Ellis Genge salary and net worth: Is the ‘Baby Rhino’ brand here to stay?

Ellis Genge is a professional rugby player from England. The 27-year-old Genge was named the best loosehead prop in World Rugby’s team of the year on November 21, 2022. Ellis is now one of England’s main players at the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Over the last few years, Ellis Genge has become one of the best players in the world in his position and naturally, this has led to his net worth and salary to increase too. He is a good provider for his wife and other family. So, how much is Ellis Genge, or as he is well known ‘Baby Rhino’, earning and what is his net worth?

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What is Ellis Genge’s net worth?

Ellis Genge comes from a poor hard-working environment in Bristol. He’s had a rough childhood, something Genge talked openly about in a recent interview:

Nowadays Ellis Genge has become a role model, has his own brand of clothing, earns a substantial yearly wage and has accumulated a decent wealth. All through hard work and dedication.

Ellis Genge’s current salary

Ellis Genge left the Leicester Tigers at the end of 2022 after delivering them their first title in 9 years. Genge spent 6 seasons in Leicester but after winning the title and running his contract to the end he opted to return to his hometown and childhood club Bristol Bears.

According, to the latest figures Genge’s yearly salary with the Bears is roughly around $500,000 before tax. This is very similar to what Ellis Genge has been earning in wages during his last two seasons with the Tigers.

Ellis Genge’s net worth

Ellis’s net worth is $5 million as of 2023. Most of this has been accumulated over the last three years with Genge’s net worth at the end of 2020 estimated to have been ‘only’ $1,5 million.

We must stress that Ellis Genge’s net worth hasn’t been accumulated only from playing rugby. The entrepreneur mind of the athlete means that he has found other ways to generate income. The 27-year-old Genge is becoming a brand himself and the ‘Baby Rhino’ labels start appearing more and more often and on more merchandise too.

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What other sources of income Ellis Genge have?

Ellis Genge makes most of his money from playing rugby but he has also launched a clothing brand named after his nickname – “Baby Rhino”. The brand sells sports clothing via online platforms and in some sports shops. It has a wide range of sizes ranging from kids to adults. The items’ list is also rapidly growing in the two years since this business started. It is not confirmed but it is accepted that Genge’s wife is heavily involved with this venture and a lot of the clothing designs are her creations.

Ellis Genge also earns decent amounts from brand endorsements, podcasts and interviews. He has a talk show named “House of Rugby: The Lockdown One with Ellis Genge.”

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