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F1 Mercedes 2023 Mid-Season Results and Analysis

The Mercedes F1 Team entered the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship with high hopes and ambitions but instantly found themselves behind the pace. Mercedes  were able to fight for a few podiums and poles despite clearly being behind the Red Bull for another consecutive year . Here’s a detailed overview of Mercedes’s 2023 season so far:

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Performance Consistency

Mercedes demonstrated remarkable consistency throughout the 2023 F1 season so far. Amidst a tightly contested midfield, Mercedes consistently secured the second position on the grid. While other teams shuffled, Mercedes maintained a steady presence as the second best team on the grid. Over the course of the season, the team’s cars consistently occupied the top four spots. This stability and a strong connection between the British driver pair provided a strong foundation for 2023.

Lewis Hamilton’s Adaptation

Sir Lewis Hamilton, the seven time world champion, exhibited a growing comfort with this year’s car. His performances showed increased confidence and adaptation as the season progressed. While not dominating the field like Red Bull or like he did in his prime, Hamilton’s familiarity with the car became evident, contributing to the team’s consistent high performances. He has certainly recovered from last year’s subpar performance with the team and is hoping to overturn his win draught thus far.

Lewis Hamilton sits fourth in the World Driver’s Championship only one point behind the impressive Fernando Alonso heading into the summer break while George Russel is currently sixth behind the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc.

Struggle for Victory

In contrast to their consistent presence at the front, Mercedes’ performance fell short of challenging Red Bull for race victories. Despite possessing substantial resources and technical prowess, the team struggled to secure a race win throughout the season. This performance gap, particularly against Red Bull, raised concerns and marked a departure from Mercedes’ past dominance.

The 2023 season highlighted the gap between Mercedes and the leading Red Bull team. Despite consistent placements, Mercedes’ inability to secure race wins demonstrated room for improvement. With the team’s expertise and resources, the expectation for a more competitive showing remains high. Their straight line speed is really something which they need to improve if they want to have any hopes of securing a win bar crashing into Max Verstappen.

Though in all fairness this might be more owing to the fact that Red Bull have really developed a rocket ship and the team are in the best of form in the past two decades and I might argue even better than Sebastien Vettel’s dominance with the Red Bull back in 2013 when he went on a 9 race win streak the record at the time. Max Vertsappen will be looking forward to equal the record when the F1 circus resumes at his home race, the Zandvort Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton celebrates his third position on the podium. 09.07.2023. British Grand Prix © Copyright: Staley / XPB Images – Photo by Icon sport

Redesign and Unfulfilled Potential

Mercedes had a unique opportunity to overhaul their car design in pursuit of performance gains. However, their initial failure to capitalize on this chance surprised the F1 community. Even with the ability to reshape their car, Mercedes found themselves trailing further behind Red Bull, raising questions about the team’s strategic decisions and execution. They should really be all set for a step in the right direction with more wind tunnel duration for next season and should have the capacity to bring a few more upgrades in the second half of the season.

The Technical Battle

Mercedes is second in the engine battle too, behind the all-conquering Red Bull Honda Power Trains but still ahead of Ferrari and Alpine by a considerable distance. The Mercedes powered teams are faring decently so far in the season and there have been a lot of battles between Mercedes and their customer teams with exception of backmarkers Williams.

Mercedes’ Chief Technical Officer, Mike Elliott, has highlighted the team’s approach for the rest of the 2023 F1 season with the W14 . After a significant mid-season concept shift, Elliott clarified that although major changes are better suited for the winter, valuable lessons will still be taken from the remaining races for next year’s car.

Facing tough competition, Elliott emphasized that Mercedes is thoroughly reassessing every aspect of performance to regain their position. He acknowledged that hard work is the key despite the absence of a quick fix. With stable 2024 regulations, Elliott confirmed ongoing W14 development while keeping an eye on the future. The team’s primary focus remains winning World Championships, despite the challenges of transitioning to a new car design.


Mercedes’ performance during the 2023 F1 season showcases their unwavering consistency, cementing their position among the top contenders on the grid. Nevertheless, their inability to clinch race victories and the widening gap compared to Red Bull emphasize potential concerns. With the determination to reclaim their dominance, Mercedes is committed to elevating their competitive prowess in the latter half of 2023. Possessing the necessary resources, they stand ready to rival Red Bull’s RB19, though the decision to allocate these resources for the remainder of this season or the upcoming one remains uncertain.

In essence, Mercedes is leveraging the insights gained from the W14 to bolster their campaigns in the present and future, demonstrating their dedication to recapturing the championship title despite strong adversaries. The ongoing pursuit of development extends throughout this year and beyond, firmly rooted in the pursuit of both short-term and equally important long-term success.

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