

For those of you who are interested in a bit more information about the going at the Ascot Racecourse today, let me provide a full breakdown.

Royal Ascot Going Breakdown – Good to Firm With Changes Incoming

If you follow horse racing, you will know that the going is an important factor concerning whether a race is suitable for certain horses or not. The going is essentially a measure of how firm or soft the course is, which in turn indicates the overall conditions of the course. Like all sports, the conditions of the track can make things more or less ideal for the respective contenders. And on that note, I’ve got three key pieces of information for you regarding the Royal Ascot going for today.

Early Morning Report – Good to Firm

For each of the five days of racing, there will be an early morning report on the going. In most cases, this report is updated regularly throughout the day to give the most accurate description of the course. Yet for the moment, the most recent going report indicates that the course is good to firm on the home straight. As for the bends in the course, this has been given a good/good to firm rating as of 9-9:30 AM. 

Reassessment Scheduled for 12 PM

As mentioned above, it’s fairly typical for the going to be reassessed at regular intervals throughout each of the five racing days. However, because there is more rain on the forecast for the Ascot Racecourse, the going will not be reassessed until midday. At this point, the rain is expected to subside, and the organizers can then provide an accurate going rating for the events that are coming up this afternoon. 

Expected Going – Good/Good to Soft

Based on the current forecast, many pundits expect that the official going will be given a good or good to soft rating following the midday assessment. This is because the heavy rainfall is expected to soften the ground around the course. And the additional rainwater could make things quite tricky for some of the heavier horses today. This is something that you will want to factor in when making any bets on the 2023 Royal Ascot.

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