Ashes 2023 4th Test Day 5 Weather – Heavy Rain to Potentially Save Australia

Australia might be given a lifeline by inclement weather in Manchester on Day 5 of the 4th Test of Ashes 2023, with England ahead at the moment and hoping for fair weather. So, will the weather help out Australia?

Ashes 4th Test England vs Australia – Weather Conditions Ahead of Day 5

Thanks to some timely condensation, Australia’s day ended with five wickets in England’s favor, still 61 runs behind, one would assume that the English are in the driver’s seat. 

However, victory may yet elude the Englishmen as Day 5’s weather forecast shows a high probability of rain with a 90% chance of heavy precipitation from 5 AM to 1 PM, drenching Old Trafford and potentially leaving it unfit for play for another hour afterwards. 

England Australia Ashes 4th Test
Photo by Conor Molloy/News Images/Sipa USA – Photo by Icon sport

Even after that, the cloud gods may not relent as the chance of precipitation is stalled at an approximate 50% from 3 to 6 PM with light rains, before reverting to heavy downpours from 7 PM until the end of the day with an 80% and 90% chance. The temperature in Manchester is likely going to be around 13-17 degrees Celsius throughout the day — something both teams will be comfortable with — and wind speed will vary between harmless values of 8-17 km/h.

Ashes 2023 4th Test: How Things Stand at the End of Day 4

Considering the fact that rain has already robbed England of some crucial overs on Day 4, it would indeed be a travesty for the hopeful hometown heroes should they be denied the chance of evening the series and taking it to a 5th match decider at the historic Oval. At the time of writing, Cameron Green and Mitchell Marsh have a monumental task on their hands should rain not disturb the proceedings. The duo will have to see out England’s brutal early attack while also putting up enough on the scoreboard to give the hosts something to chase, should it come down to that.

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