2024 United Cup schedule – full schedule of the tournament

Looking for a breakdown of the United Cup schedule for 2024? You’re in the right spot. This event is set to follow a specific structure, which starts on December 29th, 2023, and finishes on January 7th, 2024.

It’s a truly unique event, as I’m sure you may know already. First and foremost, the United Cup schedule demonstrates the only tournament that is played while we shift from one year to the next. Secondly, it’s the only mixed-team event of the entire season.

In my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting events of the year, and that’s taking every tournament from the ATP schedule 2024 and the WTA schedule 2024 into account. But what else do you need to know besides the general overview of the 2024 United Cup schedule?

United Cup schedule 2024
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Well, since the event also follows a unique format, you’ll want to know the details concerning what matches will be played and where. Additionally, you may be eager to learn some more details about the teams involved, when you can tune in for the order of play, and more.

Anyway, at the time of writing, the United Cup has already started, so let me now cover the details mentioned here to point you in the right direction.

United Cup schedule 2024 – group stage matches

Did you know that the United Cup is one of the key build-up tournaments for the 2024 Australian Open? That’s right – since there are only a couple of events played in Australia before the first slam of the year, the United Cup is of great importance. Of course, it’s a nice way for the ATP and WTA players to start their seasons too.

Yet as touched upon above, the United Cup schedule is rather spread out due to the unique format that it follows. In fact, while the tournament started on December 29th 2023, the tournament won’t reach the knockout stages until January 3rd, 2024 (first set of knockout matches). So what occurs before this date?

Well, prior to this date it’s all about the group stage games, which are split between Perth and Sydney. A grand total of 18 nations are competing in the 2024 United Cup, and as per the United Cup format, these teams are split into six groups of three nations each. And between December 29th and January 3rd, these nations will face each other to see who makes the knockout stages.

As for the matches that are set to unfold on individual days, the 2024 United Cup schedule has a range of confirmed games that you can watch over the coming days. Let me break these down for you for each group to keep things simple:

Group A

  • Spain vs Brazil – December 29th
  • Brazil vs Poland – December 30th
  • Poland vs Spain – January 1st

Group B

  • Canada vs Chile – December 31st
  • Greece vs Chile – January 2nd
  • Greece vs Canada – January 3rd

Group C

  • Great Britain vs Australia – December 29th
  • USA vs Great Britain – December 31st
  • Australia vs USA – January 1st

Group D

  • Italy vs Germany – December 30th
  • France vs Germany – January 1st
  • France vs Italy – January 3rd

Group E

  • Czech Republic vs China – December 30th
  • China vs Serbia – December 31st
  • Serbia vs Czech Republic – January 2nd

Group F

  • Netherlands vs Norway – December 30th
  • Croatia vs Norway – January 1st
  • Croatia vs Netherlands – January 3rd

2024 United Cup schedule – knockout matches

Of the six groups that feature in the United Cup schedule 2024 above, only the winners from these groups will advance through to the knockout stages automatically. However, this would only leave six nations involved for the quarter-finals, right? Once again, this is where the United Cup’s unique format shines through.

Since the group games are being played between Perth and Sydney, each city with nine total nations (three groups of 3x nations each), there is something that can save the runners-up. As per the rules of the event, the most successful runner-up from these two cities will also qualify for the knockout stages. This is where the final two knockout spots come from.

As for the United Cup schedule for the knockout games, let me show you how this will play out for 2024:

  • January 3rd – Winner Group A vs Best Perth Runner-up 
  • January 3rd – Winner Group C vs Winner Group E
  • January 4th – Winner Group D vs Winner Group F
  • January 5th – Winner Group B vs Best Sydney Runner-up
  • January 6th – Top Half Semi-Final
  • January 6th – Bottom Half Semi-Final
  • January 7th – Final

FAQs – United Cup schedule 2024

Where will the United Cup schedule matches be played during the knockout stages?

The quarter-finals are split between Perth and Sydney. But from the semi-finals on, the games will be played in Sydney.

Can I watch the 2024 United Cup?

Absolutely. You can watch the United Cup 2024 through Sky Sports.

Is there a chance that the United Cup schedule shown here will change?

The schedule will only change if the weather causes any disruptions to this initial plan.

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