Wimbledon Prize Money and Titles in Men’s and Ladies’ Game

Wimbledon created a lot of noise during the 2021 season after featuring a reduction in prize money to just £1.7 million for the winner. Now, however, normal service has been restored with Wimbledon once again setting a new record for the maximum prize money. The 2022 Championships will feature just over £40 million in prize money across the board with the men’s singles champion getting £2 million. Yet, this is a small sum for some of the most successful Wimbledon players. There have been several players to have made millions of pounds in Wimbledon prize money alone.

Top three Wimbledon prize money in the men’s singles game:

wimbledon prize money

Novak Djokovic (£19 million+)

Djokovic is only fourth on the list of all-time Wimbledon winners with six titles. Yet, he has even been able to overtake Roger Federer in terms of total Wimbledon prize money thanks to most of his success coming within the last decade when prize money witnessed a surge. In the last eight seasons, Djokovic has won the title on five occasions. Just these victories alone have helped the Serb rack up more than £10 million in Wimbledon prize money and he has made it to the final or semi-final on four other occasions.

Roger Federer (£15 million+)

Since 2010, Roger Federer has been able to manage only two wins at the Wimbledon. However, the Swiss master has been able to pick up more Wimbledon titles (8) than any other player. Yet, he is one of the many to suffer from a lack of substantial prize money during the early part of the century when most of his successors came. From 2003 to 2007, Federer picked up five consecutive Wimbledon honours but they offered just over £3 million in prize money. A handful of appearances in the final and quarter-finals do help Federer to rack up more than £15 million, but he has already been pushed to second place owing to the recent successes of Djokovic.

Andy Murray (£5 million+)

Andy Murray benefits from being one of the latest generation players who has recently won the Wimbledon in the last seven years. His success in 2016 alone earned prize money of £2 million, which is more than the prize money picked up by Nadal for his two successes in 2008 and 2010. Murray has struggled in recent years at Wimbledon with not even a semi-final appearance in the last five editions. Yet, Murray still ranks as one of the important players on the all-time Wimbledon prize money list. If not for the recent underperformances, Murray would have been substantially up on these numbers.

Top three Wimbledon prize money in Women’s Singles:

wimbledon prize money

Serena Williams (£9.5 million+)

Serena Williams leads the WTA all-time prize money charts with close to £80 million. Wimbledon has contributed a significant chunk courtesy of her seven successes at the all England lawn club. Serena’s last Wimbledon success came in 2016. However, her seven titles alone have contributed more than £8 million in Wimbledon prize money. Even finishing as the runner-up in the 2018 and 2019 seasons has been immensely helpful for Serena Williams to boost her earnings.

Venus Williams (£3.25 million+)

Venus Williams has had extraordinary success at Wimbledon after being a champion on five occasions. Yet, the former world No.1 is just a few million ahead in the second spot, as most of her wins came at a time when the prize money at Wimbledon was quite meagre, especially in the women’s game. Venus earned less than £1 million for her successes in 2000 and 2001. Her prize money from Wimbledon wins has only gathered around £3 million.

Simona Halep (£3 million+)

Simona Halep might be still waiting for Grand Slam’s successes at the Australian and French Open, but she has just been able to move into the top three of the WTA all-time prize-money earners with just over £31 million. The Romanians has been immensely helped by the substantial improvement to the prize money at Wimbledon over the last few years. For example, the 2019 Wimbledon triumph alone helped Halep get a cheque of more than £2 million.