Football banker bets: What are they, how to place them?

Sports betting, be it football, basketball, horse racing, you name it, in its essence is calculating the probability and also the risk that you are taking when wagering a bunch of money. For different people, the strategies vary. Some may be looking to score a £30 profit from a £100 bet, while others are keen on looking for high-risk high-reward scenarios, with a £10 wager.

Every person with beginner experience in betting will already be devising a strategy that will suit both his needs and beliefs. In this article, we will be discussing a widespread view on betting employing the banker bet tactic. Down below you will find out what exactly football banker bets are, what purpose do they serve, and how we may possibly profit using them.

What is a banker bet?

Have you ever found yourself building a long accumulator bet with 5-6 or even more selections, and just starring at one particular line, feeling like somethings wrong? The odds seem to be paying good and the bet should be favorable, however, you feel that the risk is there and you start to doubt it. Well, football banker bets are totally the opposite thing. Banker bets are most commonly a single line in an accumulator that the bettor is 100% confident in.

Usually, they act as an anchor point to the whole accumulator, as it gets built around that single line. Banker bets most frequently feature low-paying odds between the range of 1.00-1.50, but this isn’t always necessary. A football banker bet of this type will be, for example, Tottenham’s FA Cup tie against Marine A.F.C. Not that the magic of the FA Cup isn’t a real thing and the underdogs are simply thrown out of the picture, but Spurs avoiding an upset by Marine is something that you will be quite certain in when betting.

However, football banker bets can be rated much higher by the betting sites. Some banker bets can be with odds greater than 2.00. This is true because these types of wagers aren’t decided by the odds, nor the bookies, but rather from the bettor himself. Everyone has his own feelings about a particular game and would pick different markets and different lines as their banker bets.

Experienced sports analysts can evaluate the risk in a bet in a more extensive manner than the ordinary bettor. This means that analysts can both predict some banker bets as too risky, as well as pick lines that no one else would’ve because it ticks the right boxes. Let’s take for example the Italian Serie A. An expert in this particular league may have noticed a certain long-term trend that spans multiple seasons back, and usually, the bookies give nicely-paying odds in this market.

Instead of looking to wager on every single league round, the experienced bettor will rather wait for a game that has these features to come around, and then place a football banker bet with high odds. This would mean that he is both quite certain about the line, and on top of that, it pays nicely.

Different types of football banker bets and strategies

Single banker bet

The Serie A example that we just covered is a perfect explanation of a single banker bet. These types of wagers are put when the bettor is absolutely certain of his bet to be a winning one. As the odds are not always spectacular, a nice strategy using this method is gradually increasing the amount you wager, but only after profiting first. However, here risk can settle in quickly, as you will be putting more and more money on the line. To keep it nice and clean, we recommend you only using 10-15% of your profits to increase wagers.

Doubles and Trebles

This type of football banker bet is pretty similar to the single banker bet, but instead, here you make a small accumulator bet with two or three lines respectively. Doubles in this case are quite widespread and used for all the right reasons. Two banker bets instead of one is always better, isn’t it? When it comes to triple banker bets, it’s even better.

However, you will find the opportunities to place doubles and trebles scarce at times. It may be hard to find good enough bets to consider banker bets, in a short span of time. What you can employ as a strategy is pairing a banker bet from a match today, with a banker bet for a game in a week or two. Usually, long-term bets by themselves have higher odds, which is also a plus.


Using football banker bets, you can take the best of both worlds – low risk, paired with high rewards. Accumulators consist of four or more lines, and in our case at least one of them is a low-paying banker bet. This is where you can add more and riskier lines, which you aren’t as confident in. This way you pump the payout, but also the risk that the wager presents.

Banker bets aim to lower that risk, while still taking advantage of the higher odds. While you can quickly profit a lot with this method, you may as well lose too much too fast. That’s why we discourage you to bet more than you can see gone. With bigger accumulators, you can go for more than a single banker bet, although it will drag the odds down. In general, we believe that it’s best to select around 20% of the lines in your accumulator to be banker bets. This would mean 1 out of 4 or 5 lines, 2 out of 8, and so on.

In conclusion

Banker bets vary from person to person, but it’s certain that they have one thing in common – being used in the search for betting profit. Each and every bettor has his own understandings and views, and we encourage you to keep broadening yours. This is the aim of the article to inform you how banker bets can be employed, and it’s totally up to you how you will choose to use them. Best of luck.