Tonight’s UK National Lottery: Draw time, jackpot, results and predictions

The UK National Lottery is a top game on the island, and many people participate. You can either participate in the Saturday UK National Lottery draw at 7:45 PM or on Wednesday at 8:00 PM. Let’s check out the UK National Lottery prediction below. 

UK National Lottery jackpot: £2 million 

UK National Lottery prediction

The current jackpot for the UK National Lottery is £2 million, but if no one wins it this Wednesday, it may climb up for the next Saturday drawing. The tickets cost only £2 per entry, so it’s a small price to pay for a chance to win millions. 

Playing UK National Lottery online 

Playing the Lotto game online is possible, and most people choose to do it that way nowadays. You must pick six numbers between 1 and 59. You can either choose your own, or let a computer choose for you via the “Lucky Dip” option. 

The next step is to select which draw you want to participate in, or if you want to pay for a subscription. This means that until your subscription ends, the numbers you pick will be bought every drawing or week (depending on your settings). You can only pay for up to 4 weeks of draws, so that means you can enter a total of eight consecutive draws.  

What are the specific lottery rules? 

Like any lottery out there you must be at least 18 years old to participate, and most importantly to claim your prize if you win. Another rule we should mention and explain is the Bonus ball. While the UK National Lottery can draw it to increase your chances of winning by matching it to your numbers, you can’t pick a Bonus ball number, compared to other lotteries around the world. The numbers are always between 1 and 59, and they can’t be picked more than once. 

You have a final deadline of course, and it’s to register your tickets up to 10 minutes before the start of the drawing. If you don’t, your drawing time will be changed to the next available one during the week. 

UK National Lottery draw results 

These are the latest UK National lottery results from the latest draw, which was on the 12th of August, and the jackpot was £11,868,266. 

  • 14, 17, 21, 24, 25, 39, and bonus number 44 

There weren’t any jackpot winners. Surprisingly there were three Match 5 + Bonus winners. That means they matched five numbers plus the bonus number. The total prize they had to split between each other was £3,131,400. 

Upcoming UK National Lottery draw news 

In this section, you can check out the top news we have on the upcoming UK National Lottery draw: 

  • The draw will be on the 16th of August (Wednesday) at 8:00 PM (UK time). 
  • You can watch the draw live on TV, but you will have to check which channels will be broadcasting it live. 
  • The current estimated jackpot for the upcoming drawing is £2 million. 

UK National Lottery prediction 16/08/2023 

This is our prediction for the upcoming UK National Lottery draw this week: 

  • 26, 16, 47, 55, 49, 7, and a bonus ball 14. 

*Prediction made by a random number generator – Please gamble responsibly! 

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