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What’s the Going at Aintree Today for the Grand National?

The day has finally arrived! It’s time that we all get to watch the Grand National unfold, and there are 40 horses bidding for the crown this year. Of course, only one horse can win, and the going could play an important factor here. On that note, before you stake any bets on the Grand National today, I wish to provide you with an update on the going at Aintree Racecourse.

Aintree Going Today Grand National

Just for clarity – ‘the going’ relates to the conditions of the course, as produced by officials who are at the event today. As for the most recent updates, I am pleased to say that the going looks pretty good around the entire track. Furthermore, despite the wet, windy, and downright miserable conditions experienced in recent days, it looks like we are going to get a dry and sunny afternoon for the Grand National.

This is what we all hoped for in time for one of the biggest horse races of the year. Let’s just hope that things don’t change over the coming hours! And for those of you who want to read through some specifics on the going today, rather than a general overview, I’ve covered this below.

Grand National 2023 – The Most Recent Going Report at Aintree

As referenced above, the going looks pretty good at Aintree Racecourse today. At the time of writing, the most recent report was published this morning, just a few hours back. Therefore, I feel confident in stating that this report is fairly accurate, and it does reflect the current course conditions. Of course, if anything changes, this will also be officially announced. Yet for now, the weather report looks good, and the stage is set nicely for what promises to be a fantastic race.

As for absolute specifics on the going at Aintree, I’ve shared the most important elements here.

Course Majority – Good to Soft

Whenever you get a going report for a big horse race, the whole course is usually mapped out with a colour-coded ‘condition report’. As expected, this is the case for the 2023 Grand National. And by checking out this recent report, it looks as though most of the course has been given a ‘good to soft’ rating. This is a bit of a relief really, as some had worried that the course could be heavy or even waterlogged in places. 

However, the break in the rain has obviously done the course some good, and it looks as though the horses have a nice track to perform at their best today.

Areas of Track Reported as ‘Soft’

Note above that I’ve referenced the ‘course majority’ for the going rating of good to soft. This means that the entire track hasn’t received this rating, just to be clear. In fact, there are a few regions of the course that have been given a soft rating. Therefore, horses will need to push a bit harder through these areas to maintain their speed, while being very careful not to lose their footing. 

As for where these potentially race-changing conditions are found, the ground is soft from Foinavon (the 7th fence) through the 12th fence. And as the horses must go around the bend between these fences, this is a section of the course where things might change rapidly.

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