Tonight’s Mega Millions lottery: Draw time, jackpot, results and predictions

Mega Millions is one of the top lotto games in the USA. It’s available across 45 states and played by millions in the country with a current jackpot of $36 million. 

Mega Millions jackpot: $36 million with a $17.5 million cash option 

Mega Millions predicton

After the last draw on the 11th of August, no one won the big jackpot, so we are still waiting to see which state will be lucky enough to be the home of the next winner. The full jackpot prize is $36 million, but if you want to take the cash option instead of the monthly payments, you will have to take only $17.5 million home. Every drawing is held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 PM (ET). 

How can I play Mega Millions online? 

You can buy lottery tickets in person, or online. There are specific lottery sites that are licensed to sell them to customers, like the Michigan Lottery or the Pennsylvania Lottery, for example. You can either pick the numbers you want or choose the Easy/Quick Pick options, which will randomly choose for you. Tickets cost $2, and you can win prizes that range from $2 to the current estimated jackpot prize. 

Some states offer a Megaplier, which is a chance to increase your non-jackpot prize by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. But as expected it will cost you $1 per play.  

General rules of the Mega Millions lottery game 

There are 70 white balls and 25 gold balls in the game, and the first five numbers will be drawn from the white balls. Only one ball is drawn from the gold set because there is only one Mega Ball number in each draw. The Megaplier (if there is one) is drawn before the numbers from a pool of 15 balls (5 balls x2, 6 balls x3, 3 balls x4, and only one ball x5). 

You can win only if the numbers on your ticket match the numbers from that specific drawing. If all your numbers match, you will win the big jackpot, but even if only some of them match, you can still win something. There are nine total matches you can win get Mega Millions winnings with: 

  • 5 white ball numbers + 1 gold ball number 
  • 5 white ball numbers 
  • 4 numbers + 1 gold ball number 
  • 4 numbers 
  • 3 numbers + 1 gold ball number 
  • 3 numbers 
  • 2 numbers + 1 gold ball number 
  • 1 number + 1 gold ball number 
  • 1 gold ball number 

If no one wins the money is added to the next jackpot, and that’s why it climbs so fast, even though there are draws twice per week. The overall chances of winning are 1 in 24.  

Mega Millions results from the last draw 

The last Mega Millions draw was on the 11th of August (Friday), and no one won the big jackpot, but there was a lucky person from California, who matched the five white ball numbers. There were also 24 total winners, who matched four white ball numbers plus the gold ball. Here are the Mega Millions winning lottery numbers from the latest draw: 

  • 8, 9, 18, 35, 41, and 18 (gold ball) with a x3 megaplier 

Next Mega Millions draw details 

Here are the crucial details you need to know about the next Mega Millions draw: 

  • It will be on the 15th of August (Tuesday) at 11 PM. 
  • The estimated jackpot for the drawing is $36m with a $17.5m cash option. 
  • You can watch past drawings or the live ones on the Mega Millions YouTube channel. 

Mega Millions prediction for 15/08/2023 

Here is our Mega Millions prediction for the Tuesday drawing:

  • 64, 11, 32, 19, 9, and 12 (gold ball) 

*Prediction made by a random number generator – Please gamble responsibly! 

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