Floyd Mayweather vs Deji: UK Start Time, Streaming, Betting and Prediction

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji: UK Start Time, Streaming, Betting and Prediction

What do boxing and American politics have in common?

This might sound like the start of a corny joke, but in reality, there is one stark similarity.

In the past five years, boxing has seen an influx of crossover fights, with celebrities thinking that their status alone can give them success in the profession.

One man who has gladly capitalised on this trend is Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Since retiring as arguably the best boxer of all time, Mayweather has leveraged his perfect professional record of 50-0-0 to get in the ring with several celebrities for exhibition matches. The most recent of these lucrative arrangements is going down this Sunday, with Mayweather coming up against YouTube star Deji.

We look at everything you need to know about Mayweather vs Deji, including start time, how to bet and what the most likely outcome is.

Mayweather vs Deji Fight Details

  • Venue: Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Date: Sunday 13 November
  • Time: From 2:30 PM GMT, with main event ring walks around 9:00 PM GMT
  • Event: Eight boxing matches, headlined by Mayweather vs Deji

How to Watch Mayweather vs Deji

The broadcast rights for Mayweather vs Deji vary from country to country, however viewers in both the UK and the USA will be able to watch this fight on DAZN PPV.

In order to watch the fight, viewers will first need to purchase a DAZN subscription for $19.99 per month. Then, the PPV fight itself goes for $14.99 on DAZN, making the total cost $34.98 if viewers are new to DAZN.

Outside of the US and UK, broadcast rights for the PPV fight in the Middle East and worldwide are held by FITE. Here, the PPV will come out to a similar amount, with a one-off cost of $34.99.

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How to Bet on Mayweather vs Deji

Because this is an exhibition match, there is very limited betting on this fight.

While some bookmakers may offer odds (it seems as though Mayweather is around 1/10 and Deji is at 15/2), the trouble with betting on this event is that it is not scored, and will have no judges present. As a result, unless the fight ends in a clear knockout, it will automatically be called a draw and all bets voided if it goes the distance.

The brave may take a punt on this, but the reality is, this is a bout designed for entertainment rather than competitive betting.

Mayweather vs Deji Prediction

While the winner of this fight is somewhat irrelevant given its exhibition status, fans may still be curious to know what the likely outcome will be.

Bottom line is: This fight is another serious mismatch.

Floyd Mayweather may be 20 years older than his opponent, but the difference in skill is vast. Deji has only fought four times in the boxing ring, with his first three bouts ending in losses. Mayweather, on the other hand, has fought 50 times, against the best fighters in the world, and never lost.

There is an argument to be made that Mayweather looked noticeably slower in his most recent exhibition match against Mikuru Asakura. While there’s no doubt that Mayweather is no longer in his prime, the reality is he could likely slow down to half of his peak, and still come away victorious against Deji.

Chances are this one will end the same way that Mayweather’s last exhibition did: The star will allow a few rounds of action, then nip the contest in the bud and land a knockout blow before walking away with his pay check.

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