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MLB Fanduel picks: Check out the odds for the 2021 baseball season

FanDuel is a top-choice US Sportsbook and the MLB season will start soon. If you want to check out what the bookie has to offer customers, continue reading to find the best FanDuel MLB odds.

Best MLB FanDuel Picks for the Season

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In the table below, we have gathered the best MLB FanDuel picks for this season and the odds at which you will be able to place a bet. Keep in mind that the odds are correct at the time of writing, but by the time you read this, they might have changed. It’s best if you check out the bookie page before for the odds before you place the wager you want.

Top MLB FanDuel Picks

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World Series Outright Winner

Los Angeles Dodgers


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American League Winner

New York Yankees


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National League Winner

Los Angeles Dodgers


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Most Regular Season Home Runs

Pete Alonso or Mike Trout


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American League MVP 2021

Mike Trout


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National League MVP 2021

Juan Soto


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Our best MLB FanDuel picks for this year are not 100% sure and there is still time before the regular season begins, so we will wait and see if anything significant changes.

FanDuel MLB Outright Bets You Can Try Out

Outright betting is only available before the beginning of the competition, so now is your time to pick a selection. We will do our best to explain the best picks for each outright market this season and also explain the meaning of the betting market itself. These are the most popular outright bets on FanDuel right now.

2021 World Series Outright

Betting on the World Series is like wagering on the Superbowl, but for Baseball. The teams who win the American and National Leagues each season will battle it out during the World Series game. Betting on who the ultimate Baseball winner will be is the most popular type of outright betting and this year there are two favorites – the NY Yankees & LA Dodgers.

Most oddsmakers believe that the Dodgers have bigger chances to win this year thanks to their team’s roster, but there are also the people who think that last year’s title will be hard to repeat considering that no other team has been able to get more than one consecutive title since the Yankees won three years in a row from 1998 to 2000. If the Dodgers manage to win the title, they will make history, but nothing is set in stone until the game.

American League Winner

The American League is one of the two leagues that make up the MLB and it’s made up of fifteen teams. The winner in the AL goes to the World Series, and that’s why it’s popular to bet on this betting market. This year the top contenders are the New York Yankees, while the second-favorite choice is the Chicago White Sox. Bookmakers believe that other teams don’t have high chances of winning, but nothing is certain.

National League Winner

The National League is the other league that makes up the MLB, and they also have fifteen teams. This year the top choice for the winner is the LA Dodgers, but some teams are close behind, like

  • San Diego Padres
  • Atlanta Braves
  • New York Mets

There isn’t a big difference in the odds, so we might be in for a surprise this year in the NL, or the Dodgers will be the sure winners.

American League & National League MVP 2021

The Most Valuable Player award is given annually by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America since 1931. Two winners are chosen – one from the American League and one from the National League.

This year the favorites are Mike Trout for the American League and Juan Soto for the National League. The odds speak for themselves and Trout has the highest chance of winning this award. In the National League, the choice isn’t as obvious. Although Soto is at the top now, things can change and close-favorites, like Ronald Acuna Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., and Mookie Betts can take the lead.

National & American League Cy Young Award

The Cy Young award is similar to the MVP award, but it’s only given to the best pitchers for each league. It’s named after one of the best pitchers in Baseball – Denton True “Cy” Young. Last season the recipients were Trevor Bauer and Shane Bieber, but this year oddsmakers think that they would be close seconds behind Gerrit Cole and Jacob deGrom.

Most Regular Season Home Runs 2021

Who will have the most home runs during the regular season in 2021? That’s a valid question and one of the most popular outright MLB betting markets. It is tough to predict this, and that’s why the odds available for this market are all over +1100. The earlier you make your guess, the more you will win. But even if you place your bet the day before the market closes, it will be still hard to predict the outcome, and that’s why the odds are so good.

Rookie of the Year Award

Rookie of the Year is similar to the other awards we described, but it’s awarded to the most outstanding rookie for the National and American Leagues. Here are the favorites this year according to FanDuel oddsmakers:

  • National League – Ke’Bryan Hayes @+300 & Sixto Sanchez @+450
  • American League – Randy Arozarena @+300 & Jarred Kelenic @+600

Regular Season Wins 2021

This year with FanDuel, you can bet on the regular-season wins for every MLB team in an over/under format. For the bet to stand, the teams have to play more than one hundred and fifty-nine games during the season. For now, all of the odds are the same for all teams (-110), whether you bet over or under, but the line for each time is different.

Other FanDuel MLB Baseball Bets

In Baseball, there are other types of bets, punters could place besides Outright markets. The most popular type of wager is the “Moneyline” where you bet on which team would win a certain game. We believe it doesn’t need more explaining than that, so we can move on to other interesting Baseball bet types.

Have you heard of the “Run line” wager? It’s kind of like the point spread in football betting. The line is set to 1.5 and when you place a bet you are choosing whether or not the favorite team will win by two or more runs or if the underdog will lose by one run. Run line betting markets aren’t as popular as Moneyline betting or Total Runs.

Another popular Baseball bet is the Total Runs market. You will bet on the total number of runs scored in the game by both teams. It’s an over/under market and while the total number of runs is the most popular type, there could be various total markets available depending on the bookmaker.

Frequently Asked Questions About the MLB FanDuel Picks & Betting

Fanduel Sportsbook picks

When will the outright betting markets close on the FanDuel platform?

All outright bets on the World Series game will close on the 31st March 2021 at 6 PM. The outright markets, like MVP or Cy Young, will close on the 1st of October 2021. Check the FanDuel MLB page for more information.

What is the new customer bonus provided by FanDuel?

FanDuel Sportsbook offers to provide a risk-free wager of up to $1,000 in site credits.

Will there be FanDuel odds boost offers when the MLB season begins?

Yes, there will. FanDuel provides regular odds boosts for various sports.

When does the 2021 MLB regular season begin and end?

The 2021 MLB will begin on the 1st of April and end on the 3rd of November.

How many games are played during the MLB season?

A regular MLB season consists of one hundred and sixty-two games.

Can I use the FanDuel “Same Game Parlay” feature on baseball games?

Yes, you can. Once the regular season begins and you choose a specific MLB game, you need to click on the “Same Game Parlay” tab and check to see how many selections you can combine for the game in question.

Alternative Choices to FanDuel for MLB Betting & Odds

FanDuel isn’t the only bookmaker in the US and they don’t always provide the best odds for all events. We will describe the top alternatives to FanDuel, to see if you would prefer them better.

  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • PointsBet
  • William Hill

All of these bookmakers are available in multiple US states and are great alternatives to FanDuel if for any reason you don’t specifically like this bookmaker. They all have user-friendly platforms with attractive designs, and you won’t have any trouble navigating them. The available sports and markets depend on the state you are located in and its laws. The odds provided for popular competitions and leagues are competitive, and each of them provides certain betting features to make your online betting easier.

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