Where to watch United Cup 2024 – TV and live stream options

The first tennis event of 2024 is upon us, but where to watch United Cup 2024 tennis matches – that is the question that tennis fans want answered right now. On that note, you’ll be pleased to know that the answer is provided for you on this very page.

Naturally, where to watch United Cup 2024 tennis matches has a different answer depending on where in the world you are based. And because of that, I’ve covered the main, English-speaking nations from around the world. 

Where to watch United Cup 2024
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Additionally, once you’ve sourced the answers that you’ve been seeking through the respective sections below, you should check out my rundown of the 2024 United Cup schedule. This way, you’ll know what matches are coming up and when, and you can use this information to watch the games through the options shared here.

So now, with the 2024 United Cup in progress, let’s avoid further delays and cover where you can watch this event!

Where to watch United Cup 2024 – United Kingdom

If you are reading this from the United Kingdom, you may be a bit confused at the absence of Amazon Prime coverage this time around. After all, Amazon Prime has provided broadcasting services for both ATP and WTA tennis for a number of years. But now, it’s Sky Sports who have purchased the rights to broadcast the vast majority of professional tennis events from around the world.

Therefore, if you wish to watch the 2024 United Cup in the United Kingdom, you will need access to a Sky Sports package or a Tennis TV account. With either of these, you will be able to watch all of the United Cup matches that are taking place in Sydney and Perth. 

Sky Sports costs £20 per month if you have a Sky TV. But if you don’t, it will cost you £25 per month or more, depending on the length of your chosen contract. Alternatively, the cheaper option is to sign up for Tennis TV, which starts at £9.99 per month.

USA – where to watch United Cup 2024

If you are based in the USA, your best option to live-stream the 2024 United Cup is to sign up for a subscription to the Tennis Channel. This facilitates access across multiple devices at any time you like, and you can either pay annually or monthly. 

Yet since the Tennis Channel covers a ton of events for viewers in the US, the best value is to pay for an annual subscription, which costs $109.99. Of course, monthly plans are available if you’d prefer that route.

Where to watch United Cup 2024 – Australia

Given that the United Cup is taking place in Australia, it’s no surprise that viewers down under have plenty of options on the table. Through Direct TV, viewers can watch on Nine, which is completely free. Best of all, Nine will broadcast all of the matches throughout the event.

Canada – where to watch United Cup 2024 

Last but not least, Canadian viewers can watch the 2024 United Cup through TSN. There are multiple tiers on offer for the TSN plan these days. However, for full access to the United Cup, you can sign up for TSN for just $19.99 per month.

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